Kabeer asks the Uncle and Aunt that where did their Parents live? The Uncle is unable to answer it. Kabeer says their village is Kurari and you don’t even know the ruler there. Shehbaz says I think we should listen to the Country’s Chiarman.

Kabeer says they have no proof that they are related to the kids. Shehbaz shouts that stop it, you want these kids to stay away from their relatives and live with this girl when she doesn’t have a relationship with them???

Zara says they are my life, if that is not enough, then let me tell you that they are my siblings. Why are you all shocked? I have a heart to heart relationship with them. You people are different, as you don’t have a heart, but I do and it beats for them. A kid takes a tissue and wipes her tears. The Country’s Chiarman says we will continue this discussion later.

Zara tells Kabeer that they won’t do anything, we should run away. Kabeer says you don’t have another solution? They see the Police coming there and Kabeer goes behind them.

Zara comes to Rukshar. Rukshar says you showed your real face and now I will show mine!

The Country’s Chiarman tells Kabeer that we can’t make a decision on the basis of emotions. Shehbaz says we should give them to the Police for safety. The Country’s Chiarman agrees. Zara is shocked and says I won’t let them take the kids. The Inspector says that they will be in the foster of government. Zara says I have a relationship of heart with them, I will take care of them, please listen to me, I am asking you to look at those kids and think about them while closing your eyes. They all close their eyes.

Zara asks them to think about what’s better for the kids, think about your kids. They all smile. Zara says I won’t smile, as I don’t know about my Parents, I don’t have a good memory of my childhood like you all, I worked and scraped a lot to earn and live, but I won’t let this happen to these kids, they need the love which I will give them.

The Country’s Chiarman says that I understand your emotions, but you are alone, so we can’t give you their duties. Zara says give me 10 minutes. The Country’s Chiarman says that if you don’t find a solution, then we will give them to the Police.

Zara comes to Shehbaz and says I saw Abid giving you the money, I don’t know why, but if people get to know that you brought the Police for Abid to trap him and take the credit of someone else, then they won’t like it. I will also tell them that Abid used to come to you, and the Media might find out some more dirt in your past, you should be scared of your past.

Shehbaz recalls killing Zara and says you are threatening me?  Zara says stop the kids going away from me, otherwise, I will tell about your connection to Abid, now the decision is yours!

The Country’s Chiarman says that we are ready to give the kids to the Police. Shehbaz comes there and says I have thought about it, they are kids, so they can stay with the City’s Qazi, Irfan will make them learn too. The Country’s Chiarman says that Shehbaz must have really thought of this before suggesting this.

Irfan says I don’t have a problem. The Country’s Chiarman says that the kids will stay here. Kabeer thanks Shehbaz. Shehbaz says I know you wanted the kids here, I did this for you.

Rukshar calls the Inspector and asks about the kids? She sends to Kabeer. The Inspector tells Kabeer that a FIR was filed against Zara, so she has to come with us. Kabeer says why? Zara says it’s okay, I will go with them, you take the kids away.

The Inspector brings Zara to the Police Station and pushes her inside. Kabeer comes there and says how dare you treat her like this??? I can talk to the Country’s Chiarman and you might lose your job, as he has already given his decision. The Inspector says that you can take the woman away. Kabeer says don’t treat people like this ever again!!

Kabeer and Zara comes home and the kids are happy to see them. Zara says the Police were bad with me, but Kabeer saved me.

The Kids, Imran, Azhra and Kabeer are out for a day out. Imran and Azhra go away, so Kabeer and Zara take the kids for ice-cream. Kabeer says their smile is beautiful. Zara says I can die for their smile.

Kashan comes to Shehbaz and says I want to do Imran’s wedding from our house. Rukshar says it’s a good idea.

Zara gives medicines to Salma. Salma hugs her and says don’t leave me. Zara says don’t worry, I am here. Irfan gets a call and tells Salma that the Parents of one of the kids are coming today.

Kabeer looks at the pictures of the kid, Firdous by name, as her parents are there. Kabeer says you both have the proof that Firdous is your daughter so you can take her. Her mother says that people are talking about her being away from home and don’t know what happened with her, she must have lost her honour, we can’t take her as her image will tarnish our other daughters’ lives too.

Zara recalls her childhood where she pleaded her mother to not leave her. Zara gets emotional and hysterically start beating herself. Kabeer pulls and hugs her closer to himself.

Zara cries and says I will take the kids away from here, that Abid will destroy everyone’s life. My Parents left me like this, my life was destroyed, but I don’t want that to happen with these kids. Kabeer says stop it, if God took your Parents away, but you have Irfan now, they love you like their daughter. Zara hugs Irfan and cries.

The Inspector comes to meet Rukshar. Rukshar says that if we prove that Zara is dangerous for the kids then? The Inspector says then we will be able to take the kids away from her. Zeenat hears it.

A kid Firdous comes to the lounge. Zara rushes to her thinking that she might have heard her Parent’s harsh words, but Firdous didn’t. Zara hugs her.

Irfan tells the family that I have to adopt the kids, so Zara can stay here too. Imran says you can’t take the adoption as you are older than 50. Azhra says you don’t want the kids to stay here? Imran says I didn’t make these laws, you always think that I am responsible behind everything. Azhra tells Salma that let’s postpone this wedding, she leaves. Kabeer laughs and tells Imran that this will keep happening.

Zeenat comes to Rukshar and says don’t hurt those kids. Rukshar says that I don’t care, those kids are my target now, as Zara has crossed my path!

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