The host gives prize to other winners, but Zara wins the competition. Kabeer smiles and claps for her. Zara says to people that thank you, I have realized that mother and daughter relationship is above everything, Salma, Ayesha and Sabina were with me. She calls them on stage and says my friend and supporter should be here as well as he has made this possible. Kabeer comes on stage, he shares the trophy with her.

Shehbaz comes home with Kabeer and Ayesha. He says I was so ashamed to see Ayesha on stage! Ayesha says I did everything to help my friend and I don’t regret it. Kabeer says let’s have dinner. Shehbaz leaves.

Kashan says to Kabeer that I got the Inspector’s call and they have the sketch of the goon who attacked you. Shehbaz is worried. Kabeer looks at the sketch and recalls the man beating him. He says they are correct, they attacked me. Kashan says I will ask the Inspector to find them. Kabeer leaves.

Rukshar comes to Shehbaz, Shehbaz says to Rukshar that you handle the Police, while I handle Kabeer and Zara.

Kabeer gets Zara’s call and greets her. He says now you are a boss and a winner, how was your day? Zara says this day passsed fast. Kabeer says I would bring that time when you were happy. Flashback shows how Zara gave her winning amount 500,000 to Irfan. How proud they were. Flashback ends. Zara says my Parents were so happy, thank you. Kabeer says don’t say thank you, as then, you will nag about it. Zara says I didn’t do any mistake, they start arguing again.

Salma calls Sabina and says I am scared about Kabeer and Zara’s friendship, what if they start loving each other again? Sabina says we force people to form a relationship, but now, they are free and making a strong relationship that is friendship.

Kabeer and Zara meets Sabina. Sabina says the wedding venue is not booked. Shehbaz comes there. Kabeer asks him if he has any marriage hall? Shehbaz says our house can be used, Ambreen is like my daughter, Ayesha says yes.

Zara is on call and thanks a person, she says I can’t do it and I can’t take debt, as my father is already in debt, you have to pay in advance to get orders from me.

Kabeer recalls Irfan talking about taking debt for Zara’s treatment, he thinks Irfan took that debt for my Wife and she is struggling to pay it back, this is not right.

The Inspector brings those goons to Kabeer. Kabeer says I won’t spare them! The Inspector says we have to ask who was the mastermind behind all this? He ask the goons who gave them money to carry out such tasks? The goon says no one from here.

Kashan says Rukshar is missing. Zeenat calls Rukshar. She comes there and she’s tensed. The goon points at her and says she didn’t give us money. Flashback shows how Rukshar said that don’t take my name, I will free you and give you more money. Flashback ends.

Shehbaz says to Rukshar that if you are letting the marriage happen from here, then let Zara come here, I will make her life a living hell!

Kabeer says to Imran that I should be earning money to pay that debt, but Zara is working hard. I have to do something. Imran says don’t worry, let’s get ready for the wedding.

Ambreen’s henna tattoo starts. Zara and Azhra comes to Kabeer’s house. Zara says I feel something is wrong. Shehbaz comes to her and says what are you doing here? Zara is tensed. Kabeer comes there. Shehbaz says what are you doing outside? Go inside. Zara thanks him. She greets Kabeer. He smiles at her. Zara goes inside thr house and greet everyone. Rukshar smirks at Shehbaz and thinks that I have done preparations for Zara.

Zara gives food list to Rukshar and ask her to send it to the catering people. Rukshar sends another list to the caterer and calls him. She says the bride groom (marriage procession) is coming at 8 PM so prepare everything before that. She smirks and tears Zara’s food list.

Zara gets the henna tattoo applied on her hand and recalls her henna with Kabeer. Rukshar puts food list back in Zara’s purse. Zara thanks her. Zara sees Kabeer standing in a corner and looking sad. He recalls about the debt. Zara goes to him and asks what happened? Kabeer says what? Zara says you look tensed, you can’t hide from me. Kabeer looks at her henna tattoo and says it’s beautiful. Zara says I will comeback later, she leaves. Kabeer thinks my friend was my Wife, I have left one duty and I will fulfill it.

Sabina tells Zara that her henna tattoo is dark, so the love in her life must be rich as well. Zara looks at Kabeer.

Rukshar tells the caterer to bring food calmly. The Caterer brings food to Sabina. Rukshar says what is this Zara? Zara sees vegetable food. Zara says I didn’t send this list. The Caterer says we followed the list that was provided.

Sabina says Zara, Ambreen’s in-law’s eat non-vegetable, they won’t like it. Zara says I didn’t give this order. Rukshar says I got this list from your bag. Sabina says the bride groom is coming in 20 minutes, we don’t have time to get another order. Kabeer says don’t worry, I will handle it.

Kabeer goes into the kitchen and starts cooking with the Caterer. Rukshar thinks that nobody would be able to save Zara today. Sabina and Ambreen will hate her.

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