Kabeer is lying in the room. A man brings him outside. A mental person starts beating him. Kabeer gets angry and beats him up. All try to hit him, but Kabeer asks them to become friends and we will be out of here. They all hug him and become friends.

Zeenat looks at Rukshar and Kabeer’s photo. Zeenat says he hates you because you are with a person who killed his Zara. You are with Shehbaz, he will never forgive you! Rukshar cries and says I didn’t think of anyone while saving myself, I love Kabeer more than anyone, I will go and meet Kabeer.

Zara shows the asylum map to the family and says I will break in and meet Kabeer. Salma says you can go to jail for this. Zara says we have to save Kabeer.

Rukshar comes to the mental asylum. She meets the lawyer. The lawyer asks for his gift. She gives him money and he lets her enter inside.

Salma and Azhra are inside the asylum dressed as ill people. Zara is there too as a Nurse. Salma sees Rukshar and tells it to Zara.

Azhra, Salma, and Zara are in the hospital. Salma says we have to get our daughter tested? He says this is lunchtime. She says but she wants to visit the hospital. The wardens says you can’t. Azhra cries and says I want to.

Rukshar comes to Kabeer and says I know you’re mad at me. I am here to tell you everything. I want to tell you about my situation. I know I should have been with you. I should have stood in front of you. I tried to talk to father, but I am stuck there too. I am scared. Bajo gave me her life swear so I had to agree. I am with you too. Please forgive me.

Kabeer says you’re a murderer too! You are with the man who killed my Zara. You’re with him and your husband is in a mental asylum. Kashan and Zeenat are also murderers in my eyes and so are you. A murderer should be punished and I will punish you for your sins! He picks her. Rukhsar says please leave me.

Zara comes there and says where did Kabeer go? Kabeer says I am crazy right? Now I will show I really am! He takes her outside. Rukshar says please forgive me. Kabeer hangs her on the well.. Rukshar screams and cries. She says please don’t leave me. Kabeer says sorry I am crazy. You supported a murderer.

Rukshar says please forgive me. Kabeer pulls her up and screams. He says my ethics can’t let me kill you even though I really want to! Rukhsar runs and says forgive me, please. Zara sees all this. Rukhsar runs.

Qazi says why aren’t Zara and Salma back with Kabeer yet? Please protect them. The Watchman says you can’t park here. He says I can’t drive this Car. It doesn’t move. The Watchman says you’re on the driving seat? The watchman leaves. Qazi says God.

Zara comes to Kabeer. She says it’s me Zara. Your entire family is here to save you. Salma, Qazi and Azhra.

Rukshar calls the Doctor and says Kabeer took me out and tried killing me. He says you go from there. He calls his staff and says bring Kabeer inside right now!

Zara says please wear this mask. Kabeer says there is tight security outside. She says we have made a foolproof plan. She holds his hand and says let’s go. He takes his hand back. Zara says this is to pretend that I am a Nurse.

Salma and Azhra are waiting for Kabeer. The Wardens come there. Salma says how will we get Kabeer out now?

Zara and Kabeer are walking outside. They see the Wardens. Zara says we have to go somewhere else. There’s a plan B.

Rukshar  comes running out. She sees Qazi’s Car. Qazi says what is she doing here? She peeks in. Qazi is singing like a Driver. She sits inside and says what have you become Qazi Irfan? I recognized you from your Car. You can’t fool us. He ropes her. She says what are you doing?? Qazi says you can’t move from here now. You have forced me to do this. Now sit here!

The Patients surround Kabeer with a mask. They say is it a ghost? Zara says if you all wear masks, you will all become super powerful. They take the masks. Zara says you will have to return the masks. They say no we want to be super powerful. Zara says you have to help me get Kabeer out of here. We will give you masks and footballs. They all wear masks.

The person in-charge is going running in. Rukshar tries to call his name. Qazi shuts her mouth. Salma stops the person in-charge and says please help. He says I am in a hurry. They waste his time. All the Patients are wearing masks. They walk Kabeer outside.

The person in-charge says Kabeer tried to kill Rukhsar. Hit him till he recalls his actual place! They see all the Patients with masks.

The people in the asylum are ready to fight the lawyer. They start beating his guards and him. Zara is trying to make Kabeer run from there. Kabeer comes and hugs Salma. He leaves with them.

Irfan and Rukshar are in the Car. Irfan asks Rukshar to leave, he has to go. He drops her and goes. Irfan meets Kabeer and takes them in his Car.

Irfan jokes with Azhra. Salma says thank God no one knows. Irfan says Rukhsar got to know but don’t worry.

Irfan and Kabeer comes outside Zara’s graveyard. Zara says they will take out Zara’s body, the DNA will prove that Shehbaz killed her, she might have fought him and we might find something, tell us what grave is hers? Kabeer says no, she is sleeping, I don’t want to disturb her sleep.

Zara says her killer is roaming around, we have to get justice for her. Irfan says as a father I am asking you to tell us. Kabeer says no, I can’t disrespect her grave like that, I am not going to open it. Irfan hugs him and cries. They pray on Zara’s grave. Kabeer says we will find a way.

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