Shehbaz calls Kabeer and says today’s rally is important. He asks Kashan to handle everything else. Kashan is angry.

Zara gets attacked by the tyres in the godown. The stalker Javed comes there and attacks her. He makes her pass out.

Javaid sees Zara lying in his bed and unconscious. He recalls her insulting and Kabeer beating him.

Rukshar asks Zeenat where is Zara? Zeenat says I have an idea, the Kids need to give a test to get admission. If you get ill and Zara is not here, then the kids won’t be able to give the test and we will have our work done, they won’t go to Amaan’s school. The kids come there. Rukshar acts hurt and says I have a sprain in my feet.

Kabeer gets the Principal’s call that the kids didn’t come to school. Kabeer calls Zara, but she doesn’t pick up.

Kabeer comes back to the house. Rukshar says I have got sprain in my feet and I don’t know where Zara is. The Servant tells him that Zara went out for jogging. The Kids are sad that they couldn’t go for the test. Kabeer says don’t worry, I have called the Principal and you people will go to school after two days. He says how can Zara be this irresponsible?

Javaid dresses up as a groom and comes closer to Zara, but she wakes up and shouts to leave her alone! Javaid says we will play like husband and wife. He shows her their close pictures and says I can put it up on social media. Zara says you are shameless! Javaid shouts at her that girls die for me, but I want you, and after seeing this, Kabeer won’t trust you either.

Rukshar tells Kabeer that Zara is not here, she didn’t even message me. Shehbaz says this girl is useless, don’t think about her! Kabeer says that girl is missing, she loves the kids too much to leave when she knew about the School timings.

Zara cries, Javaid says I love you so much, I will give you a good life. Zara says I am scared of you. Javaid says I am a good person, he opens her ties and says I fell in love with you, I want you. Zara says you are rich, I am nothing, can’t we be friends? Javaid says you are my friend, we will live together.

Salma and Irfan comes to Kabeer’s house. Shehbaz says I am sorry to say this, but this girl is a Stranger, she is giving us headache. Irfan says we love her, so we are worried.

Javaid is opening her feet ropes. Zara hides his Phone and sends the pictures of the place to Kabeer. Zara prays for Kabeer to save her.

Kabeer gets Zara’s messages, but he ignores it.

Zara tells Javaid that I fell in love with you, but you misbehaved with me.

Kashan tells Shehbaz that Kabeer can’t handle your politics.

Kabeer shows the pictures to Imran and Irfan. Irfan sees the logo of the factory and says it’s nearby. Kabeer says why would Zara send this?

Javaid tries to come closer to Zara, but she hits him and deletes their photos. Javaid laughs and shows her the camera and laptop. Javaid says the video is stored here. I can upload it on social media with one button. Zara is shocked.

Javaid tells Zara that your photos can be uploaded in a minute. She tries to stop him, but he throws her on the ground and ties her hands and feet.

Salma asks the kids to eat. Alisha says we are worried for Zara. Salma says pray for her. The Kids pray for Zara.

Javaid throws kerosene around the room and starts a fire. Zara shouts for help. Javaid starts uploading their video.

Kabeer comes outside the factory. He hears Zara’s screams and tries to open the door. He enters the factory. Javaid says what are you doing here? Kabeer says we will talk about this later, he tries to go to Zara, but Javaid pushes him back. Kabeer beats him and runs to save Zara. Zara is coughing due to the smoke.

Kabeer beats Javaid and runs to Zara’s room. He opens her ties and takes her from there. Zara looks at him and recalls him saving her many times. She faints. Kabeer lies her down and sprinkles water on her. He asks her to wake up. She coughs and says my video… stop it. Kabeer says I am with you. Zara says I want to teach him a lesson.

Zara comes to Javaid and says I will punish you in a way that you will remember it for years to come! Kabeer tells Javaid that you are so cheap! He slaps him.

Imran brings the Police. Javaid laughs and says you don’t know about my dad. I have already uploaded it on social media. Zara says I turned off the PC before it was uploaded.

Kabeer brings Zara home. Salma hugs her and asks if she is fine? Kabeer says Javaid kidnapped her. Shehbaz says that Investor? Kabeer tells Shehbaz that he tried to kidnap her. Shehbaz says I am proud of you Kabeer.

Zara hugs Salma and smiles at Kabeer. She lovingly looks at him. Irfan says we should go now. Kabeer sees them off. He asks Zara to go and rest. She leaves.

Zara thinks that this world looks nice, I never thought that someone would protect me, I never had this privilege before. Zara talks to the Kids. She goes to sleep and recalls Kabeer saving her. She wakes up and the Kids joke with her. Tu hi tu song plays…

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