Zara comes to Kabeer. He’s talking to the Country’s Chiarman.

Rukshar makes Firdous wear the hijab with a safety pin, but it opens.

Zara comes to Irfan’s house with Kabeer. She says that Firdous can’t handle the hijab. Irfan says hijab is not a must for Firdous, but we should give them the teaching about it. Zara nods and goes with Salma.

Irfan asks Kabeer that if he has some confusion, then he should ask his heart. Kabeer closes his eyes and thinks. He thanks Irfan. Zara comes there. Kabeer tells Irfan that I am always with you. Zara thinks that he is so sweet as a person.

Zara puts the things in Kabeer’s Car. A Man passes by and says the same message that she got earlier, he leaves before she could see his face. Zara is tensed.

Kabeer and Zara comes home. They hear Firdous crying and they come to her. Firdous has been nipped by the safety pin. Kabeer is shocked. Alisha tells everyone the hijab pin hurt her. Zara hugs Firdous. She says Kabeer I told you. Kabeer recalls Rukhsar said she fixed the hijab with a pin. Rukshar leaves.

Kabeer says Rukhsar, what are you trying to do?? We don’t have to punish these kids! We just have to teach them about our culture. He leaves in anger.

Firdous holds Zara’s hand. Zara says show me. She applies medicine on it.

Kabeer reads the couplets from Zara’s diary. He says this darkness would get better if you come here. He looks at Zara’s picture.

The New Zara comes in. She says thank you for understanding the kids. She says I don’t understand some of the couplets from it. Kabeer says when you love someone, and they go away, your heart turns barren, because your desire to meet your beloved never goes away, but you will meet them one day or another. Zara says wow. Zara says I will also read a couplet. She says no one takes opinion from me, no one gives importance to me. Kabeer laughs. She says do you want coffee? Kabeer says no I will sleep. Zara leaves.

Zara recalls her moments with Kabeer and smiles. She sees a shadow outside the window. Zara hides. Kabeer comes. Zara says Kabeer, I saw someone there. Kabeer opens the window. No one is there. Zara gets scared and holds his shoulder. Kabeer says it was only a cat. Here’s an Urdu dictionary for you.

Shehbaz asks Kabeer would Qazi help me? Kabeer says he might not. He only gave me a suggestion. He said I should ask my heart and follow it. You’re my father. We would all want you to win this election. So I would be part of this campaign. Shehbaz says this is such a good thing. I am so happy. Come let me show you the newspaper. Javed and his father, Akhtar want to go against me but I will win the elections.

Javed sneaks inside the house and picks the newspaper. He says time will tell who will lose. My dad will win the elections and I will win something else! He looks at the New Zara’s photo.

Zara calls Azhra and says I feel like it was the same man. Azhra says you should tell Kabeer. Javed looks at her.

Shehbaz says now my son Kabeer will campaign for me. Kabeer is busy with everyone. Zara comes there. She looks scared. Kabeer says what happened? She says we will talk when you’re free. Kabeer says we have to go for the admission tomorrow. She says I will handle everything. Zara goes to her room. She says what is wrong with me when I am around him. Javed is there as a Photographer.

The Kids are playing. Zeenat comes there. Alisha says Zara api gave us a certain time to only play. Rukshar comes too. Zeenat says these kids are having an impact on Amaan too. I won’t let them be in his school!

Javed comes to Zara’s room. He takes something from her phone. Rukshar says to Zeenat we have to make these kids fail in the exam. Zara hears a noise. Javed hides under the bed. Zara sees his phone on the floor. It has her photo on the wallpaper.

Zeenat locks Zara up in the room. Zara says I felt like someone came to the room. She tries to open the door. Zeenat says to Rukhsar I did what I had to.

Shehbaz says we we will give equal rights to everyone. Kabeer says the first Muslim woman Bibi Khadija was a businesswoman too. Shehbaz says to Kashan that Kabeer would be an ace card in this election.

Zara tries to go out, but the door is locked. She screams open the door. Javed hides in the restroom. Zara hears the door locking. She looks inside, but no one is there.

The Kids are playing. Rukshar says these kids have an exam tomorrow, but where is Zara? She is nowhere to teach them.

Zara is scared.

Zara looks around the room. Rukshar opens it before Kabeer could come there. Zara comes out of the room. Zeenat comes there and says I saw a man in the room. They come to Kabeer and say there was a man inside the room.

Zara tells Kabeer that she doesn’t know anything, someone was messaging me too. She sees that the message has been deleted. She says someone is framing me. Rukshar says we will watch the CCTV as well, this Zara is lying! Kabeer says I trust Zara, I know her and she’s not lying.

Rukshar comes to her room really angry. She says no one can come in between me and Kabeer. I will not spare that Zara!!

Zara comes to her room and says if Kabeer didn’t take my side, then I wouldn’t have been saved. She sees old Zara’s diary which says that Kabeer is a partner for life. She comes to Kabeer’s room and sees him sleeping. Zara says I am thankful for taking my side without any proof. She turns to leave, but Kabeer wakes up and says there is no need to thank me.

The stalker calls Zara and says I love you and I will soon be with you. Zara shouts who is he??? He says you look nice in anger, you know, Zaid is with me? Zara is shocked and runs to see Zaid praying with Kabeer. She goes out of the house and runs behind the stalker. He brings her to a godown. He locks her inside and leaves.

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