The Judge says anyone can cook well, he has good taste in hands. I know he didn’t present well, and to justify that, Kabeer will have to earn 5 more points than you all, Kabeer is shocked. They are all happy. The other Judge tells Kabeer to perform well, Kabeer says I will try my best.

The Judge says in second round, you have a theme which is limited food, you have to prepare a dish with limited ingredients. Kabeer is stunned to see very few ingredients on the shelf. He recalls Salma’s teaching to utilize everything available to make a good food. Kabeer thinks I practiced for indian food, what if I don’t succeed?

Kabeer looks at the limited ingredients. The Judge says if you try to add more ingredients, then the numbers will be but, your time starts now. Kabeer tries to take things but people snatch them and leave. Kabeer doesn’t get anything and thinks what will I do? He finds some things.

Salma’s family is watching the show as well. The Judge asks Kabeer to start cooking, you don’t have much time, this time, you won’t be saved. Kabeer recalls Salma’s words that use anything available in the kitchen. He finds a mud stove and uses it to start cooking.

Ayesha is watching on TV as well. The Judge asks him what he’s doing? Kabeer doesn’t listen and keeps cooking. Shehbaz watches him on TV. The Judge says only 10 minutes left. Kabeer tastes his dish and says I need a lemon, another contestant uses it and smirks. Kabeer takes the remaining and puts it in his dish. Time ends. Zara looks on. Salma and Irfan arrives there too.

The Judges taste the dishes. They ask Kabeer what he made? Kabeer says I tried my best. The Judges taste his dish and looks on. The Judges say the competition is tough, we will start with numbers. The Judge says Kabeer gets highest numbers 29 out of 30. They all clap for him. The Judge says Kabeer won this competition, you made such a good dish in very less time.

Kabeer recalls how he read Salma’s recipes and how he got recipe of handi ghost (meat in mud pot). Kabeer says this is a victory of a mother, sisters, this victory is of Zara’s mother, I am here because of Salma. Kabeer says she made that dish for her child, it was her dish. He rushes to Zara, but doesn’t hug her. He hugs Irfan and kisses Salma’s hands. Salma prays for him and bless him. Zara gives him thumbs up and stops before giving him a high-five.

Azhra makes sweet dish for the family. All laugh at her effort. Kabeer says it’s good. Kabeer thanks Salma. Salma says you followed my tips, it’s a big deal for me.

Ayesha says to Salma that you are still Kabeer’s mother, she hugs her. Salma blesses Kabeer. Rukshar says Kabeer will win other rounds as well. Kabeer asks Ayesha to go home, he has some work.

Ayesha comes home and sees Shehbaz angry. He shouts at her that our Son is becoming a cheap Chef! He leaves from there. Rukshar comes there and says Shehbaz doesn’t know that I like seeing him angry.

Shehbaz’s goon calls Shehbaz and says I locked your Son up, so I don’t know how he left there. Kabeer comes there and takes the phone from him (the goon). Shehbaz says you couldn’t keep my Son locked for some hours, I won’t give you any money and will make sure you rot in hell, he ends the call. Kabeer hears all that and he’s hurt.

Kabeer comes home. Kashan says we are so happy with your victory, let’s celebrate. Kabeer hugs him and says sometimes our feelings but we lose. Kashan says you can’t lose, I am sure. He hugs him.

Kabeer angrily goes to Shehbaz’s room. Shehbaz gets Kabeer’s call from the goon’s phone. Kabeer says why did you do it? Shehbaz turns to see Kabeer standing there. Kabeer says why? Shehbaz says for your benefit, I didn’t want you to be distracted and I don’t regret it, I will do everything to stop this, I am your father. Kabeer says I am doing this for a reason, I am paying my debt, still you did this? Kabeer says want to know a truth? I love my father a lot, this is not my father, he kisses his hand and says you are not my father, he leaves from there.

Rukshar is packing clothes with Ayesha and says it’s good, you are going with Kabeer, he always like to be with you. Ayesha says I am going to Mumbai with him for a reason. Rukshar says what? Ayesha says I have a wish which Sabina is fulfilling, she made Zara and Kabeer friends, they are looking at each other in new light, they are helping each other, it looks like they are made for each other, I will make Kabeer agree to engage Zara and then they will re-marry, I will make him agree, I am sure he will listen to me, I pray that Kabeer agrees to it. Rukshar is angry. Ayesha leaves from there.

Rukshar says I helped Kabeer in this competition to get closer to him, but this oldie is trying to get Zara and Kabeer closer, what if he agrees?

Kabeer gets Zara’s call. She asks if he is worried? He says no. Zara says I broke Sabina’s rule by calling you in a day. Kabeer says you like to break rules, why did you call? Zara says what is it?

Rukshar puts poison in Ayesha’s milk and makes her drink it. She smirks. Ayesha says I will talk to Kabeer soon about Zara. She goes to sleep.

Zara calls Kabeer and says you are going to Mumbai, so you don’t have to follow the call routine. He says no, it’s fine.

Ayesha is in her room, she wakes up and coughs, thee poison starts kicking in, she tries to shout for help, but couldn’t. She sees Kabeer outside and tries to call him, but he doesn’t see her. She tries to take a medicine and huffs..

In the morning, Shehbaz comes to the Mosque to pray.

Kabeer gets an Imam’s call. He says Shehbaz has been here since last night. Kabeer recalls how people keep itaqaf to reunite with God. He thinks Shehbaz has kept an itaqaf. He comes to Ayesha’s room and sees her lying on the bed, he thinks she is sleeping and goes away.

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