Zara is in the hospital and the Doctors try to control her breathing, but she is critical.

Kabeer is calling Zara. Irfan gets the call from the adoptive parents that they are coming for Zaid.

Zeenat stops Rukhsar and says Zara is innocent, you said too much to her. Rukshar says why do you think she will come back? Zeenat says she will come back, she is not a runner.

The Inspector talks to the Doctor and says we are searching for her family.

The kids are worried for Kabeer. Kabeer says she will come soon. Kabeer says I am going to find her, he leaves.

Rukshar comes to Irfan’s house.

Kabeer is looking for Zara. Rukshar calls him and asks if he found her? He says no. She ends the call and cries. She tells Salma that Zara is missing and what if something happens to her? Salma gets jittery and says I can’t lose Zara again. Rukshar asks Irfan to take Salma to the Doctor. He leaves with Azhra and Salma. Rukshar smirks at the kids.

Zara is in the hospital. She wakes up and tries to say Kabeer’s name.

Kabeer’s car breaks down. He helps an elder couple on the road and brings them to a hospital. Zara is there in the wardroom, but Kabeer doesn’t see her.

Rukshar brings the kids to a room and says Zara is away from all this, she is in a happy place. She won’t come back. You want to go to Zara’s place? They nod. Rukshar says you need guts.

The Doctors are worried about Zara. Kabeer doesn’t see her and leaves from there.

Azhra calls Kabir and says we have to find Zara. Salma is not well.

Rukshar tells a story to the kids and says if you want to meet Zara, then you have to follow the flowers, as she’s in the flower world.

Rukshar says to Azhra that I have made the kids sleep, she leaves. Azhra prays for Zara.

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