Abhi asks Tanu who can take revenge on him other than her, and says I kicked you from my life, so you separated me from Kiara to take revenge on Pragya and me?? Tanu says maybe you have some enemy, with whom you did wrong. Abhi says I never did such thing with anyone, neither have I ever done bad with you. He asks about Kiara. Tanu says I don’t know. Abhi breaks the glass bottle and placed it on her neck asking her to tell! Tanu says I don’t know. Abhi says if you don’t tell me, then I will take just 3 seconds to kill you!

Tanu says I will tell you and tells that Kiara is with Nikhil. She says sorry and says Nikhil has kidnapped her. She says I didn’t want to harm Kiara and tells that Nikhil came to your house and kidnapped her. She says Nikhil said that you had ruined him, so he will spoil your life.


Abhi asks her to call Nikhil and put the phone on loudspeaker! Nikhil doesn’t pick the call. Abhi asks where is he? Tanu says I will enquire. Abhi asks her to inquire and let him know, else he will kill her and put her somewhere that nobody will ever know of! He gets a call and gets shocked. He says I am coming and tells Tanu that he wants Nikhil’s address, else he will kill everyone! Tanu is shocked.

Abhi runs to the hospital and tells Ashish that it is confirmed and tells that his daughter is with Nikhil. He tells that he’s going somewhere. He asks Purab about Pragya. Dasi says she has a premature delivery. Dadi says we thought it’s an ordinary man. Abhi says nothing will happen to Pragya, as she is a tigress.

The Doctor tells that there is a good news and asks will you hear without sweets? The Nurse comes and says the daughters are born. Abhi and others get happy. The Doctor asks them to be careful, as the babies are premature. Everyone is happy. Abhi thanks the Doctor and comes to Pragya.

Pragya is unconscious. Abhi congratulates Pragya and says you have fulfilled all my wishes and I don’t know what to give you in return. The Nurse comes there and asks Abhi if he will not take them in his lap? Abhi touches one of them and says they are delicate and he can’t hold them. The Nurse tell that one is elder… Abhi gets emotional and tells that he has one more daughter, whom he couldn’t see at her birth. He tells the babies that he’s their Papa and says you have an elder sister too, named Kiara and says she calls me daddy, and asks them to call him daddy. He promises to be with them forever. He thanks the Nurse for taking care of Pragya and his daughters.

Pragya gains consciousness and asks for Kiara. Abhi congratulates her for the twins. He says one is elder and one is younger. Pragya says where is their sister Kiara? Abhi says I have promised that I will bring Kiara back and says I promise you that I will bring her back. The King sees them from the glass window and thinks I was thinking about my family. He thinks he can’t bear to see Abhi with Pragya and can’t see him with her. He thinks I want my family back.

After two days, Pragya talks to the babies and shows them Kiara’s picture. She says she is not like you both and will scold you both if you trouble me. Nikhil calls Pragya and tells that if the twins were born before, then he would have kidnapped them too. Pragya asks him to make her talk to Kiara.

Nikhil shouts and tells her to give him money! Abhi talks to Ashish and asks him to go to his old house. He asks her to bring the money. Abhi comes there and takes the call. He asks him to tell where to come to. Nikhil ends the call.


Abhi tells Pragya that he will bring Kiara back. Pragya says I know what you are going to do. Abhi says I will bring her and tells that the Kidnapper is mad. Pragya asks who is that man and what enmity he has with us? Abhi says I didn’t know and asks her not to worry. Pragya says you are lying. She says I have the right to know about her and I am equally worried. Abhi asks her to calm down and asks her to take care of her little daughters.

Pragya says when the Kidnapper called, you talk to him. She says you went alone to give the money and then went to the Media without letting me know. Abhi says if the Kidnapper had to give Kiara, then he would have given her then.

Abhi is talking to Pragya and tells her that the Kidnapper will not give Kiara even if she gives them money. Pragya says I heard this story so many times. Abhi says this is not a story.

The Kidnappers think that Abhi increased the ransom amount and tells that the boss Nikhil will not get any money, they will be caught or they will not get the money. One of them tell that they should go and get the doubled money from Abhi. One of them doesn’t agree. They take out a gun and begin shooting at each other.

The Angel goon covers Kiara and asks them to stop it, says the bullet might hit the little girl! Purab takes Abhi from there and asks why is he fighting with Pragya? Abhi says she was only fighting with him. He says that he’s waiting for any info, he can neither sleep nor feel hungry, just thinking about Kiara, and Pragya thinks I am just talking about her.

Disha says we know that Nikhil has kidnapped her, but Pragya doesn’t know anything. She asks him to think about her. Abhi asks what shall I do, shall I tell the truth to Pragya and says she is already stressed and just delivered the baby. Purab says at least you discuss with her and tell about your planning. He says you both have equal rights on her.

Disha says Pragya has more rights on Kiara as she was with her since birth. She asks her to respect Pragya and make the Kidnapper talk to her once, says maybe he wants to take revenge from you, and he might tell Pragya if she talks to him.

Nikhil aims the gun at the goon and says I know this will happen! He asks the Angel goon not to worry and tells that he knows that he’s not involved. He asks other goons to check their mobiles and tell that he has kept their family captive. He asks one of the goon to go to the Mehra Mansion and take money from Pragya. He tells that he will not give Kiara even after taking the money and will kill her!

The Angel goon hears him and thinks Kiara should go to her mother. He calls Pragya and tells that he wants to tell her about Kiara.

Nikhil calls Pragya and thinks why is her number busy?? The Angel goon stops for a while and waits for Nikhil to go. He tells Pragya that he met Kiara and he was given the work of handling Kiara, but my responsibility is to safely hand her over to you. He asks her to come there and take Kiara. Pragya asks how much money to bring?

The Angel goon tells that he doesn’t want any money and asks her to come there and take Kiara, he asks her to take care of kiara. He says Kiara told me that she loves everyone, and she loves you more than yourself.

Abhi is on the way, and thinks she should know everything. He thinks to tell her everything except Nikhil’s name. He takes a U turn.

The Doctor comes to check Pragya and asks why she is not taking care of herself? She tells Pragya that you have a C section and you should rest. Pragya tells that she’s going to the washroom, as the washroom is not having water. Disha comes and gives tea to the Doctor.

Dadi prays to God not to hurt her kids and have pity on them. Sunny hears her. Dadi asks him to sit and says I didn’t disturb you, as you were praying for Kiara. He asks why God doesn’t listen to us? He says I think we should pray together. Dadi says we should keep mata jagrata and then Mata Rani will send Kiara to us. Sunny asks her not to cry and says if I see you crying, then I will cry. He says Aunt is brave and will get Kiara back from the Kidnappers, she is brave like chucks.

Pragya comes to the Auto stand and asks the Driver to take her to haveli near Kailash. One of the Auto driver agrees. Pragya sits in it.

Abhi is returning and doesn’t see Pragya in the Auto. The Angel goon thinks to take Kiara out through the back door. The goons talk to each other, and tell each other that they have troubled other families so much, and now their own families are in problem. The Angel goon comes to Kiara and tells that he’s her Angel goon and will be taking her to her Mum. He says he’s keeping the doll in her place, so that nobody doubts that she’s not there and asks her not to make any sound.

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