Pragya asks the Servant about Mr. Mehra. She asks him to give him the coffee and tell that Sarita behen sent it. The Servant asks her to give it to him herself and says he has some work to do.

Abhi is on call and ends it. He looks at his clothes and thinks what to wear? Pragya is coming to his room. Abhi sings inki pinky ponki and goes to the washroom. Pragya enters his room holding the coffee cup, flask and tray. She keeps the tray and selects his suit and keeps it in front. She sees ROCK written on it and thinks even he likes Rock.

Abhi comes to his room and thinks who has chosen his clothes? He sees flask and coffee cup. He opens the flask and smells coffee. He thinks Sarita ji’s coffee, what a timing? He drinks the tea and says Sarita ji’s coffee.

Vikram comes there. Abhi says he’s drinking Sarita ji’s coffee. Vikram drinks it from Abhi’s cup and says it is good. Abhi asks him to get Coffee from Sarita ji personally.

Pragya meets Pallavi and says she came with Sarita ji. They have a talk. Aaliya comes down the stairs and she’s about to come near Pallavi to see whom she is talking to. Just then, she looks at her phone. Sarita behen calls Pragya to give something.

Aaliya asks about Vikram and wishes her happy anniversary. Pallavi tells her that she met a wonderful woman amongst the Caterer. Aaliya says she has important work. Pallavi asks her to meet her.

Ranbir tells Aryan that he’s going to propose to a girl. Aryan asks if he is proposing to Prachi? Ranbir says no and tells that from this day, he will be just one woman man. He says I am going to propose to Rhea. His sister Mishti hears him and says so you are going to propose to her, and says I will tell everyone. Ranbir says if you don’t tell anyone, then I will teach you how to drive my bike. She asks him to give his bike keys as Security. Ranbir tells Aryan that he is fine, as he has no Sister. He stops Mishti and gives her bike keys. Mishti takes the keys.

Mitali comes to Pallavi and talks about her pendant. She tells that Abhi gifted everyone on Rhea’s birthday. Pallavi says it’s beautiful. Mitali calls Abhi and asks him to come. She asks how is it? Abhi and Vikram says beautiful. Abhi says sister-in-law was talking about her pendant. Vikram says he can only see Pallavi. Mitali says she was talking about just the pendant.

Dadi and beeji talk about their daughter-in-laws. Dadi tells that her daughter-in-law used to take care of everyone and made Abhi responsible and a changed man. Abhi asks what are you doing and says today is Vikram and Pallavi’s anniversary. Mitali talks about Abhi’s love for his Wife. Abhi says we will talk later.

Aaliya comes and asks Vikram and Pallavi to come. Pallavi asks about Abhi’s Wife and asks her to tell something about her. Abhi excuses himself and goes to get water. Aaliya asks who asked about Rhea’s Mom, especially not in front of brother. Beeji says Dadi talked about her.

Purab asks Abhi where he’s going? Abhi says going to talk on Phone. Purab asks him to tell him at least. Abhi says do you know, and says this parties doesn’t suit me, I feel lonely and feel like something is amiss. Purab says you know you are missing whom? Abhi says I don’t know where she is. Purab asks if you come to know about her, then what will you do? Abhi says what will I do and says I have tolerated everything in all these years, and says my pain will increase.

Sarita behen looks at Pragya supervising the Waiters about the do’s, and sending starters with them. She asks Prachi and Shahana to make the tables ready. She asks Prachi to get flower petals from the tempo. Prachi goes. Sarita behen says you know so much about the big house party and asks if she was the big house daughter-in-law? Just then, Sarita behen gets a call from someone and the guy tells that he can’t come there.

Sarita behen tells Pragya that 10 kgs tomatoes are needed. Pragya asks her to send someone. Sarita behen says Prachi and Shahana have to be out. Pragya asks her to go and says she will cook, as she has arranged such parties before. Sarita behen looks on surprisingly. Pragya says I was a big house daughter-in-law and such big parties used to happen there, which she used to organize, and asks her to go on time, else she will cut her pay! Sarita behen says she will come back soon.

Pragya makes food and climbs on the chair to get something. Allah wariyan song plays… Abhi comes to the Kitchen and sees her on the chair, but doesn’t see her face. Pragya tries to get the box/cannister from the roof of the cabinet, but the flour falls on Abhi’s face. Pragya closes her eyes. Abhi asks for water.

Pragya gets down the table. Abhi comes to the wash basin asking for water. Pragya slips and falls on him, but they don’t see each other.

Mira comes there and takes Abhi with her to the washroom. Pragya thinks what did I do, I made flour fall on Mr. Mehra and spoiled the kitchen as well.

Aryan asks Shahana if all the work is done? Shahana says yes. He asks her to listen. Shahana asks him to help her and not to waste her time, and says she can buy all the ration in this small time, and says you have lost my precious time. He says your name shall be Sahana…Shahana says your name shall be… and says she will think and tell him.

Prachi asks Shahana to do the work fast and says the guests might be coming here. Shahana says we will become a statue.

Ranbir and Aryan comes there playing with ball and ruins the table decoration. Prachi asks if he can’t see the decoration? Ranbir says today is his Parents’ anniversary. Prachi says this party is for your Parents and asks him not to ruin him. Ranbir asks why did they set the tables at their playing place? Shahana argues with Aryan and asks him not to speak in between! Aryan says he will take his brother’s side. Shahana says she doesn’t want foolish people here. Aryan gets a call and goes.

Prachi asks Ranbir to set the table with his hand. He says no way. Prachi holds his hand and says I will not leave any way for you, and asks him to just fix it.

Abhi comes to his room. Mira gives him towel. Abhi looks at the suit chosen by Pragya and thinks to wear it. Mira brings the other suit. Abhi tells her that he has chosen his clothes and says this is destiny. He says I am going to change.

Shahana runs after Aryan and snatches his phone. She says he is the man without brain and he’s not sweet. Aryan tries to get his phone. Shahana asks him not to run when she speaks. He asks how dare you snatch my phone?? Shahana calls him no brain man, and says you have named me Shahana, I will name you Monkey! He says it’s not acceptable. She says you have to keep it. He says I am very good looking. Shahana says somebody might have lied to you and says you are looking like a monkey. Aryan says I will see you. He runs behind her.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she will not leave him until he cleans up the mess! Ranbir says he doesn’t take anyone’s orders! Prachi says I would have done the work if you had spoken to me so nicely. He refuses to do it. Prachi says your Parents’ anniversary will be without you, I won’t let you go. Ranbir says okay, and sets the table. He asks happy? Prachi thanks him and says I have manners. He then throws the flower petals and breaks the tables and messes up everything. Prachi says this is not right. Ranbir says I don’t care about what you do and asks her to do what girls do! She throws the ball at him. He says I don’t care.

Pallavi comes there and asks what happened here? Prachi says I was decorating the table, but Ranbir’s football… Ranbir says my football hit her table and that’s why she is saying sorry. Pallavi says why should she say sorry? Prachi asks how to sign your football? Pallavi says we gave her this place.

Ranbir tells Pallavi that Papa is talking to one hot Aunty. Pallavi goes to check. Ranbir asks Prachi not to tell his Mum that he messed up everything here. Pallavi comes back and asks Ranbir to clean up all the mess! Prachi says he wanted to clean it, but she asked him to leave it. Pallavi asks him to clean it! Ranbir says I will clean and asks her to go. Prachi asks Pallavi to sit and see how her Son is cleaning the mess. She gives her Chair. Pallavi sits. Ranbir sets the tables. Prachi also sits with her.

Mishti tells Shaina and the other friend that something is going to happen today. Rhea comes there. Mishti says both Rhea and her brother are pretty. Aryan asks Mishti about Ranbir. Mishti says he is there.

Aryan asks Ranbir if I am like monkey? Ranbir says you are a handsome hunk and says if anyone tells you otherwisee, then my image will be affected, and says you are my brother.

Abhi comes out of the washroom and thinks what is their plan? Mira asks whose problem? He asks you came back? She says yes. He says Prachi made the tray fall on me, but she is a kid, but dare her Mum to make flour fall on me. He says he will make aata, besan fall on her. He says it is very difficult to change clothes and says he had really hard time getting rid of the flour, and so much water is wasted.

Mira is surprised and says Prachi’s Mum is a good woman. Abhi says all women are same and goes. Mira’s mum thinks Prachi’s Mum might not let you speak.

Aryan asks Ranbir why he wants Rhea? Ranbir asks then whom? Aryan says she is my Sister, very temperamental and high maintenance. Ranbir says that is classy and tells that they compliment each other. Aryan says we don’t have a boyfriend or girl friend. He says all girls die for me. Aryan says except Prachi. Ranbir says Prachi is a troublemaker. He says Rhea is perfect for him and tells that he never proposed to anyone untill now. Aryan says you don’t see her with that sight. Ranbir says he will try and tells that he will propose to her in such a way that she won’t be able to refuse him.

Abhi tells Purab that he was in the washroom for the past 30 mins and it was tough for him to wash the flour from his face. Purab says it’s okay and asks him to relax. Abhi says I was looking like a Zombie and tells that if anyone had seen me, then they would have run off.

Mira says you are still behaving the same. Purab says he used to behave the same was 20 years ago. He asks Mira to handle Abhi. Abhi says why should she handle me, as she already handles Rhea.

Vikram comes and gives him a drink. Purab thinks Pragya used to make him so angry and thinks he didn’t change. Mira gets a liking for Abhi and smiles.

Beeji appreciates Pallavi for keeping the party at home and tells that she likes Prachi. Pallavi says she is sweet and helps her Mum in the business. She tells that Sarita behen is her Dadi and they love each other. Rhea hears them and tells that the food is amazing. Shahana thinks why is she talking so sweetly all of a sudden?

Rhea tells that the service is slow and that she has ordered for a Waiter to bring something, but he didn’t bring it. She says apart from that, everything other thing is perfect.

Shahana gets worried and comes to Pragya and tells that everything is ruined, and tells that they don’t have the time to save their respect. Pragya says why is she after that bechari.. Shahana says she will get heart attack if she hears this. She tells that her lado Rani is complaining that the Waiter didn’t serve her water. Pragya says who said that, Prachi? Shahana says Rhea.

Pragya goes to check the Service. Ranbir calls a Waiter and asks him to tell the girl signaling at Rhea to send her to the left hand side of the room, else someone will die. The Waiter thinks he is talking about Prachi and informs her that if she doesn’t’t go, then someone will die.

Ranbir thanks the guy for helping him in the decoration of the room where he plans to propose to Rhea.

Pallavi tells Vikram that Ranbir helped Prachi in setting the tables. Vikram gets impressed. He tells that they should go out. Pallavi tells Dadi that she wants her to come with him and feels shy and go.

Prachi comes and gives juice to Vikram. Vikram says you are amazing to make Ranbir work and asks how did you do it? Prachi says if I tell you, then will you repair his mind wiring? He says your sense of humour is good and blesses her.

Pragya sees Prachi with Vikram and thinks he is Mr. Mehra. She thanks him for helping Prachi and Sarita behen. She says I want to thank you with the Coffee. She says you helped her in the Police station. Vikram thinks when did I help Prachi in the Police station? Pragya calls him Mr. Mehra and goes. Vikram thinks I am Kohli.

Ranbir thinks to practice proposing to Rhea and thinks to tell about a hindi movie dialogue. He thinks it is very difficult. Prachi comes to the room and thinks this is the room, but why is it so dark? Ranbir is in the room, but doesn’t see her face. He asks her not to go and stay for some time. He says I have switched off the lights and asks her not to panic. He says in college, all the guys like you and I never thought I will like you. He moves backwards towards her and turns to her. He says I love you. Prachi is shocked.

Ranbir says you are here? Prachi says someone sent me here and says you wanted to propose to me and changed your tone seeing the reaction. He says you will not bear rejection. Ranbir says who will propose to you and tells that you are happy that I praised you? She says you are handsome and is dumbo not to act sarcastically. He asks her to leave and asks why did you wait here hearing my proposal? Prachi gets upset with him and asks herself to calm down.

Mira thinks I shouldn’t have that kind of feelings towards Mr. Mehra, it is wrong. Pragya looks at the Waiters working properly and thinks why did Rhea tell that the Service is bad? Abhi is coming there with Dadi. Allah wariyan song plays…

Pragya thinks all the Waiters are working properly, then why did Rhea say that the service is bad? She thinks Rhea might be in a bad mood and told that to Pragya.

Abhi and Dadi comes there. The Waiter asks for more glasses. Pragya gives the glasses to the Waiter. Aaliya asks the Waiter to give her water, but she doesn’t see Pragya. Pragya comes near the air cooler and takes some cold air… Abhi is standing near her and talking to someone. Her scarf flies in air and goes on his face. Abhi turns to her, but she goes.

Vikram asks Abhi about the surprise for Pallavi and goes to her. Abhi takes the microphone and tells that today is Vikram and Pallavi’s 24th Wedding Anniversary and asks them to dance together. They refuse to dance. Abhi asks them to dance. Vikram says no. Abhi says I will get upset. Vikram says he can’t make his friend upset. Ranbir tells that his Dad wanted to dance.

Vikram and Pallavi dance. Mila hun jab…..sukoon mila…plays…Abhi imagines dancing with Pragya. Everyone claps for Vikram and Pallavi. Abhi’s imagination ends. Vikram thanks everyone and says the youngsters will entertain you more now.

Rhea and Ranbir dance with each other. Abhi comes to Prachi and asks her to dance. Prachi refuses. Abhi asks Aryan to dance with her.

Prachi and Aryan dance. The dance partners change. Shahana looks at them. Abhi smiles looking at them. Prachi comes to Ranbir while dancing. Rhea doesn’t like to see Prachi dancing. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand tightly and makes her fall down, and holds Rhea seeing her falling down. Abhi asks Prachi if she is fine? Rhea feels bad that nobody is asking her.

Dadi and beeji also ask Prachi if she’s fine? Rhea goes upset. Abhi calls her and goes. Mitali asks why is she angry? Aaliya says I don’t know why Brother is giving so much importance to Prachi. Mitali says maybe Abhi thinks Prachi is like Pragya, and his other daughter might be just like her, and says she looks like Pragya as well. Mira hears her and goes. Mitali thinks Rhea dislikes Prachi.

Rhea is sad and thinks Abhi is giving more importance to Prachi. She collides with Pragya. Pragya says sorry. She says you look like a doll. Rhea says nobody called me a doll before and hugs her. She asks her to tell Prachi not to trouble her. Pragya asks what did she do? Rhea asks her to tell Prachi to stay away from her. Pragya says okay and asks if there is something else? Rhea is walking away from her and turns to look at her and smiles.

Mira looks at Pragya and Rhea and thinks for the first time, she didn’t break anything when angry.

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