Azhra takes Kabeer aside and asks if he really wish Zara and Zain to marry each other? Kabeer replies this Nikah will take place. Azhra forbids Kabeer from coming in front of Zara. Zara is continuously staring at him, and the world will get a topic of gossiping. He may come in front when it’s time for witness. Zara’s Parents are unaware that Zara invited him. Kabeer promises not to tell anyone about it.

Rukshar opens the door with a trembling voice. She says she was about to tell Kashan to call the Doctor. Ayesha won’t wake up. Kashan hurries towards Ayesha who doesn’t move. Kashan calls Dr. Malik to reach their house.

Kabeer speaks to Salma that her desire is fulfilled. He is leaving, but first comes his responsibility. He presents a cheque of Rs. 8,000,000 to Salma and says Zara’s medical treatment was his responsibility.

There, Shaina questions Zain why he invited Kabeer? Zain says Zara invited Kabeer not him. Shaina was taken aback.

Salma questions Kabeer why he doesn’t leave Zara alone to marry Zain, why he came here? Kabeer gets a call from Zara. Zara tells him to keep his hands free ready, she will only say I do once she hears it from him first. After the call, Kabeer tells Salma he is leaving for Dubai. Her words hurt him straight in the heart. Salma replies his emotional speech is nothing in front of her love for Zara. His promise wouldn’t be fulfilled till Zara is married to Zain.

The Doctor tells the family that Ayesha is no more. Shehbaz, Kashan and Zeenat were in a state of disbelief. Kashan signals Shehbaz that she won’t wake up. Zeenat cries. Shehbaz was broken and cries for Ayesha. The Doctor tells Shehbaz to get a postmortem, they will figure out the reason of her death. Rukshar thinks slow poisoning would be revealed if there is a post mortem.

At the Nikah ceremony, the witness from the bride and groom were called. The Qazi begins the ceremony and asks for Zain’s permission. Zain replies I do, thrice. Everyone congratulates him. The Qazi takes Zara’s consent for the Nikah now. Zara doesn’t reply and instead looks towards Kabeer. Kabeer looked blankly towards Zara and turns to go to Zara. Zara wears her hands free and calls Kabeer. The Qazi asks Zara for her consent again. Zara is silent. Kabeer stood behind Zara now, upset and broken. Azhra walks to Kabeer and urges him to speak up! Kabeer recalls Salma’s demands.

Kashan tries Kabeer’s number to inform her about Ayesha’s death.

Salma tells Zara to speak up, everyone’s waiting for her reply. Zara replies she is also waiting. Kabeer’s voice breaks as he begins to speak.

Qazi Irfan’s phone bell rings. Kashan was crying and requests him to give the phone to Kabeer. Qazi Irfan was worried and brings the phone to Kabeer. Kashan tells Kabeer that Ayesha has departed. Kabeer goes in a state of shock, hearing this. He drops the phone and runs outside. Zara speaks to Kashan and asks why he is crying? Kashan tells Zara Ayesha is no more. Zara also leaves the wedding hall running madly behind Kabeer. Someone stops Zara at the door, it was Zain.

The Doctor calls for an ambulance and says on the phone that her family thinks she was killed. Kabeer runs and comes to her room, he is shocked to see her lying dead there. He says no… no… I will wake her up, he says I am back mother, wake up.

Kashan says the Doctor has said no… Kabeer shouts at the Doctor and asks him to give her medicine!! Rukshar is tensed. Kabeer shows the Doctor the medicine and says she was taking this.

The Doctor says she was totally fine, but we think she died because of a heart attack, we will know for sure after the postmortem report. Rukshar thinks I hope she died because of a heart attack, then I will be safe. Kabeer slaps himself and asks her to wake up.

Salma tells Irfan that we have to go to Ayesha. Shaina asks where they are going? Salma says our relationship with that house is very strong, we have to go. Shaina says I know that it’s sad, but we are here for a nikkah, we don’t know if it will be completed. Irfan says Ayesha was Zara’s Mother-in-law, but loved her like a Mom, we have a death in the house, so I can’t answer you, he leaves with Salma.

Rukshar tells Shehbaz that I saw Ayesha in pain, I can’t believe she left us, she was so pious and you want postmortem on her? It will pain her so much, ask the Doctor to not use knives on her body.

Zara comes there running and says Mother… Shehbaz stops her and says what are you doing here? Zara says I am Ayesha’s daughter, please don’t stop me. Shehbaz says if you don’t go away, then I’ll be your wirst nightmare. Zara says I won’t go anywhere, and if you don’t let me see her, then I’ll be your worst nightmare! Zain is with her as well

Zara runs to Ayesha’s room and sees her lying there. Kabeer is crying, Zara sits and holds his hand. She recalls her moments with her. She cries and says your daughter is here, wake up. She asks Kabeer why he is chanting death/sad song… this is all my fault, I knew about her condition and I didn’t do anything. How will I live without her? She got sad because of my nikkah, God can’t take my Mom from me. Ayesha was always taking Zara and Kabeer’s name, she wanted me back with Kabeer, I didn’t want her to know about my nikkah, but I was not successful with that. Kabeer cries and is in shock.

Zara asks Rukshar if she told her about her nikkah? Tell me to know who told her? Shehbaz asks her to have shame and complete her nikkah, we don’t want to hear from you. Zain is leaving the house when Irfan and Salma enter there. Shehbaz comes to them and says we will bring Ayesha for her last rituals down, you can see her then. Salma and Irfan leave.

Zara and Kabeer hold Ayesha’s hand. Zeenat hugs Zara and says it’s time for her to leave. Zeenat cries and pulls Zara back. Kashan hugs Kabeer and takes Ayesha from there. Zara tries to go behind her, but Kabeer stops her and says your nikkah? I accept your nikkah. Zara is surprised. Kabeer says be happy in your life. Zara stops him, but Kabeer says I accept your nikkah with Zain, be happy in your new life. Zara breaks down and cries.

Kabeer brings Zara to the lounge and says I accept your nikkah. Zara looks at Ayesha’s body lying there. Kabeer asks her to go and live her life, go. Zara says I can’t do this, I lost my mother too, I was hiding about this nikkah to Ayesha but I can’t do it, you have freed yourself, but don’t force me, I can’t hurt Ayesha’s soul now by doing this nikkah. She says you are holding a stranger (Zara’s) hand, so wash it. Kabeer cries and leaves her hand.

Kashan tells the Imam that it will take time for Alina to come, so Zara could do that. Shehbaz retorts and says daughter and daughters-in-law give the last bath, so Zeenat and Rukshar will give her bath. He asks Salma to take Zara away. Salma takes Zara away and says we are strangers here, Kabeer asked her to leave too. Zara says let me look at Ayesha one last time.

The hospital staff comes to Shehbaz and says we want to take her for postmortem. Kashan says I want to know the real reason for her death so I want s postmortem. The Omam says it’s not good to pain the body. Shehbaz says I don’t want any argument, we won’t do a postmortem, get ready to take her!

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