Rukshar comes there and says it’s her medicine, give it to me, he gives it. Rukshar leaves.

Kabeer comes to Shehbaz’s room and puts sheet on him while he’s in bed. He says sorry for talking to you so rudely. Shehbaz says you should be careful about our respect. Kabeer says I am not doing anything wrong. Shehbaz hugs him and thinks I will separate him from Zara!

In the morning, the News reporters come there and ask Kabeer about his victory. Kabeer thanks his family and his friend Zara. A Reporter says she was your Wife and now your friend? Kabeer says yes, I have the right to live my life just as I want it. The Reporter says you took a Stranger with you. Kabeer says our relationship is pure. The Reporter says you both were married, you can cross the line at anytime. Kabeer says she’s my friend, don’t taunt it! The Reporter asks if they are friends with benefits? Kabeer glares at him.

Zara thinks why I want to stop Kabeer from moving on?

Kabeer attacks a Repoter when he comments on his relationship with Zara. They all leave from there. Shehbaz scolds Kabeer and asks him to control his life!! Kabeer leaves.

Irfan comes to Salma and says we have a lot of work today. The Police comes there, they all look on. The Inspector says Zara was arrested and bailed, but she’s still under observation. Zara comes there and says you don’t know who Irfan is? talk with respect. The Inspector says you have to follow the rules.

Zain comes there and says we will. Zain says to the Inspector that she’s not a criminal till convicted, I will send her documents to your Station, he called me here just for you. The Inspector says Irfan didn’t tell me. Zain says we will meet in Court and then decide. The Inspector says come to thr Court with her. Zain says come with the lady officer as it’s her right, and talk with respect. The Inspector nods and leaves.

Zain praises Zara’s guts. Salma says you are a really good man, thank you for helping her. Irfan hugs him. Zain says I can smell halwa (sweet), Salma says yes, I am bringing it for you.

Kabeer comes to the Mosque. All eye him and taunt him. Kabeer greets everyone and says my message can reach people here, the friendship is above relationship, I have a friend called Zara, you might think a girl and boy can’t be friends, but I want to tell you that my father was with me, she is pious, our relationship is as pious as namaz.

A Man says don’t compare namaz with a sin! Another man says time has changed, people have evolved. Kabeer says Islam allows you to live life as you want. Imran says I am with you and you are right. All go to Kabeer and hug him. Shehbaz looks on.

Zara tells Zain that I have to go and meet Ayesha, she is ill. Zain says I will go with you as Kabeer is my friend, he leaves. Zara sees news of people taunting Kabeer. She says I have to go there.

Salma and Zara comes to Kabeer’s house. Zara says we are here to meet Ayesha, she goes from there. Kabeer tells Shehbaz to respect their guests.

Zain comes there and greets Shehbaz. Shehbaz tells Kabeer that Zain is their guest as well.

Ayesha talks to Salma and asks if Kabeer and Zara talked? Salma says I don’t know. Ayesha says you don’t look hopeful. Salma recalls Rukshar’s words. Ayesha says I will request them to become one again. Salma thinks that I don’t want to give her tension, but her dream is not possible.

Zara comes there and says Ayesha has slept. Kabeer and Zain comes there and greet Salma. Kabeer recalls Salma’s promise and doesn’t greet Zara.

Zara and Salma were waiting for an auto. A young man comes to Zara and asks if she is Zara Siddiqui? Kabeer announced today that his friendship with Zara is as pious as prayer, he and his friend are a fan of Kabeer now.

At night, Zara and Kabeer talk on phone. Zara appreciates that Kabeer is handsome and brave. Kabeer says no one has the right to ruin her name or character.

At home, Qazi Irfan and wife discuss that they must protect their daughter’s reputation. Salma convince Qazi Irfan that they must think about Zain now. Kabeer and Zara’s friendship is crossing its limit, they don’t recognize the difference between friendship and love. She can’t let her daughter’s life be ruined anymore. She only wish her daughter to have her husband as her friend. Qazi Irfan promises to talk to both Zain and Zara.

Zara tells Kabeer that they will stop talking on phone when he has left for Dubai. There are time differences and some problems of life as well. They will be like the firebugs of friendship carrying the message everywhere. The talk continue.

The next morning, Qazi Irfan looks for newspaper. He opens the main door, but immediately shuts it. Everyone was terrified. There was stoning over the house from outside. Qazi Irfan gets a threatening call to control her daughter and open the door before the stone turns to a bomb shell! Qazi Irfan tells Zara to take her mother inside. Zara wasn’t ready to leave him alone. They open the door. Zara’s puppet had been burning outside.

At Kabeer’s house, Zeenat and her husband return so worried that people have been chanting slogans against Zara and Kabeer, claiming their relationship to be illegitimate. There have been posters burning across the city and their news in the papers.

Shehbaz comes to Kabeer that his friendship with Zara is illegitimate. He says Kabeer is selfish, at least he should have thought about Zara’s grace!

Qazi Irfan says he advised Zara to stay away from Kabeer. They live in a society which never accepts such things. He has never stopped Zara from anything, but if he does forbid, then Zara must also abide by it. He can’t watch his daughter lose her respect.

Salma also announces the decision that Zara should neither meet Kabeer, nor talk to him on phone. Zara silently walks upstairs.

Shehbaz tells Kabeer to come out of his private life and pay attention to his mother’s health. She got the fits once again. Kabeer is worried. Shehbaz says the Doctor will soon arrive.

Rukshar comes to meet salma to console her. Salma discuss with her that Ayesha is still hopeful for Zara and Kabeer. Rukshar is annoyed over Ayesha. Salma says she needs to decide something for Zara, she can’t send Zara with Kabeer, who isn’t even ready to live with her.

Kabeer asks the Doctor what the matter is.? The Doctor feels quizzical how her immunity can decrease so low, because she was perfectly fine at once and there wasn’t much problem with her.

Rukshar comes in with a smile on her face. Kabeer  says there must surely be some problem with the medicines. The Doctor suggests about changing the medicines if they don’t work for two more days. It’s not good that a lot of people stay around her, as it’s infectious. Rukshar convinces Kabeer to let her take care of Ayesha. Kabeer decides he will also stay with his Mother. Zeenat comes to appreciate Rukshar’s thoughts. Kabeer gets a call and leaves.

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