Zara says I have brought you here because Zara’s body was found in this river, I am not lying. This is the truth, calm down. Kabeer cries and recalls his moments with his Zara. He starts entering the river. Zara sees him and says don’t do this. Kabeer drowns in the river, but then comes out. Zara asks him to come out, you have to handle this. She jumps into the river but she drowns as she can’t swim. Kabeer rushes her to her and pulls her out of the river.

Rukshar is angry that Zara took her husband away by holding his hand, she says I will not spare her, she must have a big storm coming, I can’t let her take Kabeer away!

Kabeer lies down near the river. Zara says you have to control yourself to get the justice for Zara. Kabeer says Zara wanted to tell me something that day, but I didn’t listen to her. Zara says it’s not your fault, Zara was your life, someone else did this crime. Let’s go and meet your Zara.

Kabeer comes to Zara’s real grave. Thori Jagah song plays, as he cleans her grave and cries. He recalls their moments together and kisses her grave. Zara cries seeing his state. Kabeer and Zara pray for her soul. Kabeer says whoever killed you, I will find that person and punish him in a way that will shake his soul, I promise you!

Kabeer comes to the house and recalls Zara’s words. The party function is going on. Shehbaz makes him sit down. Kabeer recalls his moments with his Zara. He sadly looks down and burns his hand with tea. He leaves from there. Zara looks on.

Kabeer cries in his room recalling his moments. Zara comes outside his room and hears him crying. Humari adhuri kahani song plays. Zara cries for him and calls him out. Zara tells Kabeer that I have kept Zara’s reports in your room, can I get some water? Kabeer gives her water. Zara offers it to him. Kabeer drinks it and looks away. Zara leaves from there. Kabeer cries hugging his Zara’s photo.

In the morning, Zara comes to Kabeer’s room. Kabeer says I am going to find out who killed my Zara. Zara says talk to Irfan and Salma, maybe they know something? Kabeer says no, I won’t cause them more pain, I will find out the truth myself, he leaves.

Rukshar comes there and gets angry seeing Zara in his room, she asks where is Kabeer?? Zara says he just left. Rukshar says where did you take my husband the previous day? Zara says I don’t have to tell you, she leaves.

Kabeer meets a man and asks him to find out who called this number that day, but he says I can’t.

Shehbaz wins the elections. Kabeer comes home and hugs him. They have a family photo. Kabeer calls the kids. Shehbaz and Rukshar take off their garlands. Rukshar mistakenly leaves her locket there.

Zara sees Rukshar’s locket in the garland and takes it. She says I don’t know what this is.

Irfan congratulates Shehbaz for winning the election. Shehbaz says now I have a position like you. Irfan says if your intentions are good, then it’s great. Azhra sadly looks at Kabeer. She asks if he found anything? He says no. Zara says we should search together for a proof.

Rukshar comes to her room and looks at her face. She says I don’t know when my tensions will end. She sees her locket missing which had the key to the box of proofs. She looks around and says I can’t lose that key.

Kabeer meets people around to find out about Zara’s killer.

The Police Inspectors come to Shehbaz’s house for protection. The Kids comes there. Shehbaz jerks Zaid away. Irfan tells Zaid that trust on God for everything, he will make everything right.

Kabeer is running in the treadmill and recalls Zara’s death. He runs fast and shouts that I will find him. He falls down. Zara rushes to him and asks if he is fine? Kabeer says I can’t find that killer, I don’t have a proof. Zara says your father… he might know something.

The kids are playing in the room. Rukshar comes there and sees the cotton fallen everywhere. She thinks that I have to find the locket. She asks them to keep playing and looks around. The locket is there, but she doesn’t see it. She leaves from there. Zara comes there and stops the kids. She cleans the mess and finds that locket. She says if this is of Rukshar? She puts it on the table.

Kabeer comes to Shehbaz and tries to talk, but he’s busy on the call. He gives him papers. Zeenat comes there and says that the kids wants to leave. Will you take Zaid with you? Kabeer says he is part of this family. Shehbaz leaves.

Rukshar is looking around for her locket. She sees Kabeer going to the terrace. Kabeer looks at the sky and says my Zara was so pure, how could anyone do this with her? Punish that person, bring him to me.

Rukshar looks around Kabeer’s room and doesn’t find the locket. She sees his wardrobe opened and finds Zara’s hand’s picture with the same bracelet. She finds the post-martem report which says that she was shot. Rukshar is shocked and says Kabeer got to know that Zara was killed. She says what if Kabeer gets to know that Shehbaz killed her, then he won’t spare him, I have to do something, I have to find that key!

Zara sees Shehbaz’s report on TV. She sees him wearing the same garland which had the locket. She says it’s his locket, I will give it to him.

Rukshar takes the box of proofs and thinks that before Kabeer finds the proofs, he should know that his father killed Zara and not me. She leaves the box in Shehbaz’s room and leaves.

Kabeer comes to Shehbaz’s convention. Shehbaz says my pride, my son is here. He calls him on the stage and hugs him. Kabeer says I have to talk to you.

Zara comes to Shehbaz’s room and falls down. The key falls from the box. She says what is this key for? She finds the box there.

Shehbaz asks Kabeer what happened? Kabeer says I have to talk about Zara Kabeer Ahmed. Shehbaz is shocked and says what?? Kabeer says Zara’s death was not an accident, she was killed. Shehbaz is shocked.

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