In the morning, Kabeer comes to the living area and tells the family that I won’t kill Shehbaz, I will use the law to punish Zara’s killer! Kashan tells Kabeer that our respect is at stake, you will file an FIR for him? Zara died because of her deeds. We will give money to Irfan, but you won’t file a complaint.

Kabeer says right, I am not your brother right now, I am a husband whose wife was killed and I will get justice for her! Rukshar is tensed.

Amaan comes there and shows a tattoo that Zeenat wrote. It says my grandfather is a killer. Zeenat says if you go out and complain, then I will write this on his head, if you care about his future, then you won’t go out! You both don’t think about others, if you file an FIR then my son’s future will be destroyed, I won’t let you do it. Go but first kill us! I can’t live a life like that. Kabeer wipes the tattoo from Amaan’s hand.

Zeenat says I knew that you won’t let this happen with your father. Kabeer says respect is in God’s hand Amaan, don’t worry, he leaves. Kabeer tells Zeenat that you can’t make me silent so stop trying. I will take my justice!

Kabeer sits in the Car and someone puts a knife at him. It’s the kids. He asks them to get down from the Car. Zara says the kids are coming with us, it’s not safe here.

Rukshar runs to Shehbaz and says Kabeer and Zara are missing. Shehbaz grabs her and says you couldn’t do simple work!

Kabeer and Zara are in the Car with the kids. Zara tells Kabeer that the kids were missing in the morning. Zaid says that Shehbaz told us that he will send us away. Zara says they were locked in the storeroom.

Shehbaz tells Rukshar that you couldn’t stop the kids, I wanted to hold them hostage so I could stop Kabeer, but you couldn’t do that! Zeenat pleads to leave her, she says I promise that Kabeer will not go to the Police.

Zara tells the kids that they will stay at Irfan’s house for somedays. The kids promise Kabeer to come and see them soon. Kabeer says I have no one except you people, so I promise to meet you daily.

Zeenat tells a plan to Shehbaz. Rukshar says Shehbaz won’t be able to do it to his Son. Zeenat says but he has to do it. Rukshar says he can’t hurt Kabeer for his life. Zeenat says Shehbaz’s decision is in his hands. Shehbaz looks on.

Kabeer and Zara comes home. Kabeer asks Salma to not be angry, don’t run away from the house again. I can’t lose you, please don’t do anything like that again, she nods. Kabeer hugs her and says I am going to the Police Station after here, I promise you both that I will punish Zara’s killer! Salma blesses him and says I am sorry for saying bad words against you, I can’t lose my Son. I pray for you. Kabeer thanks her and asks Irfan to take care of the kids. Irfan says don’t worry.

Kabeer and Zara comes to the Police Station. Kabeer says to the Inspector that why are you not filing a complaint? The Inspector says we can’t do anything, the Commissioner has called me to wait.

Shehbaz meets the Commissioner. He promises a promotion for him. The Cmmissioner says that I will do my work.

Zara asks the Inspector to file their complaint. The Inspector says you can’t order us like this. He asks the Officer to arrest her!  Kabeer shouts if this is the way to treat women??

Some men enter there and attack Kabeer. They put a net around him and drags him from there. Zara screams for him. Shehbaz comes there with the Commissioner. The flashback shows that Shehbaz decided to do just anything to win this war, the flashback ends.

Kabeer shouts at him. Shehbaz says that he is not mentally stable. Kabeer is shocked and says he is lying, this man killed my Wife! Shehbaz says to the Commissioner that he is in shock and sad about his Wife, he is not stable and wants to kill me or himself. He doesn’t listen to me, he was in the jungle for complete one year. Kabeer says he is lying!

Zara says Shehbaz is lying, I have proofs against Shehbaz which proves that he killed Zara. Shehbaz says this girl doesn’t know anything! Kabeer says give us one chance. The Commissioner looks on.

Kabeer says Inspector please trust us. Zara says we have all the proofs. He says okay tell me. She says the proofs are in the Car. There’s nothing in the Car. She says where did it go? Shehbaz says she’s just wasting your time.

Zara finds it under the seat. She says everything is inside it. Zara says I will open it in front of Kabeer. She comes inside and opens the case. A snake is inside it. Zara screams. Kabeer is shocked. Zara says please, it had proofs.

Shehbaz says now you know my Son is totally crazy. He was roaming around with a snake. Zara says please listen to me for once. Let us speak. The Inspector says you are being investigated yourself. Your statement doesn’t matter to us. You’re being affiliated to a terrorist. Shehbaz accused you of defaming your family. Kabeer says please, let us show you who is wrong.

Shehbaz says we loved you so much that we couldn’t see you’re not okay. You have to live in an asylum until you’re okay. Zara says are you crazy?? You’re sending your own Son to the asylum? Kabeer says leave me. I am not crazy.

A Doctor is about to give Kabeer a tranquilizer. Shehbaz says stop! He’s my Son. Don’t give him any pain. Kabeer says I am not your Son. He says I can’t be your Son because you’re a murderer! After 30 days I will be standing in front of you and prove that you are a murderer! Kabeer says start counting down your days of freedom.

Zara comes to him and cries. Kabeer says you don’t have to be scared. We have to be strong. God is with us. I will be out and I will get him the punishment of his deeds. Zara runs after his truck and we will be successful. Take care. He says take care.

Shehbaz says to Rukshar you hid the proofs from Zara’s car. Well done. How did you know she hid them in the Car? She says I saw Zara going to the Car and taking the case there. To save myself, I had to send Kabeer to the mental asylum. But he is my husband. I loved him. I wanted to make him mine. First, he was going away from me because of Zara and now circumstances.

Shehbaz says don’t blame it on any circumstances. You’re responsible for this. If you gave this proof to me, this won’t have happened! I am worried about what Zara would do now?

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