Aaliya asks Rhea not to look scared. Rhea says I am the Culprit. Aaliya says you are not the Culprit unless proven guilty. Rhea says I don’t know why Dad is so desperate. Aaliya says I fail to understand why brother is protective about her (Prachi). Rhea says why did she come from Hoshiarpur to my College? She says my dad never scolded me, and says if he comes to know that I have kept the Necklace in her pocket, then will he get me arrested? Rhea says I did what you asked me to do.

Aaliya asks her to relax and calm down. She says I will go and see Mahesh, before he sees you. Rhea’s friend hears them and asks are you the real THIEF? Rhea asks her to shut up and come to the College!

Aaliya thinks she should have thought about this before, and thinks to delay Mahesh’s work. She comes to Mahesh and asks him to go to the Kitchen and see the CCTV there. She asks about the Chip in his hand. He tells that it is a footage Chip. Aaliya tricks him and exchanges the Chip. She thinks she should tell Rhea and hide this Chip.

Mahesh comes back and tells that it is not easy to fool a technician, and tells that his Chip is smaller than hers. He says you made my work easy and told who is the THIEF. Aaliya asks him to help her and threatens him! Mahesh says you are in danger now!

Dadi tells Tai ji that she is going to the Temple for prayer. She tells that she will take Abhi with her. Tai ji asks if Abhi will come? Mitali comes and says the Driver came. Dadi says Abhi will take her. Abhi says he has some important work. Dadi emotionally blackmails him. Abhi says I will come with you. Dadi hugs him. Abhi helps Dadi get up.

Mitali asks Tai ji why did Dadi wink her eyes? Tai ji says beeji is fine and acted so that Abhi comes with her. She tells that today is 11th Purnima and Beeji prays for Abhi and Pragya’s reunion. She says God hears old age people and kid’s prayers. Mitali thinks if Abhi and Pragya will meet today?

Rhea and her friend reach college. Rocky and Shaina asks why she came late, and says you should have seen their faces. Rhea says they torn the posters and says I liked it. Rocky tells that they went to clean the campus, and says you have taken revenge on her. Rhea says it started just now, and says she won’t stop until she kicks her out! Rocky asks where she brought her evil ideas? Rhea says she is born with it. Prachi and Shahana hears them.

Shahana tells Prachi that she will scold Rhea and says she will not stop until we cut her nose! She says I will slap her hard! Prachi stops her. Shahana says this is your problem and asks if she is seeing goodness in her evilness, and says Rohit came home in Hoshiarpur as you were silent then. Prachi says I am not stopping you, but asking you to wait for the right time. She says I will reply her, but in my own way. She says I don’t want revenge, but want to teach her a lesson, so that she got to raise her hand in front of her. She promises Shahana that she will teach her a lesson before the College ends.

Abhi asks Dadi to hold the prayer tray. Dadi asks what happened to his muscles? Abhi asks her to understand and says everyone will think that I came here for prayer. He then asks her why she is having difficulty to walk with her right leg? Dadi asks him to come and says we are getting late.

Abhi asks her to answer and says you had said that you have pain in your left leg. Dadi says she acted in front of him and says I do this whenever I have to bring him to the Temple. Abhi says you were emotionally blackmailing me. Dadi says it was not British’s torture. Abhi says your lie is caught. Dadi says you come with me to the Temple, but don’t come inside.

Abhi says I do your doctrine, then why do the Temple doctrine? He says you get upset like Rhea and it is fun to cheer you up. He says you are cute. Dadi says you are more cute. She asks why I bring you here for every Purnima?Abhi says so that you can romance with me and tells to do the darshan/doctrine.

Dadi says she prays that God should bring Pragya back into his life. She tells that she is feeling like she will go today or tomorrow and tells that her last days will be passed on with her care. Abhi says I don’t need her! Dadi tells that life is lived, when there is a life partner. He tells that he’s been staying with her since the last 20 years. Dadi says you have not lived, but just passed the life. Abhi says Rhea is with him. Dadi says that Rhea will get married and will leave, but when he gets unwell, then Pragya can take care of him.

Abhi says I will drop you home and asks her to do her prayer. He thinks she made him atheist/nastik again and have no place for Pragya or God.

Pragya is on the way. The Auto stops at the Temple. She gets down from the Auto and thinks to pray for Prachi. Dadi asks the Priests until when she has to keep on coming and asks when God will hear her? The Priesr says maybe God will hear you first and asks her to ask from her heart.

Pragya climbs the stairs. Abhi gets Vikram’s call. Vikram tells that he is stressed and tells that the Rockstar is refusing to sing for them. Abhi says I will make a new Rockstar.

Dadi prays to God and asks him to make her Abhi meet Pragya and end the 20 years old exile. Abhi is still talking to Vikram. Dadi prays asking God to make Abhi and Pragya unite and thinks he is alone, and his family can be completed only with Pragya. She says Rhea needs her Mother and Abhi needs his Wife. She asks God to unite Ram and Sita… 

Abhi’s hand touches a woman’s tray by mistake and the vermilion falls on Pragya’s forehead from the plate. He is about to look at Pragya. The Woman scolds him for coming to the Temple every Purnima, and then standing out! Abhi says sorry to Pragya, and doesn’t see her. The Woman asks Abhi to bring water for Pragya. Abhi walks past her, says sorry and says nice saree.

Pragya clears her specs and tries to look at him. She thinks it’s his voice. Jab tak jahan me… song plays… Abhi tries to get water, but couldn’t get it. The Woman gives Pragya a handkerchief and asks her to clean her face. Pragya cleans her face. The Woman says the vermilion is still on her forehead. Pragya says she will clean it. Dadi is still praying. Pragya senses Abhi and thinks he is not here.

Ranbir flirts with a girl and asks for her phone number. Prachi looks at him. Ranbir moves back while talking to her and collides with Prachi. Prachi scolds him. Ranbir says I am not a Doctor, but can tell that anger is on her nose. He asks her to leave anger. Prachi asks him to become serious in life and asks why he flirts with girls? Ranbir says all girls have different qualities.

Prachi asks him to be serious with his studies. Ranbir tells that he is not here to hear her lecture and asks if she gives lecture to the Lecturers? Prachi calls him a flirt. Ranbir says I am not a flirt, just as I know that you are not a THIEF. Prachi looks on.

Ranbir tells that guts and evil mind are needed for THEFT, but she doesn’t have it. Prachi calls him a flirt and says you were flirting with those girls. Ranbir says I feel good when they come to me. He says you are not my type. Prachi says you are not my type either and leaves. Ranbir and Prachi turn and look at each other.

Shahana tells Prachi about Ranbir’s football match. Prachi asks why are you getting happy? Shahana says he is a College guy and if he wins, then he will make the College name. Prachi says he is a flirt. Shahana says when my turn comes, then I will accept his proposal. Prachi asks her to stay away from him.

Shahana says she gets reminded of Krishna, Mathura Krishna. She asks if she is after Ranbir? Shahana says thank God, we will not be rival/mistress, and says she will make Rhea as her rival. She then says Ranbir will be her boyfriend, then will marry, have 11 kids. Prachi says he always fights with me whenever we meet.

Shahana says I think Ranbir’s couple/marriage is with you and says she can sacrifice him for her. She asks her to beware of Rhea and says there will be a love triangle? Prachi says just like he says that I am not his type, he is also not my type too. She says he is good with Rhea type of girls.

Abhi brings water and asks where is that vermilion lady? The lady whose prayer plate fell asks him to drink the water. The other lady asks him not to talk on Phone before coming there. Abhi teases them. They ask him to go and do darshan/doctrine/worship of the god.

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