Pragya comes there. Prachi asks why did you come here? Pragya looks at Rhea and asks him to leave her. Rhea is teary eyes being scared. Pragya says she didn’t do anything. The Inspector says she did your accident. Pragya says it’s not her mistake, I was crossing the road without looking and says she is innocent, and asks him to leave her. Prachi says what are you saying, many people saw her hitting you?

Pragya says I am not saying that they are lying or you are lying, and tells that it just that nobody saw my sight. She says I will write 6 and you will think 9. Prachi says Rhea was driving at full speed.

Pragya tells the Inspector that they study in same College, and are like friends and Sisters. She says they might have an argument in College, but Rhea didn’t do anything. The eye witness says you are very kind, but you shouldn’t show her kindness. Pragya says Rhea is innocent and asks the Inspector to leave her.

The Inspector says the FIR is filed, we made it as an attempted murder. Pragya says the FIR has been made? The Inspector says your daughter said so, and tells that now, it’s a court case, even her rich father can’t save her, it is impossible for her to be saved now.

Pragya goes to Rhea and holds her hand. She asks why did you do such foolishness and asks why did you say that you did the accident intentionally? She says did you think this is truth or dare game which you play in College, that you will become brave by lying to the Police? She asks why did you lie to the Police?

Rhea says I was upset with Prachi. Pragya says didn’t you think of the consequences and asks do you know what is written in the FIR? She asks the Inspector to show the FIR. The Inspector says she didn’t see it. Rhea says she said so, but he didn’t hear her. The Inspector says there is just the original and the copies are not yet made. He says he will send her to jail, and nobody could save her, even her father. He asks Rhea to read it!

Pragya asks the Inspector about its copies? The Inspector says copies will be made tomorrow and says she will be jailed anyhow. Pragya tears the FIR paper shocking the Inspector. He asks him to forget the case and concentrate on other case. The Inspector gets angry and asks the Constable to lock Pragya as she destroyed the FIR! Rhea asks what is he doing? The Inspector says someone will be punished anyhow!

Abhi comes tp the Police station. The Constable asks him to park anywhere. Abhi says some other Car is behind his Car. The Constable asks him to move his Car somehow! Abhi calls Purab and asks him to go to the Commissioner.

Prachi asks the Inspector to leave her Mum and tells that she had operation just now. The Inspector says first sardar ji came and then you came and asked me to file the case against Rhea.

Pragya calls Rhea near her and asks her to make the Inspector’s video and share to his friends saying he has locked the victim up. She says sometimes we have to do something wrong to make everything right. Rhea nods her head and holds her hand. Pragya asks her to take her out of the lock up.

Rhea makes a video of the Inspector as he argues with Prachi. He says now your Mum will know what happens when she plays with the Police! Prachi says she wants to save Rhea. The eye witness says you have locked the victim inside. The Inspector says she has torn the FIR on my face, and insulted me in my Police station. Prachi says you have accepted that your male ego is hurt as Maa/Mother got your case closed which you might have gotten solved. The Inspector asks the Constable to arrest Prachi! Rhea tells on video about the Inspector’s name who is troubling them. The Inspector asks the Constable to snatch the phone from Rhea!

Pragya asks them to stop it and asks when she wants to take the complaint back, then why does he wants to arrest her for his own gain and appraisal?

The Constable tells that the news about their Police station went viral and says they should leave them. The Inspector asks Rhea if she made the video? Rhea smiles. Pragya says I asked her to make this video, and says your family will forgive you, but your seniors will suspend you, so it will be better for you to let all of us go. The Inspector asks the Constable to let them go.

The Constable comes to the Inspector and tells that the Media and the local politician are outside. The Inspector asks him to handle them. He tells Rhea that his eye will be on her and he will arrest her in some case! Pragya thanks Manpreet and asks Rhea to come with them.

Abhi enters the Police station. The Media stops him and ask if he came for his daughter and if he thinks his daughter hit someone with her Car? They ask him many questions and says don’t you think that your daughter should respect people?

Mira calls Abhi and asks if he reached the Police station? Abhi asks Mira to tell Dadi that he will bring Rhea home.

The Reporter tells Abhi that he is successful at business, but failed as a father. He says your daughter wasn’t remorseful and tried to hit Prachi intentionally. Other Reporter questions him on his bad upbringing. Abhi asks them to let him go inside. Mira asks Dadi not to worry and says Abhi will bring her home.

Aaliya comes there and asks what happened? Dadi asks her to bring Rhea home. Aaliya says from where? Dadi says Rhea is arrested by the Police. Mira tells that she saw Rhea’s arrest on TV two hours back and informed Abhi. Aaliya gets angry at her.

Prachi goes to get a Rickshaw. Rhea asks why are we going from the back side and says I am not accused and no FIR is filed against her. Pragya tells that te media is outside and will ask you stupid questions and will manipulate your reply to get some news. She says they don’t want to hear your truth, but wants just news. She says they will write that your rich father got you freed and want TRP. She says I want you and your family to save you. Rhea says why did you stress yourself for me and got locked up to save me? She says you know that I did that accident deliberately, yet you saved me.

Pragya says as I am a mother and understands what one feels when their daughter is in lock up and would have done same thing for Prachi. Rhea says just one reason. Pragya says other reasons too. She says whatever you did is because of anger and didn’t use your mind, and for this, you shall not be punished, but should learn a lesson. She says you reminded me of someone, who is like you and says he takes decision in anger, then regret it later on. She says I did this for your Mum, and don’t want her to feel the same pain.

Rhea says I have no Mum. Pragya asks her to think of her as her Mum and asks her to always remember her teaching not to do this again.

Prachi asks Pragya to come and says the media will soon be here.

Abhi comes to the Inspector and asks about Rhea. The Inspector says Rhea went from behind the door and must have reached home by now. Abhi says she is innocent. The Inspector says she is not innocent and had done the accident deliberately. She wanted to have her revenge on Prachi and tried to kill her with her Car, but their hearts are big. She says Prachi’s Mum did something for Rhea that a mother did for her daughter, and took back the FIR and got Rhea freed. He says if Rhea’s Mum was like Prachi’s Mum, then your daughter wouldn’t be like this, your daughter is freed, but she isn’t innocent.

Aaliya asks Mira why she didn’t tell her about Rhea? She says you are giving importance to just brother and not me. Mira says it’s not like that. Aaliya says why didn’t you tell me? Dadi says she was with me since the news came. Aaliya says Rhea is very important to me and I stayed with her as a mother and had promised her that I will never leave her. She says I don’t want her to miss her Mum. Dadi says if you are like her Mum, then you wouldn’t have let her forget her Mother.

Dadi says everyone was awake for her many nights and says I myself was awake for her. She says Mira brought her up like a Mum. Aaliya says she is a governess and not her Mum, as she has used Rhea as a source of income.

Mira says enough and says she is not her source of income, but my daily dose. She says she can’t imagine her life without her and asks her not to give her a salary and see her doing the same thing. She asks her not to disrespect her feelings. Aaliya says you are talking big as you have forgotten your value. She tells that someone was also here, who had forgotten her value and now nobody wanted to remember her. She says you are just her Caretaker and asks her not to forget her value!

Shahana asks Pragya why did she tear the FIR? Pragya says it was necessary. Prachi says she fought with the hospital authorities and got discharged to get Rhea freed. She says she fought with the hospital staff as well as the Police.

Shahana says what would we have done if you fall into any trouble? Prachi says you shouldn’t risk yourself for her. Shahana says Rhea was not your daughter. Pragya says she is someone’s daughter.

Sarita behen says I was like you, and had to pay a heavy price for my goodness. She says Strangers will not value your goodness and says seeing your face, it doesn’t look that you will learn. Shahana says you have strengthened her guts now.

Pragya says looking at Rhea, she felt that she is not bad and asks them to try to make her better. She says Rhea’s father helped you so much and got you freed from lock up. She says when her father is good, she can’t be bad and says maybe she did that due to anger, or her friends might be provoking her. She asks them to give a chance to Rhea. Prachi says maa/mother is right, her Papa is so good. Shahana says we will give her one last chance.

Dadi tells Aaliya that she did wrong by taunting Mira and says you said you took care of Rhea well, but you don’t have some time for your own son Aryan. Aaliya says you can’t talk to me like that. Mira says I should have informed Aaliya about Rhea’s arrest.

Dadi says you came to know sometime back, but you are here arguing with Mira and not doing anything for Rhea. She says I called you, but you didn’t see my calls.

Rhea comes there and hugs Aaliya, Dadi and Mira. Mira says I told you so many times not to drive fast and asks if she got hurt? Rhea says she is fine. Aaliya asks about Abhi? Rhea says I don’t know. Aaliya asks then who got you freed? Rhea says Prachi’s Mum who was the accident victim.

Prachi asks Pragya to drink hot milk and sleep. Pragya says turmeric milk, and says she doesn’t want to drink. Prachi asks her to drink silently. Pragya says you are my daughter and asks her to sleep. Prachi asks her to drink. Pragya says she will close her mouth.

Shahana comes and holds her hand and asks her to drink it. Sarita behen comes there and asks her to drink the mil, since it was bought with money and it isn’t easy to drink money.

Prachi asks her when did she wake up in the morning? Sarita behen says 6 am. Prachi says she wakes up at 7 am. Sarita behen asks what shouldl I do? Prachi asks Pragya to drink the milk. Pragya finishes the milk and says I know what you did.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Prachi’s Mum got her freed. She asks if she didn’t see the video on social media and tells that the Inspector filed an attempted murder case against her, but Prachi’s Mum tore the FIR. She tells that she did all that for me, and says she hasn’t seen such an amazing lady, so real, I never saw such woman. She says the Inspector arrested Prachi’s Mum, and she was threatening the Inspector not to touch me. She says she knows all what I did ti Prachi and my problems with her, but she still took my side, and asks can you believe me? She says now I come to know where Prachi got so much guts, just because her mother is having much guts. She says she shouldn’t have been Prachi’s Mum, but her own Mum.

Mitali comes and tells that Abhi is back and he’s angry. Aaliya apologizes to Mira. Vikram and Purab try to calm Abhi down. Abhi says she should understand.

Rhea comes and hugs Abhi. Abhi says I gave you everything and liberty to do anything. He asks who gave you the right to play with someone else’s life??  Rhea asks are you scolding me? Abhi says I didn’t know that our love and care will spoil you so much! Mira asks him to calm down.

Rhea says she didn’t do anything and says Prachi’s Mum… Abhi says I know everything! He says she caused the accident of the lady that freed her. Aaliya says she is a kid. Abhi says you have always supported and encouraged her for all her wrongdoings!

Dadi says what is the use of talking about thi? Abhi says I don’t want this to happen again and make her better! Rhea says you don’t know what Prachi did to me. Abhi says Prachi is mature and I don’t even want to listen to Rhea right now!

Aaliya says you are scolding your daughter for someone else. Abhi says it is my mistake that I pampered her a lot and spoiled her! He says tomorrow, we will both go to Prachi’s house to apologize to both Prachi and her Mum. Rhea says when I didn’t do anytging wrong, then why should I say sorry??

Purab tries to interfere. Abhi asks him not to take her side. Rhea says I am sorry, but I will not apologize to Prachi. Abhi says I want you to realize your mistake and says see you in the morning.

Vikram’s Wife asks her to say sorry for Abhi’s happiness. Rhea asks Aaliya to make him understand and says I can’t say sorry to Prachi. Aaliya asks Vikram to give some important work to brother so that he forgets Prachi. Vikram says Okay. Aaliya asks her not to worry.

Dadi asks Purab should I go with them? Purab says no, and says Abhi is very upset. Abhi thinks of the Inspector and the Reporter’s talks and thinks if Pragya was here, then Rhea would have been a better person. He thinks of who her elder daughter looks like, and thinks she must have specs like Pragya. He thinks why did he let Pragya take his elder twin?

Pragya gets up from sleep thinking of Rhea saying she has no Mum. She drinks water and thinks my younger daughter is with Abhi, and thinks if my daughter is like Rhea? She worries for her and thinks if she is like Prachi, and thinks she must be like her, or like Kiara. She thinks Kiara was stubborn, but was very matured. She thinks the younger daughter must be like Kiara and thinks she never missed Abhi, but after many days, she missed him.

Prachi comes to her and says I will massage your head. Pragya says I am fine. Prachi says I will massage your head. Pragya says you are stubborn like your father. Prachi asks if you don’t want to talk about him, then it’s okay. She asks if he really doesn’t love me?  Pragya says he used to love you a lot and used to make excuses not to go out. She says your father was anxiously waiting for you both and wasn’t bad, but the circumstances was bad. She says when I was leaving from the house, he wanted to take both daughters, but she took her with her as she would have died without her. Prachi thanks her for telling good things about her father and says I heard only bad things about him from Beeji/Dadi, which I know won’t be true.

In the morning, Abhi wakes Rhea up. Rhea wakes up and says good morning. She says sorry about yesterday. Abhi says we are going to Prachi’s house and says I want you to apologize to them. Rhea says she doesn’t know their address. Abhi says he knew his old house, but the Driver came back and said that he couldn’t enquire about their new address? Rhea says they can stay anywhere.

Abhi says he sent Purab to college and got Prachi’s address. He asks her to get ready. Rhea gets angry and says I don’t want to do this! She says I am ready to apologize to Prachi’s Mum, but not her! She says she slapped me and wanted to teach me a lesson. She says Prachi wants to see her victory on my face!

Pragya is making coffee for everyone. Sarita behen comes and tells that Malti called and said that she is not coming. Pragya offers her coffee. Sarita behen says she drinks ginger tea. Pragya says I will make it. Sarita behen says I will drink coffee. Pragya gives her coffee and asks who is Malti?

Sarita behen says my helper. Pragya says I will do the work and make food. Sarita behen asks if you are Malti’s relative? Pragya tells her that the food will be tasty. Sarita behen says only customers will tell. She says she will not give her money. Pragya says I will be happy helping others and tells that she used to give free tuitions to the NGO kids. Sarita behen asks you seems to be mad and asks don’t think that I will give liberty to pay rent late! Pragya says I need smile on your face till evening.

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