Prachi and Shahana get on the bus for Delhi. Shahana asks her to start studying after reaching there. Prachi says my day used to start with maa/mother and gets teary eyes. Shahana says you both are strange. A fb is shown, Pragya searches for the medicine pouch before they leave, and thinks where is it? Beeji asks her not to get upset. Pragya says who will take care of her? Prachi kisses her forehead. Prachi says the medicine pouch is in Shahana’s bag. She says she will miss her. Prachi says wherever I go, I will be incomplete.

Pragya is waiting for Prachi’s call and tells Beeji that she should call and tell that she reached safely. Beeji says you are talking as if Abhi is sitting there and has kidnapped her. She then says Abhi and the destiny must have forgotten Prachi by now.

Prachi and Shahana land in Delhi. Prachi thinks she can’t forget the past and thinks because of her father, her Mum cried all her life and thinks her father left her Mum.

Prachi and Shahana are on the road, when the address paper falls down. They run after the paper.

Abhi is talking to Rhea on call and asks her to come when he receives the award. Rhea says she will come for sure. The Paper falls in front of Abhi’s car. Prachi tries to pick it. Abhi is about to hit Prachi, but handles his Car just in time. He stops his Car.

Pragya senses something and calls Prachi. Beeji asks what happened? Pragya says Prachi is in some problem. Beeji says you are worried as you have sent the kids all alone for the first time. Pragya says she can sense that Prachi was in trouble, but now save. She calls her, but the phone is unreachable.

Abhi stops his Car. Shahana asks Prachi if she is fine? Abhi comes to Prachi and asks what I would have replied to your Parents if something had happened to you?? Shahana turns to Abhi.

Abhi turns and goes towards his Car. He gets something and tells stupid girl! Rhea asks if he is calling her that? Abhi says no, you are my daughter. Prachi looks at him. Abhi also looks at her. kyunki tum dhadkan main dil song plays……

Abhi says I am talking to my daughter and asks her to wait. He takes out his ear phones and asks if she was trying to commit suicide? Prachi nods no. Abhi asks her to be careful next time and be save. Prachi smiles and says thank you sir. Someone asks Abhi to move the Car.

Abhi asks Prachi to hold on and then asks her to go. He comes to his Car and sits. He looks at Prachi in the mirror. Prachi thinks you said right and feels thankful to him for saving her.

Shahana says he was scolding as if you are his daughter. Prachi says he can’t be my father and says he left me when I was born. Shahana says let’s go and search for the paper.

Abhi talks to Rhea and tells that he has saved a girl. Rhea says she is reaching the college.

Prachi and Shahana come back to the bus stand and finds a man taking their stuff. Abhi thinks they must have come from a small city and know nothing about the big city. He thinks what was she searching for?

Prachi and Shahana’s bag is stolen by the man, and calls someone. Shahana thinks he is helping them, but Prachi says he is a thief and running away with our bags! Prachi picks a rod to hit him, but he runs.

The bags thief gets inside the award function with the help of his security staff member who is his friend Shankar. Prachi and Shahana come there and tell that a man has stolen their bags, and try to get inside, but the Security stops him saying people does like this to get pics snapped by the celebrity.

Shahana gets an idea and says we salute you, and tells that they are from the media and lied to know his honesty. Prachi also appreciates him. The Guard gets happy. Shahana asks the Reporter to take his interview. The Guard comes to the Reporter. The Reporter says she lied to you.

Abhi and his family are at the function. The host appreciates Abhi and tells about his achievements. Dadi, Mitali and Abhi’s friend wife pray for him. Abhi waits for Rhea and thinks he will not take awards without her.

The host asks Abhi to come on stage. Aaliya, Meera and his friend asks them to go on stage. Abhi thinks how to go on stage without my daughter?

Prachi and Shahana look for the thief. Meera asks Abhi to go on stage, else Rhea will feel bad. Abhi goes on stage and takes the award. The host asks him to speak a few words. Abhi says I love my daughter. He says Vikram might be thinking why I am not taking his name, and says that he loves his daughter very much, and doesn’t want to take the award as she is not here, but felt his daughter’s presence. Prachi hears him and smiles. Abhi tells about his daughters and tells that one is with him and the other is afar.

Prachi recalls Beeji telling her about Abhi’s wrong image and calling him a butcher, stone hearted, who wanted to give pain to Pragya and kicked her out with one daughter. She says God shouldn’t give such father and husband. FB ends. Prachi thinks I wish my Papa would have been the same.

Abhi says my daughter has completed my incomplete life and dedicates the award to her and to his other daughter too. He asks his family to come on stage. Everyone comes on stage and stands with him.

Prachi tells Shahana that she never heard a father saying such things about his daughter. Shahana says what will we do without the bags and says they shouldn’t search for the thief.

The Security guy holds their hand and says the Police will talk to them! Shahana says thief entered this hall and fooled you. Abhi sees the girls talking to the guards. Prachi says we are students and came here justtoday. The Security guard pushes her to go out, and she falls on Abhi. Abhi holds her and looks angrily at the guard. He asks Prachi if she is fine?

The Guard says they came without the pass. Abhi says she knows me and tells Prachi that she shouldn’t have joked with them. Shahana asks for his visiting card and says we will not come to your house, but will send you thank you card. Prachi says you don’t know us and you also saved us from an embarrassing situation.

Abhi says I know and says you were the same girl who was on the road searching for something. He asks her to think about her dad first before doing anything and says father loves more than a mother. Prachi says I am not having a daughter and says I wish I had a father like you. She says mothers also love their daughters very much. She says my Mum loves me a lot.

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