Abhi asks the Guard to drop them. He thinks my other daughter must be of her age and thinks he didn’t even ask for her name. They come out of the award function hotel.

Rhea opens the Car door and hit Prachi’s leg. She goes without saying sorry to Prachi, but the latter says sorry. Shahana gets upset and thinks she should have apologized to her instead!

Abhi asks Aaliya about Purab. He says he doesn’t enjoy when all his family isn’t here. Taya ji tells that Tai ji loves him diet love and increases with time. Tai ji asks what are you saying?

Rhea comes there and says sorry to Meera. He comes to Abhi and says congratulations. Abhi says you are late? Rhea says sorry and kisses him on his cheeks. She asks for a hug. Abhi stands up and hugs her. He says this award is for you. Rhea says my dad is my best. She asks did I miss something? Meera says your dad’s speech. Mitali says you would have cried if you had heard him. Rhea says it is good, else my make up would have been ruined. Dadi says Abhi loves her a lot, but Rhea doesn’t have time for him.

The girls look for the lift but none of the cab stops by. Shahana complains to Prachi that they lost the thief and their luggage just because Prachi stopped to listen to the speech. She gets an idea to get the lift from the film. She decides to fake an accident, the Car owner will give them both money and lift. Prachi was afraid what if it happens in reality?

Shahana executes the plan for real and gets a lift from Abhi. Both Shahana and Prachi get into the Car. Abhi inquires about their relationship, family and house? Abhi scolds Shahana for the odd behavior to take the lift. The girls explain their situation and the loss of luggage. Abhi asks why they moved here?  They say they have come here to complete education from MMIS College.

Abhi says his daughter studies in the same college. At the location, Abhi drops the girls. Prachi returns to complement that she loved whatever Abhi said in his speech for his daughter. He spoke his heart out; like the kids say my father is the best father. He is really the best father, and it seems a father’s love is no less than a mother’s love. She never saw her father, though her mother never let them feel his absence. Only sometimes, she wish her father was there. She gets tearful.

Abhi says life is like this, we never get many a things. His daughter didn’t get a mother, and Prachi didn’t get a father. He asks what her mother’s name is? Prachi was lost in deep thoughts.

Shahana calls Prachi inside. Abhi says her mother is more loving than him, she sent them to an unknown City. He advices her to enlighten her name. Prachi waits to bid Abhi a good bye with a wave. Shahana complains to Prachi that she met Abhi as if he is her real father!

At home, Aunt complaints to the Uncle (her husband) that she won’t be able to bring up two more daughters! The Uncle promises to accommodate for a while, he will later talk to their mother. He opens the door to the girls. The Aunt was annoyed at their arrival.

Shahana says they have lost their luggage and will use her Chuni Munni’s clothes. Shahana counts at once that Prachi gave up her new dress when they came over to visit them as well. Then requests the Aunt to eat something. The Aunt says there is leftover of the day she can offer. Shahana complains to Prachi they always serve them well whenever they visit us. Prachi says she might have a bad day and will soon be fine.

Pragya calls on Prachi’s number and was angry, as she doesn’t pick up. Bee ji tells her to keep trying, the girls are in a strange City. The Phone rings in Abhi’s car. He was irritated and doesn’t pick up the call and instead returns to Chacha’s place where he dropped the girls. He cuts the constantly ringing phone. Pragya tries again.

Abhi takes the call, but the signal was weak due to the rain in Pragya’s City. Pragya comes to the window and was at once nervous hearing the voice on the other side. Bee ji asks Pragya who is it? Pragya says the line is weak.

Bee ji takes the phone. Abhi can hear her clearly. Bee ji deems it is Churinder and asks about Shahana and Prachi? Abhi says he dropped Shahana and Prachi at their Uncle’s place and their phone was left in the Car.

Pragya takes the call from Beeji. Both weren’t able to speak to each other. All at once, it begins to rain in Delhi. Abhi couldn’t hear clearly as Pragya asks Abhi how he got Prachi’s phone? There was a disruption in the call.

At home, the Aunt tells the girls they didn’t cook anything special. The Uncle however promises to make them Gobi K Parathay. The Uncle goes to answer the door bell. He leaves. Shahana was curt that they have so less daal for them. Prachi loved eating from the same plate.

The Aunt brings their cell phone and scolds the girls for being irresponsible! Shahana goes to the Kitchen to look for pickles. Prachi tries to call her mother, but the call doesn’t connect. Prachi feels for Abhi who favored them, and feels ill for her father who left her and her mother helpless.

Bee ji comes to the room and tells Pragya that due to the weather, the landline couldn’t connect. Pragya sat upset and was worried what if Prachi tries to find her father? Bee ji assures Pragya that Prachi knows well how her father is. He left his daughter and wife of course. She reminds her of an argument between them as well.

Pragya recalls a flashback of her conversation with Bee ji. Bee ji had told false things about Abhi. Pragya tells Bee ji she will tell Prachi about everything? It was their fate to part ways, they would have continued to blame each other for Kiara, and else, Abhi is a nice man. Bee ji asks her to tell Prachi about Abhi, then Prachi will begin to visit Abhi and she will lose her daughter for real! 

There, in the Car, Abhi thinks the voice wasn’t clear and far away. But he still felt some connection. Meeting Prachi already reminds him of his own daughter, his second daughter must also be old enough. He still remembers the day her mother snatched her from him and left.

Pragya discuss with Bee ji that the voice on the other side sounded as a known one.

Prachi and Shahana reach their college. They were excited for their new courses and degree. Shahana asks Prachi where they must go. Prachi replies, towards life.

The college was crowded by young students. Another girl Rhea reaches the college in huge

Car. She was boastful of her talent and looks, and a large number of the boys were in a queue. She joins a group of her friends who were hopeful that their college will win the next fashion show as Rhea is leading.

Rocky comes to Rhea and points towards a corner where new students were being ragged. Rhea feels for the new students, but Rocky says they aren’t hurting anyone. They spot Prachi and Shahana as new students, and goes to meet them, introduces themselves and asks about their introduction?

Prachi excitedly says they belong to Hoshiarpur. Everyone laughs. Rhea challenges her to go and slap a nerd. Shahana tries to object, but Rhea was rude and tells her to speak only on her turn! They warn that if Prachi doesn’t complete the challenge, they won’t allow the girls to take even the first lecture!

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