The Doctor convince the family to abort the child, the infection has spread across the body and Zeenat’s life is endangered, but Shehbaz objects that she is a Doctor from a religious family, so how could she suggest an abortion? Zara insists that it’s about the life of a woman. They hear Zeenat’s screams.

The Doctor hurries to meet Zeenat in the hospital. Zara consoles Kashan saying Zeenat’s life is more important right now. The Doctor comes out to inform them about the loss of their child. Zeenat is however fine. Shehbaz was quizzical if the child died on its own, or if it was killed deliberately? Kashan stops Shehbaz from asking such questions at this time.

Zeenat was brought outside in the corridor. Zara kiss her hand while she was crying. The Doctor takes her inside for some tests.

Kabeer thanks Zain and Zara for coming over, straight from the hospital. Zain says it was Zara who came here. Zara didn’t want a thanks, Zeenat is like her sister and Ayesha still considers her as a daughter; above all, it’s about humanity.

Zain goes to Shehbaz, greets him and invites him to his and Zara’s Nikah. Shahbaz straightens up at the news, and happily congratulates Zain. Zara walks close to Kabeer and says they are both fed up of each other, and the news has been spread. She reminds Kabeer that he’s going to be a witness to their Nikah.

Zain also tells Kabeer to arrive earlier, unlike the guests. Zara says she has a wish. She wants Kabeer to say I do to her and Zain’s relationship, even before she says that. If he doesn’t come tomorrow, she won’t marry Zain. Zain comes to take Zara.

Kabeer gets a call from his employer. Kabeer says his mother is extremely ill, he is not in a position to come there. The employer convince Kabeer to come over, he has signed a contract with their hotel and his reputation is being ruined here. He should join the work, and may then leave after a while.

Zeenat comes home. Amaan runs to her, while Rukhsar takes her inside. Kashan hugs Kabeer, but Kabeer finds him disturbed. Rukhsar brings a gift box for Kabeer.

Kabeer brings it into the room, he gets a video call from Zara. Zara tells Kabeer to open the gift box. It was a Sherwani (groom’s dress). Zain appears in the call from behind and tells Kabeer Zara selected the outfit for both of them. Zara says Kabeer has an extensive knowledge about their variety, but Zara also got some taste. They both urge Kabeer to try it out and wear it to their wedding.

Rukhsar finds Kabeer approaching Ayesha’s room. Kabeer tells Rukhsar to go if she has something to do, he is with her. Rukshar at once says Ayesha isn’t taking any medicines. He comes in.

Ayesha is awake, crying and opens her arms for Kabeer. Kabeer lay her head in her lap. Ayesha complains that they have forgotten about her. Kabeer says he often comes to the room, but she is always asleep. Ayesha wants to speak to Kabeer.

Rukhsar was irked that this old lady won’t die in spite of a very heavy dose of poison. She tries to speak to Kabeer about Zara’s wedding. She feels dizzy again. Kabeer helps her lay down. Rukshar was relieved. Kabeer was skeptical, and asks hoe his Mother got to know about Zara’s wedding. Rukshar explains she got a call from Zara’s house about the wedding in Ayesha’s ro, she thought she was asleep, but it seems she listened to everything, and she (Rukshar) should have been more careful, so she (Rukshar) is at fault here (forming a pitiful face). Kabeer leaves. Rukhsar smirks and says she would now see how long this old woman lives now!

Azhra comes to Zara in the hall. She says it’s good Zara’s Parents couldn’t know, not Zain, Zara had invited Kabeer. She wonders what Zara is up to? Azhra wasn’t sure, but Zara tells Azhra she is doing everything thoughtfully. There, Salma and Qazi Irfan pray for Zara’s happiness.

Kabeer sot in his room and thinks about Zara’s condition for marriage. He receives a call that “his Dubai tickets have been confirmed, and his flight is scheduled tomorrow.” 

At the wedding function, Salma asks Azhra if Zara is ready? Azhra was looking around (for Kabeer obviously, since Zara already said she won’t come down for the Wedding if Kabeer doesn’t turn up today) at which Salma was quizzical. She sends Azhra to bring Zara downstairs.

Rukshar thanks the Poison vendor in Ayesha’s room. Ayesha hears her conversation on phone, oblivious to Rukhsar.

Azhra comes to the room and tells Zara to at least change into her bridal dress. Zara asks if Kabeer has gotten there? Azhra says everyone including the guests, bridegroom, and the Qazi is here.

Salma stood at the door, waiting for Azhra to open the door. Azhra convince Zara to at least change her clothes. She will soon call Kabeer and explain the conditions to him. Zara agrees. Salma comes to the room and was relieved that at least Zara changed her clothes.

Ayesha gives a note to Rukshar to be given to Kabeer. Rukshar inquires about it. Ayesha tells her to abide by her order. Rukshar reads the note at the door. Ayesha says she knew she won’t take the letter to Kabeer. She inquires what’s going on in Rukshar’s devilish mind, what she mixes in her medicine? Rukhsar tries to explain herself. Ayesha tells her to call everyone here, and make a call to Kabeer and Kashan. Her condition deteriorates.

Azhra is trying Kabeer’s phone call. His phone doesn’t connect.

Rukshar convinces that everyone can’t gather in her room. Ayesha spots Shehbaz coming towards the room. Before she could call him, Rukshar stuffs Ayesha’s mouth tightly. She tells Ayesha to stay silent! She won’t let Ayesha unite Kabeer and Zara. Ayesha assert that Zara and Kabeer will be together. Rukshar laughs at her mockingly, and tells Ayesha she is about to die already; who will unite them??

Zara was ready in the bridal attire. Salma praises her. She comes to the hall and notices Kabeer wasn’t there.

Ayesha tells Rukshar that no matter if she lives or dies, Salma will unite Kabeer and Zara. Rukshar plays a video from the camera in the hall and shows Ayesha some footages of Zara’s ongoing wedding. She now clutches her neck and stuffs her mouth with a pillow in an attempt to kill her.

Zara awaited Kabeer. Azhra tells her that she couldn’t connect to Kabeer on the phone. Kabeer reaches the wedding.

Ayesha finally lay dead in her bed. Rukshar drops the pillow, boastfully looking towards Ayesha.

Kabeer stood behind the pole. Zara and everyone had turned to look towards him. Kabeer goes into a flash back, Zara had come to him and narrated a nightmare that she was at a wedding. Everyone congratulated the groom as Kabeer there. Kabeer was happy that he will be having two wives. Zara was annoyed, and says he will realize her pain only when he will find Zara in a bridal attire. Flashback ends.

Kabeer opens his arms sadly, to show Zara the outfit she had selected for him. Zain notices Kabeer and Zara’s stare. He comes to Kabeer and says he came out to be a betrayer!

Zain complains to Kabeer that he turned out to be a betrayer, he is late for the wedding. Kabeer was quizzical. Zain reminds that Kabeer promised to reach early but was again late. Kabeer promises to be with Zain in a while. One of the hosts take Kabeer to introduce him to their guests. Zara stared towards Kabeer.

Rukshar says Goodbye Ayesha my dear!, and covers her body with the blanket. Kashan knocks at the door and asks Rukshar to open the door. Rukhsar is sweating badly and looks tensed.

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