Azhra gives water to Zara. Zara says I don’t see anyone else than the kids, I have to find another way.

Firdous asks Zara if Kabeer said no to the marriage with her? She says yes. The Kids say we will stay with only you.

Rukshar and Shehbaz are angry. Shehbaz says I won’t spare her, I will not sit quietly.

Zara is crying. Salma comes there and hugs her, she says to trust God, I have brought a gift for you. They took my Zara away, I made this for my daughter. Zara says I won’t go there. Salma says Irfan will handle everything. Don’t worry.

Irfan comes to Shehbaz and says I am here to request you. I want you to allow Zara in this wedding. Shehbaz says but… Rukshar says she did a mistake, but you can forgive her. Shehbaz says okay, she can come. Irfan thanks him and leaves. Rukshar says I will insult her so much that Kabeer will not spare her. She will cry tomorrow!

Azhra looks at the old Zara’s picture and says we used to laugh and enjoy together, we made plans for my wedding, I miss you. She cries and says we would have had so much fun. The Kids come there and try to cheer her up. They make her wear the jewelry as Zara would.

Salma gives her the tickets for the place she wanted to go to. Azhra hugs her and says how do you know? Salma says Zara told everything to Kabeer, so he told us. Kabeer comes there and says our Zara wanted you to be happy. Azhra says she was lucky to get you. Kabeer says she wouldn’t have left me then. Salma says to leave it, let’s go. The Kids say we won’t go there.

Zeenat gets Imran ready. Imran talks to his Parents and says I wanted to tell you something. Azhra and I have decided… Rukshar stops him and says we have to go. Talk later. Imran says but let me talk to him. Rukshar says a wedding is important first. They all leave. Imran thinks that I had to tell them.

Azhra gets ready as a bride. Zeenat says you are looking so nice. Zara brings the juice. They all leave. Zara gets Imran’s call. She takes the call. Imran says I have to talk to her. Imran says to Azhra that I couldn’t talk to them. Azhra says I will try, he ends the call.

Azhra says to Zara that Imran has suggested that we adopt the kids after marriage. Zara gets emotional and says really? Thank you so much. She hugs her, but says that this is a big day for you, it’s wrong, think about your life first, don’t make a decision like this, I have to stop Imran. She locks Azhra up in a room and leaves. She thinks I have to stop Imran.

Zara comes to Imran. They all take Imran away. Zara comes to Kabeer and says you know what Imran and Azhra are doing? They want to adopt the kids. Kabeer says come with me. He asks what drama is she doing? This is all happening because of you. You are destroying their lives! Zara is shocked.

Kabeer tells Zara that you are destroying Imran and Azhra’s life. Zara says you can’t see the pain of the kids? Kabeer says I can, but we can’t let Imran take this. They try to go and talk to them, but the room door is locked.

Imran comes to the wedding venue and tells everyone that we have taken a decision. Azhra says they have become a part of our lives, so we want to adopt them. Kabeer comes there and says this shouldn’t have happened.

Rukshar sees them and thinks that I can’t let Kabeer stop Imran. She tells Azhra that you have a big heart, you have taken a good decision. She tells Zara that now, the kids will be happy. This is a pious work. All are happy.

Imran’s father says that this is wrong, we don’t even know this Zara girl. Kabeer asks Imran to think. Zara asks Azhra to not do this. Azhra says we will not move back. Imran’s father says you are demanding us even before the wedding, we don’t want this, we don’t even know about these kids, they must be cheap, they can’t enter my house! Azhra says I promised myself to be nice to these kids, I have decided that these kids will stay with me, so you have to accept them. Imran’s father shouts that this girl is shameless, we are breaking this wedding!

Irfan asks him to calm down, our daughter’s life is at stake. Imran’s father shouts at him to stop it! Kabeer asks Shehbaz to do something. Imran tells his father that he likes those kids, please. His father says I will never accept them, he takes a glass piece and says I will kill myself! Imran stops him and says what are you doing? He hugs him and cries.

Imran sadly looks at Azhra and says what can I do? I can’t go against my father. He leaves from there. All are shocked. Kabeer looks on. Salma cries. Kabeer glares at Zara and says you are responsible for all this! Zara says how can you say this? I came to you. Kabeer says you have put this thought in the minds.

Firdous asks him to not fight. Kabeer says we are talking, don’t worry. Kabeer tells Zara that you have done this, he leaves.

Rukshar tells Zara that they have done so much for you, but you have used those kids to get a good life, you wanted to win over Kabeer, he rejected you, so you played a game with Azhra. Zara says no.

Shehbaz says we are from good families, so we are sparing you, Irfan should consider your place here, he leaves. Zara tries to talk to Kabeer, but Rukshar stops her. Zara says I will prove it within 24 hours that I am innocent.

Zara is on the road and recalls Kabeer alleging her.

Kabeer brings the food for the kids. The Kids say that how will we live without Zara? They cry. Kabeer asks them to calm down. He makes Firdous eat from his hands. She says I want Zara aapi here. Kabeer calls her. Kashan comes there and says Zara is not at her house.

Zara recalls her childhood and how his father divorced her mother, she says I have to go back to that man today. She gets an auto and looks at the kids’ picture, she says I will come back soon.

Shehbaz tells Rukshar that your plan worked, Rukshar says Zara can try to propose to Kabeer again, but what if the kids are gone, then she won’t have the reason to go behind Kabeer.

Kabeer plays with the kids. He makes them smile and eat. Rukshar asks if they need anything else? The kid says Zara. Kashan gets the call from Irfan and says yes, Kabeer will drop the kids.

Azhra is crying. Irfan consoles her and says Kabeer is bringing the kids. Salma says how will the kids live without Zara?

Zara gets on a road, but a Car hits her and she passes out.

Kabeer brings the kids to Irfan’s house. He tells Azhra that I pray for you, I have to talk to Zara. Salma says we don’t know where she went. Azhra says I just pray for her safety. Kabeer says why are we worried for her when she doesn’t care?

Azhra prays for Zara.

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