Salma tells Zara that Kabeer will protect these kids. Irfan asks her to come with them. Kabeer tells her that he will take care of them. The Kids say we want to go with Zara, can’t he come with them? Zara asks the kids to stay with him, she will come to meet them. Zara leaves with Irfan and Salma. Kabeer makes the kids smile.

Kabeer shows the kids their room. Amaan welcomes them and says we will enjoy here. They all start playing. Rukshar comes there. Kabeer thanks her for making them happy. Rukshar says I can do anything for you, I am finally their mother.

Zara tells Salma that why people whom I love leave me? Irfan says don’t worry. He makes her eat and says we can keep the people that we love close to our hearts.

Kabeer comes there and greets them. Kabeer tells Zara that don’t worry about the kids. He gives the medicines to Azhra and says take care of this fighter.

Rukshar offers food to the kids. She pulls the cheek of Firdous in anger, but Zeenat tells her to keep the kids happy if she wants to keep Kabeer closer.

Zara tells Azhra that Rukshar can try anything with the kids, so she has to do something.

The Kids are playing in the lounge. Shehbaz scolds them. Firdous says let us play Dadu. Shehbaz says I am not your grandfather, leave from here! The Kids sadly leave.

Kashan calls Kabeer and says you have to do the wedding rituals. They have to find the ring from the milk bowl. Rukshar is about to put her hand inside, but the kids comes there to greet Kabeer. Kabeer sits with them and says let’s play. He starts finding the ring with the kids, so Rukshar pushes the bowl away and says sorry, my hand slipped.

Rukshar gets ready in a shiny maxi. Zeenat comes there and says you look different today. Rukshar says I am fashionable now, I will have my marriage night with Kabeer. She hears the kids and says I have to set them right! She comes to their room and asks Amaan to leave. She tells the kids to not make noise and sleep. Firdous says I miss my doll, I can’t sleep without it, she starts crying. Rukshar shouts at them to sleep! She leaves.

Zara finds Firdous’ doll and says I have to bring it to her. Zara comes outside Kabeer’s house and says how to go inside?

Rukshar pours the milk for Kabeer and her hand gets burned. Kabeer comes there and puts her hand in the cold water, he asks her to be careful. Rukshar hugs him and says I love you… it all turns out to be Rukshar’s dream.

Zara enters a room through a window and sees Kabeer coming inside. She hides from him. Kabeer sees his room decorated with flowers and calls Rukshar. Zara tries to leave and slips, but Kabeer holds her.

Rukshar comes there and is shocked to see them in each other’s arms. Rukshar asks what are you doing here?? Zara says I came to give the doll to Firdous. Kabeer says you came through the window? She says sorry.

Rukshar says you were not ashamed to come into our room?? The Kids are sleeping. Zara says I will just put the doll in her room. Rukshar brings her to the kids and sees Firdous crying. Zara rushes to her and Firdous says I miss my doll. Kabeer shows her the doll and says you could have told me. Firdous says I told Rukshar and she scolded me.

Kabeer shouts at Rukshar to not scold them, she was just asking for the doll, I married you for these kids! Rukshar says my intentions are good, I just wanted them to sleep, you made me feel that I am not their real mother. She runs and cries loudly. She tells Kabeer that you blamed me wrongly.

Shehbaz comes there and asks what is happening here? He tells Kabeer that you are scolding Rukshar for this girl?? She is your Wife now. Zara says I am sorry. All leave.

The Kids hug Zara and ask her to make them sleep. Zara goes with them, Kabeer goes too. Zara tells stories to the kids. Kabeer continues her stories. Rukshar sees them and thinks Kabeer is not giving me attention because of these kids. Kabeer sleeps too. Zara puts the shawl on him and leaves.

Rukshar comes to Zara and says stay away from my Kabeer and this house. I will take care of the kids! Zara says if you try anything, then you know I won’t spare you! Rukshar says I want to take care of those kids, that time too, I sent the kids with the Driver to get some fresh air, I am taking care of them, so you can leave. Zara leaves.

In the morning, Zara tells Salma that Kabeer loves the kids. Salma says he’s a good person. Zara gets Kabeer’s call and says I was talking about you. Kabeer says I slept with the kids, they are still sleeping. Kabeer ends the call.

Azhra smiles at Zara and says I didn’t see you talk to Kabeer nicely before. Zara says my vision about him his changing, as he’s taking care of the kids, but I miss them a lot. Salma says don’t worry, I pray that you get a good husband too. Zara says I don’t need that, I just want to love those kids. Salma says the kids are safe with Kabeer.

Kabeer talks to Shehbaz. Shehbaz asks him to come with them to work. Kabeer says no, I can’t do that, I got a call from the head chef, he is offering me to work and become the Chef, I am responsible for the kids, so I have to do it, he leaves.

Kashan tells Shehbaz that I will help you with the business and politics, so let Kabeer do what he wants. Shehbaz says what Kabeer can do, you can never do it.

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