Granny and Dasi gets nostalgic seeing the happiness in the house. Tai ji says she’s looking very beautiful. Disha says today is her baby shower.

Mitali says dancers have also come with rajastani dhol guys. Granny says our way of celebration is different.

Abhi calls Pragya and asks if there is a way that our twins will come out soon? He tries to hug her. Pragya says you can’t even hug me! Abhi says I wish your pregnancy doesn’t end, and says once our babies are born, we will have many more babies and a gang of kids!

Pragya pats on him and says Kiara will scold us if we don’t take care of the babies. Abhi says she scolded me asking why I didn’t buy toys for her siblings! Pragya hugs him. Abhi says Dasi also scolded me.

Mitali comes there and asks if your romance has ended? Abhi says it just started!

Mitali says the guests have come. Mitali takes her downstairs. Abhi hugs Pragya and tells the guests that she’s his beautiful wife, Pragya with whom he got married to so many times! He tells that he gets beaten by her often.

Pragya asks what is he doing and tells that she is feeling ashamed. Abhi asks if he doesn’t have the right to kiss her? They say yes. Pragya says it is too much now! Abhi makes Pragya sit.

Dasi says let’s start the Ceremony. Abhi asks what happens in this Ceremony? Dasi says all women would give Coconut, fruits and blessings. Abhi asks a question. Pragya says let the Ceremony happen first, and then, you write the thesis! Dasi and others do the rituals.

Abhi sits beside Pragya and blesses her uniquely. He says my blessing is that the Mother and kids are healthy. Pragya asks him to go and says this is women function! Abhi says I will return and want to get blessings from everyone. All of them say bye.

Tanu reaches there in her car and peeps inside through the window. She sees Pragya clapping, while the dancers dance and play dhol. Abhi comes and says now, the Men will dance too. He asks Taya ji to come and bless Pragya and him. Taya ji blesses them. Tanu fumes in anger. Abhi, Purab, and others dance.

Pragya sees Tanu and shout her name!! Everyone stops dancing. Pragya tells that she saw Tanu looking at them and says she will harm our babies! Abhi says she is not here. Pragya says I have seen her with my eyes! Abhi asks her to not worry. Dasi says who comes after getting humiliated? Mitali says she will get beaten! Tai ji says nobody was here. Purab says all her hopes were broken. Pragya says she was having hatred and anger in her eyes; Disha asks Abhi to go out and check for Pragya. Abhi and Purab go out.

Abhi and Pragya check for Tanu, but couldn’t see her. Purab says she will not get a place even in hell. Purab tells Abhi that they should send Tanu to jail. Abhi says we will send her. Abhi says we shall inform Pragya.

Aaliya comes. Dadi tells that Pragya saw Tanu. Aaliya asks where is she? She tells that she will see her. Purab says she is not here. Aaliya says I know if Pragya saw her then she is around, she is a mad woman. Abhi says it’s just your illusion. Aaliya says I will go and check, it can’t be an illusion.

Tanu comes to Nikhil and says I need your help. He asks her to go. Tanu says I am Tanu. Nikhil says I am tired of you and says you must have come here as something good might be happening with Pragya. He asks her to leave and says he is ruined because of her.

Tanu asks will you help me or not?

Nikhil says you are selfish. He says you just want to tell your thing and don’t want to hear me. Tanu says I don’t want to hear you! He says you are inauspicious and says he got someone’s call and he asked for money. He says he is ruined because of her and says Abhi is ruining me unintentionally.

Tanu provokes him against Abhi and says you deserves revenge. She says if you take revenge from Abhi and hurt Pragya, then I will give you 10,000,000 Rs. Nikhil says I know you have no money. Tanu says I stayed with Abhi for 7 years and have accumulated much money. She asks him to hurt Pragya’s twins so that everyone would forget smiling at the Mehra’s house!

Abhi asks Dasi why they want to oil her hands? Dasi and Dadi tell that it’s a tradition/rirual/ceremony. Abhi says she will not look nice in oily hairs. Pragya blackmails him emotionally and says you don’t love me now. Taya ji says you are gone?

Nikhil comes there and joins as the drummer guy. Abhi says you are so good. Pragya laughs and says she is joking. Tanu is sitting in Nikhil’s house and waiting for him. She thinks how much time, he will take and then my time will come. She says I want to hurt Pragya, but now want to make Abhi cry. She acts crazy and says Abhi shall know that I will not let him be happy with Pragya.

Tanu drinks and says now, he must understand that I am only in his life and no one else! She says Pragya… you have to go and then Abhi will see me then, and he has to accept me. She thinks to get ready to meet him. She then thinks she should look dull and everyone shall sympathize with her. She waits for Nikhil’s call. She says your ceremony will be celebrated there.

Kiara comes and collides with Nikhil, and says sorry. She goes to Abhi and says she wants to dance. Abhi says we will dance altogether. Dasi says she shouldn’t dance in this condition. Abhi says we will dance slowly. They dance slowly. Abhi takes Kiara and dances. Kiara kisses them.

Kiara runs to her room while her Parents are dancing. Nikhil goes behind her. Tanu asks if the work is done? Nikhil says that the timing is needed for such things and says the work will be done. Tanu says the festival mood might be happening. Nikhil says if killing Pragya is easy, then you should have done so and says Abhi is dancing with Pragya and he’s stuck with her. He says I am wondering, just seeing how their love is blossoming.

Tanu says I loved Abhi very much and that’s why I didn’t accept your love. Nikhil says I never loved you, it’s good you didn’t love me. I just need Abhi’s money. He thinks to hide the gun somehow. Tanu thinks she will get Abhi forever, as Abhi loves Kiara very much. She thinks to love Kiara and make her a supermodel like her. She says Kiara… my daughter… I love you and will see you soon.

Kiara searches for Pragya’s Phone and thinks she wants their photos. She snaps herself and thinks she is pretty like her Mum. Aaliya asks where is she going? Kiara says downstairs. She takes selfie with her.

Nikhil sees Kiara. Kiara recalls seeing him and asks if he is the same man who caused John’s murder as well as her accident? She says she will tell everyone!

Abhi is with Pragya and makes her have sweets. Tayi ji hears the sound and asks Mitali to check the kids. Kiara runs away from Nikhil and hides behind the pillar. Nikhil comes near the pillar and goes from there.

Kiara sees Mitali at the other side of the balcony and calls her. Nikhil comes to Kiara and says I know you are here. He says you can’t be saved now. He says if I catch you, then it will be bad!

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