Kabeer comes to meet salma. He tries to convince her that everything in the newspaper is baseless. He watches her face and says she must be in pain. She tells Kabeer they have no control over the past, but they can surely fix the future. They had requested him to do something for Zara. They have selected a very nice guy for Zara, it’s Zain. Kabeer was taken aback at the decision. They have obtained information about Zain already, his sister is looking for a proposal for Zain. Kabeer must now convince Zara to marry Zain. Kabeer says yes. She forbids Kabeer from calling Zara anymore. Kabeer replies he would do as she asks him to. Kabeer walks away crying.

Kabeer returns home, emotionally devastated at Salma’s request. Rukshar watches him, then hurries to bring the medicine for Ayesha. Ayesha complains that the medicine makes her extremely dizzy. She hurries as the medicine is an extremely important one.

Kabeer enters the room and finds Ayesha asleep. Rukshar  hides herself. Kabeer speaks to Ayesha that only she was hopeful of his union with Zara, today he has killed that hope. He won’t be able to bear Zara marry someone else. Rukshar is happy and cheers that soon, this old Ayesha will die, Zara will remarry and Rukhsar would be left for Kabeer!

Kabeer’s phone bell rings. It was Zara’s call. He decides not to take the call as per his promise to Salma. There, Salma scolds Zara for calling Kabeer continuously! Zara questions what problem Salma has with her phone calls, if she would believe anyone disgracing her?

Kabeer and Zara pray separately, while thinking about each other.

Salma tells Zara to go and get ready, while she arranged for the gifts. Zara agrees to go and get ready. Irfan comes inside asking if Salma talked to Za… He stops watching Zara there. Salma tells Zara to go and get ready. Zara leaves.

Irfan asks Salma why she didn’t discuss the matter with Zara? Salma replies it’s their decision now. Qazi Irfan asks Zain what he thinks about Zara? Zain replies Zara has every virtue to be a good girl. Salma tells him they are looking for a good proposal for Zara. Qazi Irfan says they think Zain is the best choice for Zara, he may take his time to think.

Kashan convince Kabeer that Salma is emotional. And Kabeer is giving up on Zara? Kabeer replies he isn’t sacrificing anything, Zara is nothing to him anymore. Kashan tells Kabeer to go to Dubai, he bets Kabeer won’t be able to live without her.

Zain arrives at Zara’s place. Salma welcomes Zain and was thankful that he came over today. Zara comes there and inquires what’s going on? She and her parents take the decisions of the house together, then why they didn’t take her consent in this matter? If her father or mother also didn’t think about discussing such important matter with her? Zain takes a leave.

Salma complains to Zara what she wants now?? Zara says they have been distrustful of her due to just fake news. Salma says they trust Zara, but people would cease to trust her soon. Who will marry her then? She asks Zara if Kabeer called her since yesterday? Zara was speechless. Salma says Kabeer only needed Zara for the competition; he is now moving to Dubai. Zara needs to think about moving on as well else, she will be left all alone. Zara cries silently.

Kabeer is shocked to see Zara standing there. He tries to avoid her saying he was a little busy, and Ayesha is inside. Zara asks why he didn’t call her and didn’t even pick up the call? Kabeer says maybe he forgot? Zara asks if he’s moving on, and finds this phone call between them a formality? Kabeer replies, maybe.

Zara demands a definite answer. Kabeer says he is busy in preparations of leaving for Dubai. Zara must also find some activity to distract herself. He poses to be busy on phone, then says Zain also loves her. He is a nice guy for Zara to marry. He would love her till his last breathe, take care of her and also protect her. She must agree to marry him.

Kabeer tells Zara that Zain Abdullah really likes her, she must agree to marry him. Zara was heartbroken. They hear Zeenat crying and then faint.

The Doctor observes Zeenat, then tells the family that Zeenat suffers from weakness, and intra-uterine growth restriction. Zeenat’s condition is critical, she might lose her life if she continues with the pregnancy. Shehbaz heard this, and sends the Doctor as it’s Allah’s decision to give life and death. At the time of Kabir’s birth, Ayesha was in the same condition.

Kabeer and Kashan discuss the matter. Zara tries to intervene and says they must consult another Doctor. Kabeer goes to drop Zara outside, and says her advice seems to be the right one.

Outside, Zara tells Kabeer she will leave on her own. Kabeer asks what the problem is if he drops her off? Zara says he has already dropped her off, she will determine her way ahead on her own now. She hears Zeenat questioning her husband if her child will survive? She runs back into the room, and says a girl is a human created by Allah first, and a mother, daughter and a wife later on. She has a complete right to take her life’s decision.

Zara tells Zeenat that she’s in charge and must take the decision solely. No one can assert her to take any action. She has nurtured this unborn child and no one can love him more than Zeenat, it will solely be her decision. She, Zara stands with Zeenat in any of her decision. After Zara has left, shehbaz was offended that Zara filled her ears in front of them.

Zara returns home. There was a young lady and says Zara is more beautiful than she appears in photos. Zara looks quizzical, the lady introduces herself as Shaina, Zain’s Sister. She tells Zara she had to come after a few days, but when Zain called her to delay the matter, she came with the next flight.

Salma asks Zara to come inside and get ready. Shaina says Zara looks fine, but Zain tells her to let Zara go. It’s important for her to get ready.

In the room, Salma was angry with Zara. Zara asks why she invited Zain’s sister here? Zain knocks on the door. He tells Zara that Qazi Irfan and Salma came to meet him in the hotel and he got Shaina’s call, he got them to talk to each other. Shaina reached India from Singapore through the next flight, she insisted that he let her meet her. He tells Zara not to come outside if she doesn’t want to meet her, or unhappy with this proposal.

Salma asks Zara if she went to meet Kabeer? She is struggling for the man who doesn’t care for her.

Salma goes downstairs and tells Qazi Irfan that Zara isn’t coming. Zain tries to speak to his Sister. Zara calls Salma from upstairs. Salma and Azhra hurries upstairs to bring Zara along. Shaina happily gifts her a Chunri and a few presents.

Zara daydreams about standing up to claim that this is all wrong. Shaina notices she was lost in some deep thought. She gives her sweet to taste, and bless the new relationship.

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