Pragya gains consciousness in the house and shouts Kiara! Dasi and Dadi ask her to handle herself and say it’s God’s wish. Pragya says God gave me Kiara, but my husband snatched her away from me.

Abhi talks to someone on phone and says he needs just his daughter. Aaliya and Taya ji try to pacify Abhi. He looks at her chain and recalls her telling that she will give her chain to her little sister.

Pragya comes to the hall. Abhi hugs her and cries. He says our daughter left us. Pragya says you are responsible for this.

King comes there. Abhi asks what are you saying? Pragya says I lost my daughter, she was just your ego for yourself! Abhi says I tried to save her, and asks her not to tell his love as ego. Pragya says everyone saw and says you don’t need Kiara, but your ego! She says you think about yourself! She says Nikhil threatened to kill Kiara, but you went ahead, moving forward even when he told you not to. She says you wanted to satisfy your ego, and holds him responsible for her death. Abhi says she was my daughter.

Pragya says I gave her birth and says you don’t know the pain of losing a daughter! She regrets coming to India and returning to his house. She says I should have agreed to destiny and knew that you are not a good father. She says I believed you, but destiny doesn’t want her to stay with you as you are not a good father.

Abhi says Kiara is not with us, because of you. He says I accept that my decision not to give money was wrong, but you are responsible. Pragya is angry. Abhi says you made Kiara stay far away from me, not by you, but by you! He holds her responsible again. King, Aaliya, Disha and others look shocked.

Abhi asks Pragya why did she give money to Nikhil and didn’t tell me? He says last time I lost Dadi because of you, and this time I lost my daughter because of you! He says she is not in this world. Purab tries to stop Abhi. Abhi says I am bearing all this because of her. Pragya says I have been bearing this marriage, since you brought Tanu after marriage, I lost my Sister and now Kiara!

Abhi says the mistake is not mine, but of yours, you trusted King more than me. you couldn’t separate him from our lives. Pragya says he was never between us, but he was always with Kiara, and tells that he gave me money to free money. She says you are accusing a man who was helping without any motive? Abhi says enough and says you will regret this! He says King was seeing his advantage and did a deal with Nikhil, and according to the deal, he wanted to take Kiara with him after giving him more money.

King says Abhi is lying. This is not true. Abhi says you are more cheap than Nikhil and stabbed us at our back! He says Kiara used to call you fathet and you did her deal, you wanted to take her to London. He shows the tickets to London, and says Disha told me this, but it was too late.

Disha says I heard King talking to Nikhil and telling that he will give more money to him, and will then hand Kiara over to him at the Airport. Disha says I thought you will not believe me and that was why I told brother-in-law.

Abhi tells Pragya that Nikhil might have left her, but King wouldn’t. Pragya asks King if he was taking revenge on them? King says yes, and tells that he was not responsible for her death. He says he loves her princess and says nobody tells me about her, and tells that he rarely meet her. He tells that she was with him for 7 years and then she left with Abhi. He says I had the feeling of a family with you, and tells that he wanted to propose to her for marriage, and brought that wedding necklace. He says Abhishek knows about it. He tells that he loves Kiara and have lost her. He says you still have Abhi and two daughters. Pragya says you still betrayed Kiara.

King says everything was going as per plan, Nikhil would have brought Kiara to the Airport and then you would have come to London. Pragya slaps him and asks him to leave! King leaves from there.

Pragya says the mistake is not of Mr. Singh, and says it’s of Tanu too. She says if you stay in front of me, then I will always think of Kiara, and will think that my daughter is not with me. She says if I forget her, then I will die, but I have to live for my daughters. She says Kiara was the reason for our togetherness and was the reason for our separation. She says she can’t live with her daughter’s murderer.

Abhi says even I can’t live with my daughter’s murderer! Dadi and Dasi ask them if they have gone mad?? Pragya goes to the room. Disha goes behind her and asks her not to blame anyone. Pragya recalls Kiara’s death. She picks one of the baby and asks Disha to hold her. She takes another baby in her hand and asks Disha to come with her.

Aaliya asks where you are taking the girls? Pragya says I am leaving this house. Dasi asks what is this madness?? Abhi asks where are you taking my daughters? Pragya says they are my daughters! Abhi says they will stay with me! Pragya says whatever you have done with Kiara, you have lost all rights! Abhi says the kids are safe with me. Pragya says I will not trust you!

Abhi says they are safe with me and says whatever you did with Kiara, I will not let anything happen to them. She says everyone knows how much a mother loves her daughters. Abhi says I will give them the best upbringing and asks how much money she wants to give her daughters? Pragya says you are valuing their lives and says you couldn’t give money for Kiara’s life and says she will not give her daughters’ custody to him!

Abhi says I will fight for their custody! Pragya says the Court will tell that a mother can give more good upbringing than him. Abhi asks her to shut up! Disha asks them not to fight and calm down. Pragya says I will take my kids with me.

Abhi says if she had not given money to Nikhil, then Kiara would have still been alive. He says she is a murderer! Pragya says you have killed her! The Babies start crying. Disha asks them to keep quiet! Pragya says I will go from here and will not show my face to you!

Abhi says I will not give my kids! Pragya says I will die, but will not show my face! Abhi says my family died, first Dadi and now Kiara. Disha cries and asks them to take one baby each, and asks them to decide. Dadi asks how can they stay separate? Abhi and Pragya say that they want both babies.

Aaliya shouts and asks them to separate with one baby! She says if you both fight, then how will you take care of the babies??

Disha tells Abhi and Pragya that they should separate for the kid’s betterment. Pragya says she will go with both her daughters. Abhi says I will not let them go with her! Disha asks them to decide if they want to stay lovingly or separate?

Purab asks if this is written in their destiny that they have to live separately? Disha says they will meet when grown up, but now there is no solution.

Pragya sits and cries looking at her daughters. Judaai song plays… She takes one of the baby and hugs her. Abhi takes another baby. Pragya says sorry to the baby that Abhi is holding. Chadariya song plays… Abhi kisses the baby that Pragya is holding. Chadariya song plays…

Abhi asks Pragya not to return again, and says there is nobody of your own here! Pragya says I will not come and will remember that you have separated the twin sisters, and says neither me nor my daughter will come into this City or house! Sad song plays… Pragya hugs her daughter and walks out of the house. Abhi goes to the room. Judaai song plays…

Pragya walks on the road hugging her daughter and says I wanted to take your sister with you, but… The Baby starts crying. Pragya says I am with you and will not let you separate from me, nobody will make me separate from you. She is about to get hit by the bike and gets saved by the Nurse. The Nurse asks where is she going with the small baby? Pragya says she is going.

Abhi talks to his daughter and says he will not let Pragya’s reflection fall on her ever again! Pragya tells the same thing to her daughter.

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