Zara comes to a room to find the toys. She sees Ayesha’s pictures there and says Kabeer’s Mom? She greets her and says she was very pretty. She finds her diary and reads her notes about Kabeer. She reads about Shehbaz’s anger and how he beat a person as he was against Kabeer going to a mosque, I pray for his anger to lessen. Zara is shocked and finds the toy.

Rukshar comes there and says what are you doing here? This is my mother’s room, leave. Ruksaar locks the room and says nobody should enter this room, it’s about Ayesha’s memories.

Amaan is ready to go out. Kabeer asks Zara to teach the kids for their tests. Amaan says tomorrow is my birthday. Zara says wow, Zaid’s birthday is on the same day, we can have a big function. Kabeer says no, it’s about teaching, so on birthday we will keep a prayer gathering. All leave. Zara asks Kabeer if they can keep a small party afterward for Zaid? Kabeer says we don’t keep parties, it’s your thinking.

Zara asks Irfan if they don’t celebrate birthdays? Irfan says they do, but in a different way. Zara sees a bangle in Azhra’s hand. Salma says it’s my Zara’s birthday.

Rukshar tells Zeenat that Zara won’t be able to do anything. Don’t worry.

The new Zara sees a sweater. Salma says Zara was making it, but she left us. The new Zara says can I complete this? Salma says why not. The new Zara smiles.

At night, Zara wakes up and says I will make the sweater but first.. She wakes Alisha and Firdous. Amaan comes there too. They sing birthday song for him. Kabeer comes there and glares at them. He leaves and brings gifts there. Zaid runs and hugs him.

Zara is in the market and sees the same bangle that Azhra was wearing. She thinks that this woman has same bangle as old Zara.

Zara comes into the house and strikes with Kabeer. They fall down. Zara smiles at him. Kabeer jerks her. Zara says you always save me from problems… it turns out to be her dream. Kabeer asks her to get up, where are you? Zara looks on.

Rukshar tells Zeenat that tonight’s prayer gathering will be fun. Kabeer comes there and says let’s prepare for everything. He leaves. Rukshar tells Zeenat that Zaid can never be equal to Amaan.

The Imam starts the prayer function. All sit to pray. Zara is there too. Kabeer and Kashan greet Zaid and Amaan. The Priest bless them. Zara comes to Kabeer and gives him a sweater. Kabeer thanks her and says I needed it. It turns out to be Zara’s dream.

Rukshar makes Zaid stand with the poor kids and make Amaan give them the clothes. Zaid says it’s my birthday too. Rukshar gives him a note and says keep it. Zara is hurt to see it. Rukshar says Kabeer is helping this poor kid as well.

Zara comes to Amaan and Zaid. She tells Zaid that no one becomes small while standing anywhere. She makes Zaid give a gift and note to Amaan too. Amaan thanks him. Rukshar is angry.

Kabeer hears the drum playing and clowns coming there with a cake. Zara and others are shocked. Zara thinks I forgot to cancel the invitation. The flashback shows how Rukshar had stopped the cancellation from Zara’s phone. Zara tells Kabeer that I forgot to cancel their arrangement. Kabeer says you want to insult me?? He sees the Magician playing with the kids. The guests taunt Shehbaz and Kabeer. Zara says I am sorry.

Zaid asks Amaan to come. All the kids start dancing with the clown. Shehbaz asks Kabeer to stop it! The Imam says that this is not our culture, we don’t want it.

Zaid asks Zara to come. Kabeer shouts at the kids to stop it! He shouts at Zara that this is not a fair, we follow Islam here. The Imam leaves. Kabeer takes Zara from there.

Kabeer asks Zara to sit and says why? What problem you have with our culture? I told you to not start a party. Zara says listen to me. Kabeer says you insulted me in front of everyone!

Rukshar comes there and says our family is going to be insulted, all the guests left, Shehbaz pleaded with them, but they didn’t listen, enemies will destroy us and all this happened because of this Zara!

Kabeer says no, I brought this girl here,?  but she doesn’t know the culture of a family, I will rectify this mistake, no one that doesn’t understand our traditions will live here! She is not right for this house and my kids. He tells Zara that she is fired from this job, you can leave when another care-taker is here! He leaves. Zara is shocked. Rukshar smirks.

Kabeer comes to Shehbaz and says I am sorry. Kabeer comes to Irfan and says I have decided that you can take Zara back. Irfan says this is a big punishment. Kabeer says she can’t stay here, I will handle my kids.

Kabeer comes to the kids and sees them sad. He says I am sorry, today we should pray to God and don’t dance. He makes them eat.

Zara is crying in her room and recalls Kabeer’s words. Azhra comes to her. Zara hugs her and says he threw me out like I am nothing. Azhra asks her to calm down. Zara says I can’t live without Kabeer, I have to see him everyday because…

Azhra is shocked and says what did you say? Kabeer… you can’t be this foolish, Kabeer is married and Rukshar’s husband. You have to stop thinking like that. Zara says I can’t do it. Azhra says you are thinking wrong, I am telling you as a Sister, you will wither away if you try to get Kabeer, you will be away from Kabeer from now on!

In the morning, Zara comes to Kabeer’s room and thinks to say sorry to him. She sees Rukshar coming and hides. Rukshar brings the tea for him. She asks him to not think too much. Kabeer says our respect has been tarnished. Rukshar says don’t worry, I was thinking to hire a nanny for them. Kabeer says you are right, ask for a woman who is religious. He leaves. Zara looks on.

Zara comes to the kids, they say sorry to her. She says it’s not your fault. Kabeer asks the kids to do good in their tests, don’t forget the respect of your family. Kabeer ignores Zara and leaves with the kids. Zara looks on and thinks I can’t bear this treatment.

Zara tries to talk to Kabeer and says I am sorry, I will never do it again, you have given me a lot so please forgive me as well. Kabeer recalls their insult and says because of you, my family was insulted! Zara says they are my kids too. Kabeer says they are my kids, you are going to leave soon, so don’t worry about them!

Zara comes to her room and cries. She looks at the sweater items and leaves.

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