The Inspector boosts about himself and tells that the confession letter is in his hands just within two hours of her stay here in the Police Station. He says the case is solved. Prachi asks him to leave her Sister. The Inspector asks the Constable to take Prachi inside. Shahana cries. Prachi asks her to go home. Shahana says I will not forgive you for this, never! Prachi asks her to go home.

Shahana asks why did you take the decision about me and says you shouldn’t have signed it. Prachi says if I had not signed it, then what would have happened with Maa and Beeji/Dadi and asks her to go home. Shahana refuses to go home until they leave her.

Prachi says if I see you here, then I will cry. Shahana says if I go from here, then I will go to Rhea’s house and scold her. They hug and cry.

Mira thinking it is good that Abhi went to free that girl, and thinks it was their mistake. She thinks of Rhea’s words that Prachi has stolen her necklace, and then her confession. She thinks to keep Rhea away from Aaliya and thinks she can’t tell anyone about her feelings for Rhea. Rhea comes there and says sorry to Mira, holding her ears. Mira forgives her and says everyone does mistake, and says the good thing is to accept one’s mistake. She says you did a mistake and learnt something from it. Rhea hugs her and thinks she doesn’t want to fall in Mira’s eyes, and thinks Prachi might come out of jail, but everyone will always think of her as a thief.

Pragya is in the taxi, and the Driver stops the Car and tells that he will check it. Pragya thinks her umbrella got stuck on that man’s Car and now this taxi?

Abhi comes to the Police station and asks about Prachi? Shahana and Prachi see him. Prachi asks if he came for her? Abhi sees tears rolling down from her eyes and reminisces Pragya. Prachi tells that she didn’t steal that necklace and cries. She asks him to believe her and says whenever you helped me, I felt that you are someone really close to me, and says you are really good.

Pragya takes a lift and thanks the Woman. Prachi says I didn’t steal. Abhi finds out that Prachi and Pragya did resemble a lot and asks her not to cry, and says I trust you. Tu dhadkan and dil song plays….Prachi thanks him.

Abhi asks her not to cry and asks who are you? Prachi says a brave girl. Shahana says sorry to Abhi for scolding him. She asks him to help Prachi and get her out from here, else her career and life will be ruined. Abhi says nothing will happen, and tells nobody’s daughter will cry on my daughter’s birthday. He asks her not to cry. Shahana says he is a real rockstar. Prachi says Rhea is a lucky girl for having such Papa, rockstar.

Rhea searches for Abhi. Aaliya asks Rhea if she did that work? Rhea says she hugged Mira and apologized. Aaliya thinks if Abhi went to free that girl? Rhea says he is my dad and loves me. Aaliya asks her to calm down and says it’s just a thought, so Abhi might not have gone to release Prachi. She hugs her and asks her to calm down. She says I swear and promise you that he will not take her out!

Abhi comes to the Inspector. The Inspector asks him to sit. Abhi asks him to free Prachi. The Inspector says I will not free her. Abhi says that house and the necklace is mine! The Inspector says he is getting a promotion as he solved the case in 2 hours. Abhi says this girl is innocent and not a professional! He asks the Inspector to leave her.

The Inspector asks him to be careful, else people will tell that he is after the girl of his daughter’s age. Abhi gets angry and shouts. The Inspector says he has a confession letter and tells his name. Abhi says she is innocent, but then why did she sign this?

Prachi asks Shahana to tell the truth to Abhi, how the Inspector got her to sign it. Abhi says you have no confession letter. The Inspector reads the fake confession letter. Abhi says you made this forged confession letter for your promotion. Abhi asks Prachi if this is your signature? Prachi nods.

Abhi says you forced her to sign?? Shahana says he blackmailed Prachi to sign, else he will put me behind bars. Abhi asks did she cry again? And asks her to go to her friend. He tears the confession letter and says you did very wrong. The Inspector asks what are you doing? Abhi says I am correcting your mistake!

The Inspector says now, see what I do with you! Abhi says the whole public will see what I do with you! The Inspector says I am not scared. Abhi calls Purab and says my next song is launched in the Vasant kunj’s Police station and asks him to send the Media there ASAP. Purab says you are doing this for Prachi and calls the Reporter.

The Inspector says I won’t let you stop my promotion and says I don’t know what is your relationship with her? Abhi says he has fatherly feelings for her. Prachi smiles. The Inspector asks him to try to free her and says I will see if you can manage to free her. He says I will tell the Media how you tear the Official letter. Abhi says you locked her without an FIR.

The Inspector says it needs signatures. Abhi says you made forged FIR and says maybe your seniors open old cases against you. The Inspector tells him that he will arrest him on the charges of tearing the confession letter! Abhi asks him to do just that, and tells that there is no FIR for this case. He asks him to think of something else and asks him to put theft charges on him, of stealing his own daughter’s necklace which he gifted it to her. How about that??

The Media comes there and insist to go inside the Police station. Abhi smiles and asks the Inspector to welcome the Media.

Purab calls another Reporter and asks him to get to Vasant Kunj Police Station. Aaliya hears him. The Inspector says it will be costly for you to mess with me! Abhi says it will be costly for you too. I will not forget you!!

The Reporters comes to the Police Station and tells that they came as Abhi called them. The Lady Constable asks them to wait until the matter is settled inside.

Pragya comes there and asks the lady Constable to let her go inside, and says her daughter is inside. A guy Constable tells her that a big issue is happening inside. Pragya asks what happened and tells that she will complain against them! The guy Constable tells that the Inspector didn’t leave even the Rockstar. Pragya asks which Rockstar? The Constable says a businessman who was awarded recently.

Abhi goes live and tells that the Police isn’t letting the Media come inside the Police station, and tells that he is not against the Police, but against some Police officer. He tells about the Inspector Sanjeev who arrested Prachi on the charges of theft, and tells everything, that he asked him to leave Prachi, but he refused and told that he solved the case already.

The Inspector asks Prachi if she didn’t steal? Prachi says no, you forced me to sign on the confession letter. Abhi tells that 2 million people are live and watching them.

The Commissioner calls the Inspector. The Lady Constable tells that Prachi’s Mum came there. Abhi tells that he will go and meet her mother, and says just like he can’t see Prachi crying, he can’t see her mother crying.

Prachi tells Shahana that Abhi is going to meet Mum. Shahana asks Prachi to make him her father on a father’s day. Prachi says if I could, then I would have made him my father long back. Shahana and Prachi get happy. Abhi comes out.

Pragya is standing afar thinking to go inside through the other way. Abhi tries to look at her, but the Media surrounds him. Jab tak wahan pe song plays… Abhi asks the lady Constable about Prachi’s Mum? The Constable says she is there. Abhi tries to go to Pragya, but the Media is after him. Abhi couldn’t see Pragya.

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