A goon sees the lock open and opens it, he goes inside, but Zara hits him on the bed and he faints. She sees the kids and calls them out. They all rush to her and hug her tightly. Zara cries. She starts taking them from there and hides from the goons. Some other goons comes there and doesn’t find the kids.

Kabeer is looking around. Rukshar comes there and asks if he is looking for Zara’s photo? I have removed all her memories, what is wrong with you? Zara wouldn’t like to see you in this condition, take care of yourself. Kabeer says I need your phone to call that girl. She gives her a phone.

The new Zara is running with the kids and keeps away from the goons. She sees the auto and asks him to leave, but the goon stops him and asks why he was here? The Driver runs from there. The new Zara sits in the auto with the kids, but the goon pulls her out. The Driver leaves with the kids.

Kabeer calls the new Zara. The new Zara hides and tells Kabeer that save the kids, I have set them free, she gives him the address and cuts the call. Kabeer looks on. Zara hides from the goons.

Other goons are following the auto in which the kids are present.

Rukshar tries to stop Kabeer, but he says I couldn’t save someone earlier, but not this time, he calls Imran and leaves.

Kabeer calls Kashan. Kashan asks where he’s going? Kabeer says I will let you know soon.

The Goons stop the Auto and says the kids will go with us. Other goon gets Zara too. They call Abid and tell him about Zara.

Kabeer comes on the street and looks around.

Kashan and Imran find the Auto and beats the goons to save the kids.

Abid comes to Zara. She is shocked to see him.  Abid grabs the new Zara and says I told you I would find a cheapster like you! He asks her to look down. She says I am not your Servant! Abid says you want to fly and talk back to me???  The new Zara says that I don’t need to be scared of you, those kids are my life and they are free from your clutches, so I am not scared of you.

Kashan is driving the auto and tells the kids to not worry, Zara sent me.

Abid asks Zara to look into his eyes and if you blink first, then you will lose and if I lose, then I will leave you, but if I win, then you will die. Zara says there must be someone in the world to bring your truth out to the world, they will know that you are a shameless Politician who rapes kids!

Kashan brings the kids to Irfan and asks him to take care of them.

Abid grabs Zara and asks where are the kids?? The Goon tells him that Zara’s man took the kids away. Zara says you lost. Abid asks the goons to find the kids, I will finish them in front of her! Zara says no. Abid says I gave you the job and you did this?? Get ready to die. He points the gun at her, but Kabeer comes there and says stop!

Abid says Kabeer? You are Shehbaz’s Son? Kabeer says I am Johnny. He fools Abid and beats his goons. Zara beats Abid, he tries to grab her, but she hits him with a stick.

Shehbaz gets a call and says really? Let me know when you have more news, he leaves.

Zara beats Abid and says nobody can touch those kids! Kabeer beats his men. Shehbaz brings the Police there and says he uses kids that are innocent for his pleasure. Abid glares at him. Shehbaz says I told you to not mess with me! Kabeer gets Kashan’s call and tells Zara that the kids are safe and at Irfan’s house. Zara cries in happiness. Kabeer looks on.

The Kids are crying in the house. Zara comes there and hugs them. Theyvall look on. Kabeer is surprised by her behaviour. Kabeer recalls doubting her. Salma asks Zara if she is fine? She says I am fine.

The Media enters there, but Kabeer asks them to go out. Shehbaz tells the media about Abid doing Child trafficking, so we caught him with my Son and he wanted to buy me in the elections too, but I didn’t accept. The Media person asks if his Son will help him in the elections? Kabeer leaves. Shehbaz says yes.

In the house, the kids look around things.

Kabeer talks to Irfan and says I was here for Zara’s anniversary, but the time is up and I have to leave. Irfan says meet Salma first. Kabeer says no, she will become sad, I will call you, but I can’t promise to come back, he hugs him and says pray for me to do the work that I want to do, I will meet you if I am alive.

Kabeer comes to the lounge, the new Zara is there. Kabeer looks at his Zara’s photo and gets sad, thori jaga song plays…

The new Zara goes near him and says thank you for saving the kids, I am leaving from here soon, don’t worry about putting Irfan and Salma in danger, I just wanted to save the kids, you can call them and ask after a day or two, I will be long gone by then. Kabeer says I am sorry for doubting you earlier. The new Zara says it’s not your fault, this world just looks like cover of the book, I want to ask that you have a family that loves you, so why don’t you live here? Kabeer looks at Zara’s photo.

The new Zara asks Kabeer why you are going away from here? Kabeer says I can’t answer you about everything, I don’t care what people or you think about me, I can’t stay here. Goodbye.

Shehbaz comes there and says let’s go. Kabeer says I can’t go back with you. Shehbaz says I have been searching for you, I didn’t even know about you, you wouldn’t even know if I am dead or alive. Kabeer hugs him and says don’t say that, I can’t stay here, as I miss Zara here, I feel her everywhere here, I have to go to her soon, I pray for my death to be reunited with her.

Irfan comes there and says I have seen my daughter dying, don’t say this to your father, this is the biggest burden for your father, listen to him and stay here. Kabeer says okay and hugs him. The new Zara smiles. Shehbaz recalls how Rukshar said to keep Kabeer here for some days.

Kabeer comes home and sees Zeenat offering the food to Rukshar. Rukshar asks her to be careful about the food. Amaan asks Rukshar if he can go out to play? Rukshar says if you can’t come back in time, then don’t leave. Shehbaz brings Kabeer inside. Rukshar thinks that it’s good he didn’t bring those cheap people with him.

The Kids ask Zara if they are safe here? Zara says these people are lovely, they love me so much, but I want to give you a good future and happiness. She thinks that I have to find their Parents.

Rukshar prays for Kabeer and says go freshen up and we will eat together. Kabeer says I will eat later. Rukshar says we want to know where you were, I want to know all the stories. Kabeer gets new Zara’s call, s he tells him something. He says I am coming and leaves.

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