Sarita behen says she has some rules and regulations and tells that there should be no noise and friends shouldn’t come here, no late night, etc. She asks them to give rent on every 3rd of the month. She asks Shahana if she doesn’t like the house, then go and search the red fort. Prachi says her face is such. Pragya says this is red fort for us. Sarita behen says are you making fun of the house?? Prachi says no. Sarita behen asks them to get the house clean and come to her room.

Prachi asks Shahana why she was making faces? Shahana dislikes the house. Prachi says we don’t need to give deposit here. Pragya says once we clean the house, it will look good. Shahana says I will not like it. Prachi asks Shahana to search for red fort in Delhi and acts like Sarita behen. Pragya says her face is such and kisses her cheeks. Shahana smiles. Pragya hugs Shahana.

Pragya, Prachi and Shahana are cleaning the house… hamesha forever song plays… They play while cleaning… and have a hug. Sarita behen sees them hugging. Pragya cleans the Kitchen. Prachi says you will not throw anything away, saying it will be useful…

Pragya hears Abhi telling her that she made his luxurious house as kabadi house. Pragya asks if she will throw her out if she gets old? Abhi says no, I will keep you for 250 years. He shows the things and asks what to do with these stuff? He takes out his belt and holds her closer, asking for fees… FB ends.

Prachi thinks I don’t know what she thought and realizes that she is missing Papa.

Abhi comes to Dadi’s room and asks if she is still upset with him? Dadi says no. He says I asked as you might hit me with the leather sandal. Dadi says she is upset, as she thinks he doesn’t care about her. Abhi tries to apply lep (the medicine) on her leg. Dadi says she doesn’t want. Abhi says if you don’t get fine, then how you will come to bring Pragya home? Dadi asks really, did you see her?

Abhi says I saw and couldn’t figure out that 20 years passed. He says we will bring her back. Dadi says I will do her grah pravesh (house-warming) and says she became lively hearing about Pragya. Abhi says he will come. Dadi says I couldn’t sleep all night thinking how you didn’t see her. Mira hears them and smiles.

Abhi asks Dadi to rest and covers her with the blanket. Dadi laughs and says good night. Abhi comes out of the room and tells Mira that he did whatever she asked him. He asks what happened to you, you also smile. Mira smiles.

Pragya tells that they have to buy few things. Shahana acts like Sarita behen and tells her dialogues. They laugh. Sarita behen comes and asks what is happening? Pragya says they laughed hearing the joke. Sarita behen asks them to tell a joke, and says she came to ask them to fetch water in the morning. Shahana says we have cleaned the house and should get discount. Sarita behen says it is a bad joke. Shahana asks Prachi to fetch water in the morning. Pragya asks them not to make noise.

Abhi thinks what clothes to wear and thinks if he doesn’t wear jacket, then will the Client say that you didn’t wear the jacket? Purab comes and says I will help you. Abhi says your dressing sense is bad. Purab asks him to wear anything as the Clients and Vikram are waiting. Abhi reminisces Pragya asking him to wear jacket as good luck charm. 

Rocky tells Rhea that he is tensed, as the video in which Prachi had slapped her has gone viral in the College campus. Rhea goes upset.

Abhi is leaving for the meeting. Mira asks him to wear some jacket. Abhi says no, if Pragya was here then…? Meera says I will bring the jacket. She brings thr jacket, but Abhi is already gone. Mira thinks what was in Pragya that made him so dependent on her and wishes to see her picture. She thinks he must have one pictire of her which he must have kept hidden.

Pragya and Prachi come to the market to buy alarm clock and leather sandals. Pragya says it’s for you. Prachi says she has good sandals. Pragya asks her to take it. Prachi says we will both wear it. Prachi says we both will wear it. Pragya says I will be happy if you wear it.

Prachi thinks I wish I would have met my Sister. Rhea is driving the Car and thinking about Prachi. She recalls Prachi slapping her.

Mira calls Rhea and asks if she has any picture of her mother? Rhea says I don’t have… She thinks she hates her for leaving her! Mira thinks Abhi doesn’t have any of her pictures and thinks to search for her. She thinks if Abhi will feels bad about it? She thinks she wants to see how Pragya looks like.

Aaliya comes and asks what Mira is searching for? Mira says she is searching for Rhea’s book. She thinks if I tell about Pragya’s picture, then she will get angry. Aaliya thinks she was searching for something else. Pragya buys something for Shahana. Prachi buys something for Pragya and tells that the money is with Maa/Mother. Pragya helps an old lady to cross the road.

Prachi calls Pragya and asks her to come to the bangles shop. Rhea sees Prachi standing on the road and speeds up her Car. She is about to hit Prachi, but Prachi moves away and Pragya gets hit by the Car. Prachi shouts Maa/Mother?? Rhea gets shocked.

Rhea gets down from her Car… Pragya is falling down on the road and sees Rhea standing. Rhea looks at her.

Abhi is in the meeting and he takes Pragya’s name. The people on the road scold Rhea for hitting her with the Car! Rhea says she didn’t do it intentionally. Prachi says you hit her intentionally! She asks someone to stop a taxi. Rhea panics and sits in her Car. The people asks Rhea to stop and asks her to take Pragya to the hospital! Rhea says my Car will get dirty. The people scold her. Prachi threatens to break her Car!! Rhea agrees. The people take Pragya in the Car and ask Rhea to drive fast!

Abhi thinks Pragya is unwell and something happened to her. Purab asks what happened? Abhi gets worried and goes.

Mira comes to Dadi and asks what does she want? Dadi says she wants to go. Mira says this house and family needs you. Dadi says I know, but it’s God’s rule that whoever comes here, have to go. Mira says if the time has come, then you wouldn’t have seen Pragya. She says when she returns, then she will ask why did you say that. Dadi tells that she will tell God that she wants to stay for some more years.

Mira asks Dadi about Pragya? Dadi tells about Pragya. She says she used to love everyone and was the tulsi (completion) of the house. She says Abhi and Pragya’s lives are connected. Now Abhi is just spending his time, and requests God to bring her back. Mira wishes to see Pragya.

Prachi takes Pragya to the hospital with people’s help in Rhea’s Car. A Lady holds Rhea’s hand. Rhea asks her to let her go. The Lady asks her to wait! Prachi calls the Doctor. The guy helping her tells that it’s an accident case.

The Doctor comes and asks to take Pragya to OT. Prachi says Maa/Mother. The Doctor asks her to be outside. The guy tells the lady that the survival chances is less. Rhea thinks if I have to see this emotional drama all my life?

The lady leaves Rhea’s hand and goes to pacify Prachi. Rhea thinks she should leave, else they will ask her for money. She is about to leave, but Prachi stops her and says my Mum is in this condition because of you, you think that I will let you leave?? Rhea asks her to leave her hand and says such people like you abandon their family member for money!

Prachi is shocked and tells that you are the daughter of the best father and tells that it was your mistake, and asks her to at least ask how is she? Rhea says why should I ask, you are saying as if she is my Mum? Prachi asks why didn’t you see her and asks why did you hit my Mum?? She asks her to tell her!

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