A kid looks at the new Zara and laughs. Kabeer catches her and says come inside. New Zara says I have become friends with Javed. Another kid greets her too. Kabeer says you sit here, he asks her to tell a story about her friends. The new Zara looks on. She says there was an innocent girl, but then…  she made friends with the kids, she promised to protect those kids from their angry teacher, they all laugh. A kid asks her to become their teacher too. She says then who will save you from your angry teacher? Kabeer glares at her.

Kabeer sit on the prayer mat. He prays that another day of his life is gone; how long will he have to stay away from Zoya? He wish this is the last prayer of his life.

The kids comes to Kabeer to take him for breakfast.

The new man searching for the new Zara in the Isamic Shrine looks for every face. Kabeer also came to the Islamic Shrine. The new Zara dials a Phone number. Kabeer reaches her. She cuts the call, cautious that he might inquire whom she was calling. Kabeer asks Zara whom she was calling? She replies she called home. Kabeer says Amina Bi said she has no house, she must be calling someone else. Zara countered why he’s interrogating her.

Kabeer replies it’s his responsibility to protect the place. Zara argues that Baba here can protect the whole world all alone, he doesn’t need him. She tries to escape, but Kabeer  stops her way. Zara was irritated and says she has already thanked him for the help. Zara leaves to get mingled with the kids. The stranger looked for Zara.

Qazi Irfan was tensed as Salma’s condition was deteriorating. He wish he finds Kabeer soon. His Wife couldn’t bear the death of Zara. Kabeer is also away. Salma wants to know about the conversation between Kabeer and Zara in their last days, especially the last night. He requests Imran to find Kabeer. Imran assures he has looked for Kabeer at any possible place. Kabeer once called to inform he is alive, but they aren’t in contact since then.

The new Zara joins the kids for food. Kabeer watches her enjoy and eat with them.

Imran offers Azhra to drop her at the Office as she was leaving. In the Car, Azhra asks him not to find Kabeer. Salma is trying to live without Zara. Imran was of the view that Kabeer will handle the situation here, but Azhra argues that Kabeer was unable to handle his own self; how will he handle the situation?

Rukhsar brings coffee for Shehbaz. He was angry and asks why she brought coffee and not tea? Rukhsar asserts her control over everything and threatens if she reveals his truth, he might lose his elections!

In the corridor, Rukhsar remembers getting Zara killed by one of her goons.

The kids discuss with Zara they like her being here. Zara says she is here for a few days, but she will have to leave then. The kids request her to stay for their birthday, they don’t get gifts on birthdays as well. Zara smiles that makes her everyone’s favorite. She gets a flashback from her childhood when she was physically assaulted on demanding gifts. She asks the kids for any shops nearby.

Kabeer was teaching the children at the Islamic Shrine in his park class he had set up. The topic was “Diwali and Gifts”. The kids were excited and tells Kabeer that their new friend Zara is going to give us the gifts this Diwali. Kabeer remembers Zara requested him to tell a place where she might spend her night without money.

In the market, the Stranger spot Zara. Zara tries to escape him, mingling in the crowd. The Stranger was hit by a man and loses track, while Zara runs the opposite way. He comes to a store room and looks around. Zara hits the back of his head with a steel rod. The Stranger was unconscious. Zara notices the phone ringing with Boss’s call. She furiously throws the phone on the floor, leaves the store room and locks it from outside. She finds Kabeer outside.

Kabeer was suspicious and inquires what she is up to? She replies nothing. Kabeer demands who is there inside. She says no one. Kabeer looks inside, but doesn’t find anyone. New Zara sees the man’s phone and hides it before Kabeer could see it, she thinks maybe he ran away from the window. Kabeer leaves from there.

New Zara is running away from the Islamic Shrine, but the goon finds her. She runs towards the jungle and screams to save her. Kabeer is passing by and hears it. The Goon finds Zara and she is near the cliff, so she couldn’t run. He tries to throw her from the cliff. Kabeer rushes there and grabs Zara in time. The Goon loses balance and falls from the cliff. Zara faints.

Kabeer brings the new Zara back to the Islamic Shrine and makes her lie down, she wakes up. He gives her water and asks why they are behind you? Are you hiding something? Why did they come behind you? You are not even Zara, you are lying. She cries and shouts that yes I lied. She says my name is Zara. Kabeer says don’t lie. She says you are asking me, listen to me first and don’t call me a liar, you are a liar, your name is Johnny but you offer namaz.

Kabeer says the goons are coming here to find you, I protect his place. Zara says I don’t need you to protect me. Kabeer says then you don’t need this place too? So you can leave tomorrow morning, he leaves. Zara screams and cries.

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