Sarita behen tells that she does her house work on her own. She says last time, we didn’t talk properly and tell that Shahana, Prachi and her Mum went out. Abhi says I came to talk to you. Sarita behen asks about Vikram? Abhi says he is my business partner. Sarita behen asks if he is dumb? Vikram says no. Sarita behen asks him to drink water. Vikram says he will have cold water. She says she will not sell her house or shop. Abhi says Vikram is having his marriage anniversary today and tells that the order is for 500 people.

Sarita behen thinks Pragya made the food for tiffins and thinks what to make them taste? Abhi asks her to make them taste their tiffin centre food.

Pragya rings the bell. Dadi says my Pragya has come and is walking towards the door. Pragya asks what will I do if Rhea is at home, or Abhi is at home? Dadi calls Bahadur and asks him to open the door. Bahadur says okay. Dadi says my Pragya has come. Pragya turns to leave and then thinks why should I leave, I will meet my daughter, I didn’t see her since so many years.

Pragya thinks why should I go? I will go after meeting my daughter. Just then, Dadi slips. Bahadur runs back to Dadi.

Vikram and Abhi tastes the food made by Pragya thinking Sarita behen made it. Vikram asks if she can do this order? Sarita behen says yes. Vikram says he will give 700 per plate. Abhi says 800 Rs. Sarita behen is surprised and says you will have the tasty food. Abhi says I have a condition and says he wants to get coffee that you made me drink in the morning.

Sarita behen thinks that coffee was made by Pragya and says should I make filter coffee? Vikram says you are an expert and asks her to make two coffees which made his friend crazy. Sarita behen says okay and takes her phone.

Dadi says my Pragya has come. Sarita behen calls Pragya and tells that she got a big order of 500 people for 700 rs each plate. She says she will get her order if you make the coffee that you made in the morning. She says Rhea’s father came and the order is for the Mehra family. Pragya asks for Rhea’s father name? Sarita behen says Abhishek Mehra.

Dadi opens the door and comes out. Pragya says I am coming there and runs out. She sits in the Cab. Dadi comes out and sees the cab leaving. She waves her hand calling Pragya. She says Pragya is gone.

Vikram says Sarita behen is taking so much time and says let’s go. Abhi says special coffee takes time. Vikram says if the coffee is not tasty, then I will not come to the Office for complete good 3 days and you have to handle the work! He says if I like it, then you can kiss her hand. Abhi says he will like it like he used to. Vikram asks what?

Sarita behen thinks what to do, should I tell them that Pragya made the coffee, and thinks she will not get this order nor any order like this again. She thinks to make excuse that the milk is curdles and she will get milk from the market. Abhi says I will check and he’s about to go to the Kitchen.

Sarita behen comes out and tells that the milk is curdled, maybe due to hot weather. She says I have to get milk from outside, but you might not have time. Abhi says we will not leave without drinking the coffee.

Prachi comes there and greets them. Abhi says he became lively seeing her and asks Prachi to get the milk. Prachi asks why? Abhi says for Sarita behen’s coffee. Prachi says I will bring the milk.

Pragya comes home. Prachi says Rhea’s father came to meet Sarita behen and tells that she is going to buy milk. Abhi peeps out of the door, but doesn’t see Pragya. Pragya asks the Driver to keep the change of 2000. She then thinks what to do, and asks the Driver to give 1800 Rs. He says he doesn’t have change.

Vikram gets a call and says he is drinking coffee and will be there in 5 mins. Abhi asks Sarita behen to bring the coffee in the evening and tells Vikram that they should wait for 5 more mins.

Pragya takes the change from the Driver. Abhi and Vikram come out of the house and sit in the Car. Pragya sits down to pick her fallen notes. Abhi gets down from the car and sits again. Allah wariyan plays…

Pragya goes inside the house. Sarita behen says she is not getting the pen now. Pragya asks where is Rhea’s Papa? Sarita behen says he went and says he waited for coffee so much, but he went for some work. Prachi brings water and asks where is Sir? Sarita behen says he went and asks her to keep the milk in the fridge.

Pragya thinks Abhi saved his daughter without knowing about her, and the daughter has finally reached her father.

Vikram asks Abhi to stop the car and says I will drive. Abhi says I was bored, and asks him to drive. Vikram sits in the Driver’s seat and says that cycle guy was overtaking the Car. He says you are yearning for the coffee and desperate for it. It seems like I have stopped your meeting with your girlfriend and behaving like a kid. Abhi asks him to U turn and says we forgot to give an advance to Sarita behen. Vikram says Pallavi will scold me and I don’t have cash.

Sarita behen thinks what to make and thinks what if they don’t like it? Prachi tells Sarita that Maa/Mother is a good cook.

Abhi calls Sarita and says sorry. Sarita asks if the order has beeb cancelled? Abhi says no, sorry for the inconvenience. She asks if the order is cancelled? Abhi says I will make you understand by coming inside.

Abhi tells Sarita behen that he is outside as he forgot to give her an advance. Prachi asks Sarita behen if she should go and collect it? Sarita behen sends her and asks Abhi to give the money to her. She dances happily. Pragya sees her dancing. Sarita says she was not dancing, but hitting the mosquitoes. Pragya says you are looking good while dancing.

Prachi comes out. Sarita behen asks Pragya how much advance do yiu think he will give? Pragya says why didn’t you ask then? Sarita behen says she forgot in excitement and tells that he came out. Pragya comes out and sees Vikram. Abhi says we have forgotten to give an advance and asks Prachi to give it to Sarita behen. He says sorry. Vikram says he forgot due to the coffee. Prachi says it’s okay.

Pragya sees Vikram and thinks he is Mr. Mehra. She asks Prachi if he is Mr. Mehra? Prachi says yes, and tells that he is Rhea’s father.

Purab is in the room. Aaliya asks why did you do this? She takes his Phone and ends the call. Purab asks her to talk with manners and says I am your husband and not some Servant! She asks why did you return Mukherji’s paper? Purab says why did you take his papers from him and says he’s been working for us since 25 years and why can’t we give him loan without guarantee? Aaliya says it’s company rules and says when he repays the loan, I will give back his papers!

Purab says you can’t see anyone happy. Aaliya asks what do you mean by that statement? Purab says you will only get the amount of respect you give to people. She asks who said this? He says Disha. Aaliya says I can’t believe that cheap, middle class woman went from the house, but didn’t go from your heart. She says it is all Pragya’s mistake, as she changed you! He says Pragya and Disha went, but you are taking their legacy forward.

Aaliya says I thought you will change after marrying me, but I was wrong. She says you are just like Pragya and Disha, and your mentality is as cheap as that of poor people! Purab asks why did you marry me then? Aaliya says I thought I can change you, but hearing you and repeating our arguments, I think you don’t want to change, I have failed.

Prachi gives the envelope to Sarita behen. Sarita behen gets happy seeing so much money and tells Pragya that she will give her 25 percent profit. Pragya says she doesn’t want money? Sarita behen says she got the order because of the food that she made today. Pragya says I will make the food and can manage.

Shahana comes out. Prachi tells her about the order and tells that Aunty promised Maa/Mother 25 percent profit. Sarita behen says I will not give it now and says you have to have a relationship with me and says you might want to get my house. She says everyone wants this and says do you think I am a fool to come into your sweet talks?? She reminds her that she is just a tenant and shouldn’t have any relationship with her. She throws the money on Pragya asking her to keep it.

Pragya goes to Sarita behen’s room. Sarita behen says I don’t want to talk. Pragya says you have to do the worldly things. Sarita behen says you have a daughter and a niece, but I have nothing. She says her daughter-in-law took her Son and her daughter never bothered about her. Pragya asks why she is expecting anything from them and thinking all this?

Sarita behen asks do you know how it feels when someone leaves you? Pragya says I know as my own family left me, but I made them as my memory and not the reason of my sadness. He says when the same God gave you a chance, you don’t want to take it. She says whenever Prachi and Shahana are looking at you, you don’t smile. She asks her to be happy for herself and others.

Abhi comes home. Dadi says you’re back? Abhi says yes. Dadi says you will not trust me and says I was waiting for this. Abhi asks her to tell him what it is. Dadi says Pragya came to our doorstep today. Abhi says really? Dadi says I felt and says next time, she will come inside the house. Abhi says even I feel it. Dadi says she has come to this City and will come to our house very soon. She asks him to tell everyone. Abhi says I will tell everyone, and then says we will tell them when we see her, else nobody will believe us. Dadi says you are right and asks him to rest. She goes out of the room.

Abhi thinks he lied to Dadi that he felt her and thinks she had promised that she will never return to the City.

Shahana tells Pragya that she heard her and says what if Sarita behen throws us out of the house? Prachi says you being a teacher, you scold everyone, but you should have told her while smiling. Sarita behen says she wants to hear only the truth. Pragya says I don’t want to hurt your heart.

Sarita behen says whatever you said today was meaningful and truthful and I felt that even you have bear so much in life. She says nobody showed me this perception of life as we were destined to meet. She holds her hand and says I promise that I will live happily forever. She says I will be very happy if you accept my 25 percent profit and can have a relationship with me, for your happiness.

Sarita behen says we are partners from today henceforth, we will cook and Prachi and Shahana will serve as helpers. Prachi says family business. She says we have become family and we now have a family business. Sarita behen asks her to make coffee for Mr. Mehra in the evening. Pragya says okay.

Tai ji tells Mira that Pragya used to make rangoli, seeing the rangoli made by Mira. She says Pragya had named the colours with the family member’s name.

Aaliya comes and asks Mira if she does this as well? Mira says she learned on net and used to do in childhood. Aaliya asks her to do onlt what she is best at and should select Rhea’s clothes and shouldn’t waste time on this! Mira feels bad.

Tai ji asks Mira not to feel bad and says Aaliya said all this as she doesn’t know how to make rangoli. She asks her to make the rangoli on time and get ready. Mira says just 5 mins.

Pragya steps inside the Mehra Mansion. Mira is surprised and says you are here? Pragya says she came with Sarita ji for catering. She looks at the rangoli and says it’s good, like a family. Mira asks the Servant to show her the Kitchen. Sarita behen comes and asks Pragya where to make food? Pragya says he will take us to the Kitchen. Mira thinks such a nice soul and thinks Dadi might be happy to meet her.

Abhi and Dadi comes to the temple. Abhi thinks Dadi came to pray for Vikram and Pallavi, even though she has so much pain. Dadi prays to God and says today, she has to lie because of him, and says bless Vikram and Pallavi, but listen to me as well. She says Pragya is in this City and asks why did she go without meeting us?

Abhi is outside and sees Prachi coming there. Prachi says she came to thank God on Sarita behen’s behalf and says she is happy and even she is happy as if she got a big job. Abhi asks her to go inside and pray.

Dadi asks God to unite Abhi and Pragya, she asks her to unite her with her grand daughter. Prachi sees her. Dadi calls her. Prachi touches her feet. Dadi blesses her and finds Pragya’s resemblance in her. Prachi says I will go. She comes to Abhi and says I will meet you at the house. He asks her to come with him.

Prachi says she has some work. Abhi asks her to be careful while going and says he says the same to Rhea. Prachi thinks all Parents are the same, caring.

Sarita behen calls some men for help and tells Pragya that Professional helpers were costly. Pragya asks Sarita behen, how they will do the work? Shahana comes and asks how they will do a waiter’s work being vegetable guys?

Pragya takes Sarita behen out and says if they do any mistake, then you will have loss and not profit. Shahana says she will train them on how to serve. Pragya asks her to cut from her payment, but not on the quality. Sarita behen asks her to do what she says, else she will cut her pay! Pragya comes to her and says I know you have realized your mistake, but won’t accept it. She says Shahana and Prachi will handle it then. Shahana assigns the work to the new waiters.

Rhea comes and asks what are you doing here? Shahana says your Dad hired us for this Party. Rhea says Waitress. Shahana says Caterer. Rhea asks if she spread rumours that she apologized to Pragya at her house? Shahana says she only said the truth. Rhea threatens her and says your face is very irritating! Shahana says your threats are very entertaining. Rhea asks her to get lost!! Shahana says going?

Pallavi gets ready for the party and gets Vikram’s chit. She finds the necklace and wears it. Vikram comes and says I wish I was the Necklace. He gets romantic and says I stay in your heart. Pallavi says I didn’t bring anything for you. Vikram says you have already given me two precious Sons and daughter. He asks for a kiss.

Ranbir comes and says I didn’t see anything. He goes. Vikram says he knows and says if Mishti sees it, then it’s good. She asks him to go out. Vikram says happy marriage anniversary and says you are looking very beautiful today. He goes.

Ranbir is running and collides with Prachi. Prachi asks him to move back and says you made the plate fall. Ranbir says you are after me… They argue. Ranbir says you die to talk to me, but don’t tell. She asks him to keep a pet! He asks why did she come to give him the football? Prachi says I came to give you the football. He says you wanted to come near me. She says she is a Caterer. Ranbir asks her to stay away from him, when he’s with girls. They argue and taunt each other.

Sarita behen feels dizzy in the Kitchen. Pragya asks what happened? She gives her water. Prachi comes and tells that she brought Prasad/Sweet offering. She tells that she met Sir and his Dadi. She says you should meet him once. Pragya says you praised him a lot, I will meet after the work. Sarita says I am not that bad, you can take coffee for him. She says if he drinks the coffee, then he will fall in love with you. She says it is said that love, it… She asks them to do work. Prachi says you talk much. Pragya says we are working. Prachi thinks Rhea‘s father and her mother are both sweet.

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