Rukshar looks at the kids laughing and thinks I don’t like these kids. I will teach them and Zara a lesson! Rukshar makes foamy water and pours it on the floor to make it wet and slippery in the washroom.

Zara calls the kids for food and asks them to wash their hands first. Zara goes into the washroom and slips. She sprains her foot.

The Doctor checks Zara’s foot. The kids tells Kabeer that Zara checks the water for us, which is why she slipped. The Doctor asks Zara to rest. Kabeer asks Zara to rest. He gives her medicine. Zara looks on. Kabeer says I am going for a meeting in Lucknow. Zara thinks that I have to go there.

Shehbaz scolds a woman in the house. Kashan tells Kabeer that someone stole 1.5million and Shehbaz thought that the Office boy Rehan stole it and slapped him, he sent him to jail, but then we got to know that he didn’t steal, and Rehan’s mother doesn’t want to take the damage cost. The mother says that he slapped my Son so now Rehan will slap Shehbaz. Kashan shouts at her.

Kabeer tells the woman that we did injustice, but you can forgive people if you want, then you can slap me. The woman gets emotional and says I don’t know what your father did in life to get a Son like you, I pray that you remain happy, I am forgiving Shehbaz because of you, she leaves.

Kabeer hugs Shehbaz and says no one can hurt you. Shehbaz thanks him and asks him to go for his meeting, he leaves. Shehbaz tells Rukshar that Kabeer can’t know that I killed Zara, where are the proofs? I need them. Rukshar says don’t worry, I will get them for you.

Azhra comes to meet Zara and sees her smiling. She says you are smiling? Zara says I was thinking about Kabeer. Azhra says you will only get hurt. Zara looks at the old Zara’s bracelet and says I saw this bracelet in a woman’s hand and the man told me that he found it near a dead body, how did he get it? I don’t understand how it is related to Zara, I can’t tell it to Kabeer, we have to meet that Sarpanch/head of jury. Azhra cries and says I will do anything. Zara asks her to lie in her bed as Zara, I will go. Zara leaves.

Zara is in the Car and thinks that I have to find out what happened with the old Zara.

Shehbaz thinks that I killed Zara, but Kabeer can’t know this.

Kabeer and Imran are in the Car too. Zara’s Car has tire puncture. Zara comes out of the Car. Kabeer stops his Car and helps Zara’s driver with the tire puncture. He doesn’t see Zara but sees her bracelet, he says what are you doing here? I told you to rest… this all turns out to be Zara’s dream. She sits in her Car, as Kabeer drives away.

Zara meets the man that stole that bracelet, she says let’s go to the Sarpanch. Zara comes to the Sarpanch and says I have to say sorry, as I wanted to talk about your daughter’s death. How did she die? He says she died by drowning. Zara shows him the bracelet. He says I don’t remember anything.

Zara says this man was near the river when your daughter died and he took her bracelet. This bracelet is of my Cousin, there were only two bracelets, so how did your daughter get it? Sarpanch says you are not the Police to investigate like this, get lost from here! Zara thinks that I have to find out what he’s hiding.

Rukshar thinks to find out where Zara is. She comes to her room and sees her lying in the bed. It’s actually Azhra sleeping in her place. Rukshar leaves. Azhra calls Zara and asks her to come back quickly.

Rukshar looks at the gun and says I can’t give it to Shehbaz. She calls someone and says okay. She puts the proofs in a box.

Zara hides in the Palace and looks around. She sees Kabeer with the Sarpanch and hides. She comes into a room and looks around. Kabeer is outside. She looks at him and smiles.

Rukshar dresses in burqa and leaves. She meets a man who gives her a gun similar to that of Shehbaz.

Rukshar comes to Shehbaz and gives him the fake gun. He looks at it. Rukshar says I did my work. Shehbaz burns the box and says now, Kabeer will never know that I killed Zara.

Zara is near the river. She sees a kid going into the river. Another kid asks her to save him. She jumps into the river for him and saves his life. The Sarpanch comes there and thanks Zara for saving his grandson.

Shehbaz meets Kabeer and says tomorrow we have a function, we will celebrate it fully.

The Sarpanch gives the post-martem report to Zara and says this is not my daughter’s report as that dead body wasn’t my daughter’s, she ran away and I was ashamed, they found a dead body so I told everyone that she was my daughter, we did the post-martem and I buried her. She was shot and thrown in the river. We found a note near her body. Zara reads the note and recalls Salma saying same poetic lines. Zara says it means she was killed.

Rukshar hides the real gun in her room and says Shehbaz won’t know about this. Once Shehbaz wins the election, then I will tell him that I have the proofs, I will control him just to have power over this City then.

Zara cries and says Kabeer doesn’t know that Zara was killed. Zara calls Azhra and tells her that the old Zara was killed.

Zara is in the Car and sees the watch that the Sarpanch gave to her.

Amaan is working in the Kitchen with the kids. They are making food for Zara. Kabeer comes home and sees the mess in the Kitchen. Amaan says we were making soup for Zara. Kabeer tastes it and gives them suggestions. He makes the soup and garnishes it.

The Chef brings Rukshar and Zeenat to show them the mess, but the Kitchen is clean. Kabeer and the others brings the soup, but they see Azhra sleeping there. Kabeer asks where is Zara? Zara comes there and says I have to talk to you Kabeer. She holds his hand via a cloth and takes him away.

Zara brings Kabeer to a river area and shows him Zara’s watch, he is shocked and says how did you get it? She wore it on her last day. Zara tells him everything, from how the Sarpanch told her that the woman was killed. Zara tells Kabeer that his Zara was murdered. He is shocked and shouts that you are lying! Zara says no, that’s why I have these reports. He throws the reports away.

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