Kabeer and Zara are on the road. Shehbaz’s goon hides and aims at Zara. Kabeer sees him through the Car window. The Goon shoots at Zara, but Kabeer pushes Zara away and saves her just in time. Kabeer asks if she is fine? They see the Goon running. Kabeer runs behind him. Zara goes too. The Goon fools Kabeer and leaves. He calls Shehbaz and says I tried to kill Zara, but Kabeer didn’t let it happen.

Rizwan calls Rukshar and says Kabeer and Zara are researching about that factory blast. Salma comes there, so Rukshar quickly ends the call. She asks where is Zara? Salma says she went with Kabeer. Rukshar says I am worried for her, she might get hurt again.

Salma says they are meeting again, I don’t want her heart to break, but Kabeer has changed, he has told everything to Kabeer and she has decided to end everything to end Kabeer’s fear, she leaves. Rukshar says I thought I wouldn’t have to kill anyone, but I will have to get my hands dirty!

Zara stops Kabeer. Kabeer says I told you that when I am near you, then you are in danger, what if you died? I am going, you have to live. Zara says look at me, don’t be so dizzy, you are so afraid, this was not a nature’s disaster, someone is attacking us, someone wants you to remain in fear, they don’t want us to find out the truth, if we are together, then we will win, world can do anything, but we are together. Kabeer says move away from me. Zara says okay, let’s find out who is behind all this.

Rizwan hears in the market that someone tried to shoot Zara. He calls Rukshar and tells her about Zara. Rukshar says she has to die, you worry about yourself. Rizwan says they will not find any proof against me.

Zara and Kabeer sit in the market. She looks at his hand and sees a wound. She tells Kabeer that remember some goons made us unconscious and took us to the factory, someone planned all that. We have to find him. She tells him an idea. Kabeer looks on.

Zara tells the plan to Kabeer. The Factory owners meet Rizwan and say we did a mistake by listening to you. He gets a call and says I have to go.

The factory owners come to an Office. Imran is dressed as a Manager there. Kabeer and Zara comes there as an Arabic Couple. Kabeer says we are not going to buy your factory now. The Owner says what are you saying? My Owner won’t spare me. Kabeer says that the factory had a blast and the Police are investigating it. The Owner says that we have people who will get this case closed. Zara says we will pay once a deal is finalized. Kabeer says you do my work, get this case closed and then we will pay you. The Owner thanks him and leaves. Zara laughs and says you look so cute Kabeer. He smiles at her.

The Owner calls his man and says to hell with Zara and Kabeer, I have some big work. Imran goes to follow him.

Kabeer is trying to take off his beard. He says it’s not coming off. Zara says you played it well, but I like my Kabeer and not this Sheikh. Kabeer looks on. Zara says you need my help. She goes closer to him and pulls his beard off, he winces in pain. Zara blows on his cheek. He moves away. Zara laughs. Zara says don’t know if we are wasting our time with this owner.

Kabeer says God is with us. He tries to hold her hand, but stops. Kabeer says you can touch me. He says no… Zara holds his hand and says you can hold my hand, it’s okay. Kabeer says keep smiling like this, you look cute. He controls himself and says anything can happen. Zara says nothing will happen to me as long ss you are with me, you look out for yourself. Kabeer asks if she is joking? Zara says no, I don’t want you to go to Dubai with fear. Kabeer says then come with me to Dubai. Zara says don’t joke. Kabeer says I am not joking.

Rukshar is packing and says to Kabeer that I can’t say no to you, I will go to Dubai with you, I am so happy. Kabeer smiles. Rukshar says I know you will come back. It turns out to be Rukshar’s dream. She says I am not going to let Kabeer go!

Kabeer comes closer to Zara and says come with me. She says people don’t allow us in a room, I can’t come with you. Kabeer says there are big mosques there. Zara says I know, she gets excited. Zara says I don’t have a problem with going, but I have to be here. She asks if he will drop her home? He says yes. Zara says my house is in your heart. Kabeer sadly looks at her. Kabeer gets a call and looks on.

Kabeer meets Imran, they hide to see whom the owner is meeting.

Rukshar asks Shehbaz where Kabeer is going in Dubai? He says I don’t know. Rukshar says you used to know everything about Kabeer, but not anymore, everyone knows that Kabeer is leaving only because of Zara, he is ready to leave his country because of her. Shehbaz shouts at her to stop it! Rukshar says to do something for your Son, she smirks and leaves.

Kabeer and Zara hide and see the owner meeting his boss. The Boss turns and it’s Rizwan. Zara says Rizwan here? Imran says was he behind the blast? They see the goons who beat them up. Zara says it means he was behind that blast.

Zara tells Kabeer that Rizwan was behind the blast. Rizwan meets the owner. Imran calls him and says Sheikh wants to meet your boss. Rizwan says we will meet him in the evening.

Kabeer and Zara dress up as Arabic Sheikhs. Rizwan and the owner come to meet them. Rizwan says I am giving you my word that I will get this case off, is the money ready? Kabeer says the money is in my godown. He throws the money out of the bag and says this is a commission, I can get this work done by someone else too, but you can do it. Rizwan says I will get this work done in a day. Kabeer says we will talk once the work is done. Rizwan nods and leaves.

The owner tells Rizwan that I had to leave that money, I had to leave that factory because you wanted to take revenge from Zara and Kabeer. Rizwan tries to attack him, but the Police comes there and ask him to stop!

Zara and Kabeer comes there with Imran. The Inspector searches Rizwan and takes out the jacket from his Car. Kabeer says this is the same jacket that the person was wearing when he attacked me. Rizwan says this is not mine. The Inspector arrests Rizwan and leaves.

Imran tells Kabeer that see your promise had nothing to do with this blast. He leaves. Kabeer is in shock and recalls how he promised to stay away from Zara. He tells Zara that I thought this was a natural disaster, but it was planned by a human. Zara says sometimes, we get scared.

Kabeer says we got divorced, my mother left me because of all that. Zara says your eye could never lie, if you had told me, then I would have never left you. Kabeer caresses her face and says I am a fool, tell me what you think? Zara says when you said to break this relationship, I was hurt, but then, I looked into your eyes and saw your love, I knew that I was of Kabeer only.

Kabeer says how can you trust me so much? Zara says trust is trust, I can’t lose it. Kabeer says you are crying? Zara laughs while shedding tears. Kabeer holds her hand.

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