Sabina and others welcome the bridegroom. Shehbaz says we will serve you well. The groom sit with Ambreen. The groom’s father asks for starters. They are all tensed. The Servant brings Veg-food. They all laugh and ask if they didn’t have the preparations done? Kabeer comes there and says who says that? He eats it and says it’s so good. The guest taste idli and says it’s so good. Flashback shows Kabeer have prepared it. 

The Woman asks who did it? Ambreen says Zara did it. Zara thinks Kabeer did all this, she goes behind him. Shehbaz says to Ruskhar that you wanted to shame Zara? She is getting all the praises.

Zara comes into the Kitchen and sees Kabeer working. Flashback shows how Azhra asked Zara to enter a cooking competition to earn 1,000,000. She looks at the competition poster. Azhra asks if she is participating? Zara says not me, someone else. She looks at Kabeer cooking and takes his picture. Kabeer asks what she is doing? Don’t take my photo. Zara says I will. Flashback ends.

The Nikah ceremony starts. Kabeer recalls how Zara and he got married. Zara is sad too recalling their wedding. They look at each other and leave from there. Both are sad. Kabeer hints at her that she is beautiful. Ishq subhan allah hai song plays… Kabeer tries to caress her face, but stops.

Ambreen meets everyone and leaves with her groom.

Azhra comes home and fills the form with Zara. Zara says it’s for Kabeer. She scans the form and ask Azhra to apply for it. Azhra nods and leaves. Zara calls Kabeer and says sorry I was busy with work. Salma calls her, so Zara ends the call and leaves.

In the morning, Kabeer comes to meet Sabina. Kabeer says you said I can talk to you about my past, I can’t forget about what happened with Zara and our marriage. Sabina gets Zara’s call, she says I was remembering Kabeer and my marriage after Ambreen’s wedding. Sabina says it takes time to move on. Zara says does Kabeer not remember all that? Sabina smiles and says you can’t say that for him.

Shehbaz calls an Imam and talks about a conference. He sees message on Kabeer’s phone and asks what is this? This is a cooking competition? Kabeer says I don’t know about it. Shehbaz says you think this is respectable for us? I want you to become a big Qazi and you want to cook? Stop all this!

Kabeer comes to Zara’s house and glares at her. Kabeer shows her his application form for cooking competition. Kabeer says you took this picture, how did this form go there? Zara says you cook well so I thought… Kabeer shouts that you didn’t ask me. Zara says I was about to tell you.

Kabeer says you won’t take my life’s decision, as you are just a friend, so remain within your limits! He tears off the form and says don’t repeat this mistake, he leaves from there. Zara is hurt.

Zara says to Kabeer that I filled that form as your friend, this is a good competition. Kabeer says I don’t want to go there, you should have asked me before filling that form, it’s my hobby to cook, but I don’t want to become a joke there. Zara says you are scared to lose, Kabeer says what are you saying? Zara says then take part in the competition. Kabeer says never. Zara says I couldn’t say it as a wife, but I will as a friend, you are strong, but your thought process is weak and stop you from being successful.

Kabeer is shocked and says you can say anything, but I am not taking part in this competition. Zara says if you don’t respect my words, then our friendship ends today. Kabeer leaves from there.

Kabeer comes home and tells Shehbaz that he took his name back from the competition. Shehbaz says good work, we don’t need that defamation in our house.

Zara meets some women. Zara says they are here for work. A Woman says you didn’t celebrate your victory with us. Zara says I will give sweets to you people. The Woman says with your friend Kabeer? Zara says he is not my friend.

Imran comes to Kabeer’s house and goes to meet him.

Salma says to Irfan that it’s good Zara broke her friendship with Kabeer. Irfan says we make friends ourselves, so it’s closest and we should celebrate it.

Imran says to Kabeer that how could you break your friendship with her? Kabeer says she didn’t listen to me, she took decision for me, why would I cook? Imran says to pay that debt, you wanted to do anything to get that money, this is your chance, you can’t pay that loan with some odd job, if you take part in this competition that you will do your duty, I won’t force you, you decide.

The Women are stitching clothes in Zara’s house. Zara recalls how Sabina asked her to call Kabeer before sleeping.

Kabeer recalls Imran’s words that you should take part in the competition. He gets Zara’s call. She doesn’t talk, he is about to cut the call but stops. They both are silent and in pain. Dost ban ke song plays… Zara ends the call.

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