The kids finds Zara’s earring. Salma thanks them. Zara calls Irfan. They see Zara dressed as their Zara on the video call and get emotional.

Zeenat tells Rukshar that I have sent Amaan away, there is a ghost here. Rukshar says I am very scared. Zeenat says I am with you. The lights go off. They are scared and hear old Zara’s laugh. Shehbaz says they are trying to scare us. He turns out and he’s shocked. Shehbaz finds the dress that Zara was wearing when he killed her. He sees the silhouette wearing the same dress. He says Kabeer is doing all this! He goes from there.

Shehbaz comes to his room and checks the CCTV footage, but he doesn’t find anyone. He is shocked. Shehbaz gets a call and hears old Zara asking him how he is? Shehbaz is shocked and ends the call. He runs from there and hides.

Kabeer tells Zara that we have to scare him the more.

Shehbaz says this can’t be happening, Kabeer is playing a game with me! Was it Zara Siddiqui? He prays to God and says I am sorry, I am begging you.

Imran brings the bag. Kabeer says a big man can’t enter in this. Imran shows him a bigger box and says we will use this. Zara says who will pick it up? Kabeer says Imran will do it. We will enjoy Shehbaz’s fearful face tonight. Imran says let’s attack him!

Shahbaz calls the Imam in the house. The Imam tells him that this house is haunted, you are lucky to be alive, you should apply this liquid. He leaves the house.

Kabeer and Imran take out the TV from the wall.

Zeenat comes to her room and says I know this new Zara is behind all this drama, I have to find that dress! She looks in her room.

Kabeer tampers with Shehbaz’s TV so he can’t see the CCTV and puts it back. Shehbaz is coming to his room. He tries to open the room, but Kabeer holds the door from inside while Imran fixes the TV. Imran calls Shehbaz and keeps him busy. Kabeer, Zara and Imran leave the room from the secret passage. Shehbaz enters the room and tries to turn on the TV, but it doesn’t work.

Zeenat is searching for the dress. Zara comes there and is shocked to see her searching through her things. Zara hides and throws oil on the floor. Zeenat slips. Zara takes the dress from there silently.

Kabeer enters the room and glares at Zeenat, he asks her to leave! She leaves. Kabeer falls down and sees Zara hiding under the clothes. He has fallen over her, he moves away and says sorry I didn’t see you. Imran comes there and coughs. Kabeer moves away.

Imran calls Shehbaz as a TV repair man. Imran tells him that I will repair your TV, don’t worry.

At the night, Shehbaz applies the liquid and passes iut. Kabeer, Imran and Zara enter his room. Kabeer glares at him and says by the time he wakes up, he will see his death. They put him in the container.

Zeenat says Zara and Kabeer must be planning something. She sees the TV repairing team entering the house. She asks who called them? They say Shehbaz called us. Zeenat starts taking them to his room. Kabeer and Zara are tensed. They sit in the living room. Zeenat thinks that I won’t leave them alone! She asks the team to go to Shehbaz’s room and stays here. The repairing team takes the box from there in which Shehbaz is. Zeenat thinks they are taking the TV.

Shehbaz is locked in a net above fire. He wakes up and he’s shocked.

Shehbaz wakes up to find himself caged in a net over the fire, he screams for help. He hears Zara’s voice that you can’t outrun your sins, Shehbaz says take everything, but please leave me alone. Zara says if you want to be saved, then accept your sins! Shehbaz sees a silhouette and thinks it’s Zara. He passes out. Kabeer and Imran come there and bring him down.

Kabeer and Imran offer prayers the next morning. Zara comes there and starts praying behind them. She follows them and prays. Kabeer prays and says I am not hurting my father, I want him to accept his crimes, give me the strength to get justice for my Zara.

Rukshar comes to Shehbaz’s room and tries to wake him up, but he doesn’t move. Rukshar runs and cries to Zeenat. She says Zara killed Shehbaz. She will kill us! They hear Shehbaz running out of his room. He says I saw the fire, she will not spare me, she will kill us all!

The guard checks the CCTV footage. He says Shehbaz did not go out last night. Shehbaz says I am sure that I was caged. The guard says you are going crazy. Shehbaz beats him up. Kabeer says he is fine, the guard leaves.

Rukshar tells Shehbaz that he might have dreamt it. Shehbaz tells the Imam that I was hanging over the fire, trust me. The Imam says that you are made from the fire, we have to treat you. Shehbaz says I am fine. The Imam says we will have to treat you. Rukshar has to beat him with a slipper. Rukshar throws a slipper at him, but Shehbaz runs and locks himself in a room. Kabeer and Zara looks on. Kabeer calls someone.

Shehbaz is in a Car. Kabeer and Zara are following him. Kabeer says he will accept his crimes soon. Shehbaz comes outside Zara’s graveyard. He calls his Manager and asks if he has booked his tickets? He says yes. Shehbaz says I am coming to the Airport, I am sending you my location. He ends the call and sees his Car surrounded by fire. He hears Zara’s words that you can’t run away from me! Shehbaz says no, I am coming to your graveyard.

Shehbaz comes out of his Car and runs to Zara’s grave. He says I am sorry, I killed you, but I am sorry, I never liked you because I wanted to control Kabeer, you showed him the way so I had to shoot you, I did a mistake, I can’t bring you back, but please leave me alone. He turns to see all the family members standing there and Imran recording the confession. Shehbaz says all this??? Kabeer cries.

Shehbaz says you did all this to get this confession? The new Zara says yes. Kabeer says I had to do it, you are my father but look at what you have done, I would have killed you, but you made me follow God’s path, so I just have to spare your life. Shehbaz says I could have died in that fire. Imran says we had covered it with sand, so it wouldn’t have burned you. Kabeer says I wish you were scared of God, as then Zara would still have been with me. You can’t get out of here now, he shows him the recording and says the law will punish you now, it will be a death penalty! Shehbaz looks on.

Shehbaz asks Kabeer what he wants? Kabeer says you are going to Amaan and tell him that you are going abroad and then you are going to confess to Rukshar and Zeenat. Then you will cry and repent to God that you did a sin, maybe then God will give you a life. You have destroyed Irfan and Salma’s life, apologize to them and then you will go to the Police.

Shehbaz comes to Irfan and says I can’t change my mistake, I am sorry. Shehbaz starts leaving. Zara says he might run away. Kabeer says if he tries to run, then I will tell the media that my father is a killer. Shehbaz hears it.

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