Zara comes to the market to return to the woman she got it from. She looks at her bangle. The woman says my brother got it for me, he gave me this gift, he is from another City. Zara thanks her and leaves.

Zara comes to Salma’s house. She meets Azhra. Azhra says Salma went to a function. Azhra says we become kids in love, we want the toys that we like, but love is not so easy, I understand if you don’t get the person that you love, then your journey becomes difficult, you have chosen a person who can’t be with you, forget about Kabeer otherwise, you will only be hurt, she hugs her. Zara looks at Azhra’s bangle and says can I take it for some time? Azhra says okay and gives it to her. Zara leaves.

Zara comes to the market but the woman is gone. She sees ‘Z’ written on it and says I will check that woman’s bangle too.

Zara comes to Shehbaz and gives him his official papers. Shehbaz sees Zara’s bangle in her hand and he’s shocked. He recalls how he shot and killed Zara. Shehbaz faints, but Kabeer rushes to him and asks what happened to you? All rush to him. Shehbaz pushes Zara away. All look on.

Shehbaz wakes up and recalls killing Zara. The Doctor says his blood pressure is increasing. Kabeer asks Shehbaz to calm down, what are you thinking? Kabeer leaves from there.

Zara recalls that woman talking about the bracelet. Kabeer comes there and looks at the bags for the kids. He wraps their books and plays with them. Zara goes behind him and asks how is his father? He says he is better now. Kabeer sees old Zara’s bracelet and says how did you get it? Zara says Azhra gave it to me. Kabeer asks her to take care of it.

Shehbaz tells Rukshar that Zara died, but she still didn’t ge me peace. Rukshar says I have the proof, but I am not giving it to anyone. Shehbaz says give me that proof. Do you want me to die?

Kabeer comes there and says how can you say you will die? Don’t say that, I am worried about you. Shehbaz says I am fine. Rukshar leaves from there. Kabeer takes care of Shehbaz.

In the morning, Zara sees everyone praying for Shehbaz. Shehbaz sees Zara and gets tensed. He leaves from there.

Zara packs lunch for the kids. Amaan says we will all go together. Zeenat says no, I will take Amaan with me. She leaves. Zara gives the bags to the kids. Firdous can’t wear a scarf. Kabeer asks Ruksaar to help them, he leaves. Zara tries her scarf and says I will drop them. Rukshar says no, Kabeer will drop them!

Kabeer comes there and tells the kids that Rukshar will drop you all to the school. A woman comes there and says Razia, you asked for a nanny? She coughs a lot. Zara says I will drop the kids in the school. Rukshar says okay. Zara leaves with the kids.

Zara comes to the market and sees the woman near the stall. Zara shows her bracelet to her and says how did you get your own? The woman says my brother gave it to me. Zara asks for her brother’s number. She is scared and gives her the number.

Rukshar says I can’t give that proof to Shehbaz, it’s my resource in this house. She takes a tile off from the floor and digs inside. She takes out the box to find the gun with which Shehbaz shot Zara.

Rukshar says that I have to hide this gun somewhere else, Shehbaz took my Kabeer away from me, you have caused me so much pain, and I won’t forget a thing, I will take revenge on you!

Kabeer is coming there, so Rukshar hides the proofs. Zara comes there. Rukshar says we have hired Razia so you can leave! Zara is shocked. Kabeer doesn’t say anything and leaves.

Zara comes to the kids’ room and cries. She says I can’t leave from here, but I can’t stay here anymore.

Kabeer looks at his Zara’s photo and says I can get anything in life, but I can fill your gap in life. Zara comes there and cries. Kabeer asks her to leave! Zara says I am sorry. Kabeer says my family was insulted because of you! Zara says I promise to not do anything from now on.

Rukshar comes there and says we gave you a chance, but we have a nanny now. Zara says that Razia is ill, she can’t take care of the kids. Rukshar says we will take care of the kids.

Kabeer says Zara doesn’t need to pack her things, I am giving her another chance. Zara is surprised. Kabeer says this is your last chance, so don’t do a mistake. Zara thanks him. Kabeer says this is the last chance! Zara nods and leaves.

Rukshar says people take advantage of your soft heart. Kabeer says our Prophet asked us to forgive people, you would give instructions to Razia, so give it to Zara. Rukshar thinks I have to break Zara’s confidence.

Shehbaz comes to Rukshar and says you have to give me the proofs. She says I will give it to you when Kabeer is not around.

The Kids comes back to the house. Kabeer greets them and asks about their day? They say it was good. Alisha says Firdous’s scarf covered her face and she got struck to a pillar. Zara says she is very small for a hijab. Kabeer kisses Firdous and asks them to leave. Kabeer tells Zara to find a way to tie her hijab, he leaves. Zara gets a call and leaves.

Zara gets the woman’s brother’s call and says your Sister is wearing my bracelet, so let me know how you got it? The man says that I got that bracelet from a dead body. Zara says it was a Sarpanch/head of a Jury’s daughter dead body which was in Lucknow, I gave it to my Sister. Rukshar hides and tries to hear it. Zara sees Rukshar and ends her call. Zara tells Rukshar that I was talking to the School Principal, she is happy with the Kids.

Zara cooks for the kids and looks at Zara’s bracelet. She thinks that Zara died in an accident, then how did that man get that bracelet? I have to find out.

Kabeer talks to Shehbaz and says you have to rest. You are not going to Lucknow’s meeting to meet the Sarpanch/head of a Jury, I will go there.

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