Purab calls Pragya and tells her that Shetty died and we couldn’t find out about Kiara from him.

Nikhil calls Pragya and says if I don’t get my money in 1 hour, then I will send your daughter home in installments! Pragya says I am bringing the money and calls King.

Abhi comes to Tanu’s house. Tanu says I really don’t know where Kiara is, she says you don’t love me, but I love you and… Abhi breaks the things to make her scared. Tanu says you can’t scare me and doing wrong by this. She says I really don’t know where Nikhil is. Abhi says I will trust that you didn’t know about Nikhil and says if you really don’t know, then you will be in jail, I came to know that you were in touch with Nikhil and called him before Kiara’s kidnapping. He says I will get you arrested right now for Kiara’s kidnapping, I have the proofs. He says you can’t go even outside!

Tanu asks him not to call the Police and tells that Nikhil might have kept her at some place. Abhi says you knew about Kiara and you hid that from me. He says he doesn’t have the time and leaves.

King brings the cash and tell Pragya that he will come with her, but will stand afar. Pragya says she will call Disha so that she can take care of kids. King comes to the twins and says hi. He says you are Kiara’s sisters and I am her Dada. He asks them to remember their Dada’s name and says King Singh.

Nikhil calls King. King says Pragya and I are coming to meet you, and says after Pragya gives you money, I will give you more money and you will hand Kiara to me. He books tickets for Kiara and him. He thinks once Kiara gets to London with me, Pragya will have to come behind us. Someone hears him.

Abhi is on the way and thinks he will bring Kiara and feels Pragya’s pain. He calls Ashish and asks him to reach the place as told by Tanu. He reaches the factory and sees goons standing. He hides from them and thinks to find Kiara.

Pragya and King are on the way. She thinks Abhi is not understanding and thinks we will get Kiara when we give money to the Kidnappers. She thinks once the Kidnappers gets the money, then everyone will be happy. King thinks you asked him to give the money, but he didn’t give it. He says I will take Kiara to London and then I will call you, then we will stay together as family. He regrets bringing her to Delhi. Pragya thanks him and says I don’t know how I will repay your favours. King says I will tell you later. They reach the Kidnappers’ place.

King tells Pragya that he will come with her. Pragya says they called me again. King gives her the money bag and says they are dangerous people, just call me and I will come running.

Abhi thinks where is Nikhil and Kiara, and thinks why are the guards here, if they are not here? He comes to the place where Kiara was kept captive and had written STUPID, BAD UNCLES on the chair. He sees the message and finds Kiara’s chain. A flashback is shown, Abhi asks Dadi if Kesar is important in milk and says she dislikes its smell. Dadi says daughter will be born if Mum dislikes its smell. Kiara says I will give this chain to my little sister, which Aunt gave me. She says mamma is cheating with me. Abhi says we should teach her a lesson. Flashback ends.

The Goon sees Abhi and asks who are you? Abhi hits him and asks where is Kiara?? The Goon tells that Nikhil took Kiara with him to the haveli near ghat.

Pragya reaches haveli and calls Kiara. She hears her recorded voice. Nikhil comes in front of her with a mask on his face. Pragya asks where is my daughter? Nikhil blames Abhi for ruining his life and asks her to give him the money. Pragya asks him to give Kiara to her and pulls his mask. She sees Nikhil’s face and gets shocked. Nikhil asks her to leave the bag! Pragya says she’s a little girl. He asks her to leave the bag!! Nikhil hits her on the head with something and takes the bag from her. Pragya sits down with injury on her head.

Nikhil comes out and takes more money from King. King asks where is Kiara? Nikhil says he made her unconscious so that she doesn’t see their deal. King says what is he doing? Nikhil tells that he can’t take risk now. King says you will bring Kiara to the Airport today! Nikhil says I am leaving in your Car. King refuses to let him go.

Pragya reaches there and sees King with Nikhil. King acts up and catches Nikhil. Pragya asks King not to leave Nikhil and says he has kidnapped Kiara and don’t know where she is. King asks him to bring Kiara to the Airport and says you will get more money.

Kiara gains consciousness and shouts Mamma! Nikhil hits Kiara and runs inside the Car that Kiara is sitting. King shouts Pragya’s name so that Nikhil can leave. Pragya asks if he is fine? Kiara hits the car and calls Pragya. Pragya and King run behind the Car. King says we can’t go behind him and promises to get her back.

King and Pragya are in the Car. King says I will not leave him and asks where Nikhil came from? Pragya says it’s because of Tanu. King says that means it’s because of Abhi. Pragya gets manipulated by him.

Kiara calls Pragya and Abhi. Nikhil’s car gets stopped near the lake. Nikhil thinks one side is the Police and the other side is Abhi. Abhi reaches there. Nikhil thinks to go near the bridge and thinks nobody can catch me there. He gets down from his Car and takes Kiara with him. Abhi and the Police reach there.

Nikhil lifts Kiara and start running and climbing the mountain. Kiara shouts daddy!! Abhi asks Nikhil to leave Kiara and says there is a lake there. Nikhil placed the knife on Kiara’s neck. Abhi asks him to move the knife from her neck!

Pragya and King also reach there. Pragya tells King that the Police is climbing the cliff, we shall go there, Kiara must be there. Abhi asks Nikhil to let her go and says your enmity is with me. Nikhil says real men don’t talk and says now it’s the action time. Kiara says she’s getting afraid. Abhi says you are a brave girl. He reminisces his moments with Kiara. Kiara also reminisces moments with him. Police reaches there. Nikhil says you wanted to trap me by Police.

Abhi says I didn’t ruin you, and will give you money and everything. Nikhil says I will ruin you. Abhi pleads in front of him and asks him to leave his daughter. Nikhil acts like him and says if drama is happening here. Abhi says I will give you home, office and everything.

Nikhil says you have snatched my life, my Tanu and says you have snatched her from me, she doesn’t love me. He says I will get the money, but I can’t get her love.

King and Pragya reach there. Pragya shouts seeing Kiara. Ashish and the other Police reach there. Nikhil says you are rich, but don’t want to give any money for your daughter. Pragya apologizes to him and asks him to leave Kiara. Nikhil threatens to throw Kiara into the water. The Inspector threatens to shoot Nikhil. Nikhil says you don’t have strength.

Abhi takes gun from the Inspector shocking Pragya. Abhi says I have much strength and will shoot her. Ashish asks Abhi to give the gun and says I will handle the situation. Pragya asks Abhi to leave the gun and tries to snatch it. Nikhil loses balance and falls from the cliff in the valley with Kiara. Pragya and Abhi shout Kiara?? Kiara shouts Daddy!!  Pragya faints. Abhi shouts standing there.

Aaliya, Disha and Purab reach there. Divers come and tell that they got Kiara’s shoes. Disha says this is Kiara’s shoe. Aaliya cries holding her shoe. Abhi takes the shoe and cries. Purab asks Aaliya to take Pragya from there. Aaliya and Disha takes Pragya from there in the Car.

Aaliya asks the Doctor to check her. The Doctor checks Pragya in the Car and says she is fine, but she needs rest. Aaliya tells Abhi that Pragya is fine, but the Doctor said that she needs rest, so she is taking her home. Disha tells Abhi that she needs to tell him something important.

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