Pragya thinks whenever we met, some accident or something happens. She sees Nurse going in a hurry. Doctor asks her to get ‘B’ positive blood. Pragya hears her. Abhi’s family and Vikram are getting restless and worried at the front side of the building. They shout.

The rescue team comes there and tells that Abhi sir is not here. One of the man asks Rhea if she is his daughter and tells that Abhi was inside, but a lady saved him and took him with her. Everyone asks who is she? The nurse tells that there is no B positive blood in the blood bank. The doctor asks her to talk to hospital authorities.

Pragya hears them and comes inside the ICU. Nurse asks her to go out. Pragya requests her to let her stay there for a few mins. The Nurse agrees and goes.

Pragya comes to Abhi and cries looking at him. Allah wariyan plays…..Pragya says I told you that I will not come again, but I came, and met you. I didn’t think that I have to see this. She says we didn’t meet for 20 years and when we meet this happened? She says I told Nurse that you agree to my sayings, and says if you don’t agree then I will get upset with you. She asks him to open his eyes and says you didn’t see Prachi yet, and I didn’t see our younger daughter. She says if you don’t open your eyes then I can’t forgive myself. I was with you, but couldn’t save you . She says you used to save me and asks him to get up for her happiness. The Doctor comes and asks her to come out. Pragya comes out.

The rescue team guy tells that the lady took out Abhi with much difficulty and says he had a head injury, and much blood was flowing out. He says when that lady took him out and shouted for help. When we help her, she took him to hospital. Dadi thanks God. Everyone ask about the lady. The guy gives Pragya’s description and says she has such grace on her face that one can feel that nothing will happen to him until she is with him.

Rhea says he is describing about Prachi’s mum, and says she has the grace on her face. They all leave for the hospital. Aaliya asks contractor to get ready for the consequences.

The Doctor scolds Nurse for letting Pragya inside. Pragya asks how is he? The Doctor asks her to ask Nurse and tells that hospital authorities doesn’t have blood and asks her to do something if she wants him to be fine and use her sources to arrange blood for him, and says his blood group is B positive.

The Doctor checks Abhi and asks the Nurse to inform him if pulse rate falls. Abhi thinks of Pragya in unconscious state and opens his eyes. He takes out the glucose drip etc…and comes out of ward although nurse tries to stop him. He sees Pragya talking to Doctor and recalls how she saved him covering herself on him. Nurse asks Abhi to come with her and forcibly takes him. Pragya feels his presence and looks for him.

The Doctor says he is in ICU and asks her to arrange blood fast. Pragya thinks to call Prachi there and calls her from reception. She calls her. Prachi apologizes to her for her doing and says I am strong and didn’t think while doing that (attempting suicide) and says she will not take this stupid step again, and asks for forgiveness.

Pragya says I know that I made you strong and says I am happy that you are courageous. She tells that she lost her phone in the construction site of Mr. Mehra’s office. She says a man met with an accident and asks her to come there and donate blood. Prachi says I will come there. Shahana says I will also come. Prachi goes in a hurry. Sarita behen asks her to let Prachi and Pragya together. Shahana says I can’t leave without them and asks her not to take her far from there.

Aaliya, Rhea and Tai ji are in the car. Aaliya gets angry on the people for jamming the traffic. Rhea worries for Abhi and says how do you know that Dad is in some hospital. Aaliya says that hospital is near. She asks Rhea to call Prachi and asks her if her mom took Abhi to hospital. Rhea says how can I call Pragya? Aaliya says our time will wasted if he is not in the hospital. Rhea calls Prachi.

Prachi has left mobile at home. Shahana picks the call. Rhea asks her to give Prachi’s mum number. Shahana says I will not give her the call. Sarita behen comes and takes the call. Rhea asks her to teach manners to Shahana. Sarita behen says she is hearing as per her karma and asks her not to call again. Shahana gets happy and hugs her, calling her heroine. Sarita behen asks her to go. Rhea tells Aaliya that they misbehaved with her. Tai ji blames Rhea for her doings and says this is happening with Abhi because of you. Aaliya asks her to stop it and says don’t know why everyone sympathizes with her.

Mira is in another car and recalls her moments with him. She thinks nothing shall happen with him. Vikram, Mitali and dadi are with her. Vikram says I wish our guess is right and Abhi is in that hospital. Dadi feels Pragya and Abhi are going to meet soon, and thinks when she comes to know about his accident, she will come running, and their family will complete.

Prachi comes to the hospital and apologizes to Pragya. She says I will not do this again. Pragya asks her not to fall weak in such situation. They come to the reception. Prachi asks who is that man? Nurse comes. Pragya says my daughter will donate her blood. Nurse says blood will match then..Prachi is clueless. Pragya says I told her that you have the same blood group. Prachi asks Pragya to come with her and says she is feeling nervous.

The Doctor comes and asks who is she? Pragya says she is my daughter. Doctor says he will be fine if daughter gives the blood. Nurse takes Prachi for the test. They reach the Pulse life hospital.

Tai ji stops Rhea from going inside. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Rhea asks them to make tai ji understand. Meera asks her to let her go.Tai ji says this is our family matter. Vikram asks what did you say? Tai ji says you are his business partner. She scolds Rhea for hurting Prachi and says she tried to commit suicide because of you. She says everything is happening because of you, he is bearing this because of your karma. Rhea asks Dadi to make Tai ji understand. Dadi says Pummy is right.

The Nurse comes to Pragya and tells that Prachi’s blood matched with Abhi and Doctor operated on Abhi and he will be fine soon. Pragya is happen. Abhi is shifted to the ward from the OT. Doctor says he is fine. Pragya tells Nurse that she wants to talk to her and tells something. She comes inside the ward and sits holding his hand. She cries..honge juda na hum plays…..Pragya says who has given you blood is Prachi… our daughter. She says she was born with your blood and today she has saved you with her blood. She says you will be fine soon.

The Nurse asking Pragya to let the patient rest seeing Pragya with Abhi. Pragya is about to leave, but Abhi holds her hand in unconscious state. Pragya keeps his hand back and leaves. Jab tak jahan me… plays…

Aaliya is searching for Abhi and is coming towards pragya. She asks ward boy about accident patient and reception. Pragya asks someone about temple and goes. They don’t see each other. Rhea tells Tai ji that she never this to happen.

Mitali asks Tai ji why she is scolding Rhea so much. Tai ji asks her to be quiet. Mitali says Vikram is like Abhi’s brother and Mira is like Rhea’s mum and our family. She asks if this is the time to scold Rhea. Tai ji says I never interfered before and says she is called for parties, but when she is scolding Rhea, everyone is upset with her. She says this family is because of Abhi and something happens to him then…

Aaliya comes out. Rhea says sorry and hugs her and cries. Aaliya asks who scolded her. Tai ji says I scolded her. Aaliya says if anyone tells her anything and warns her. Tai ji thinks Aaliya is spoiling Rhea, it is good that elder daughter is not with them. Prachi donates blood.

The Nurse gives her juice and asks her to take care. Prachi asks shall I go. They ask her to go. Aaliya takes everyone inside. They ask receptionist about accident case. Vikram shows Abhi’s picture. The Receptionist says the patient needs blood and is shifted to ICU.

Prachi comes out and thinks why they didn’t let me meet the patient, they should have let me meet him, I gave him blood. Just then medical equipments fall on the ground. Prachi sits to pick it. Just then Rhea, Aaliya and others go past her, but they don’t see her. Prachi sees a scarf falling and makes Dadi wear without seeing her face. She asks the nurse about her mum. The Nurse says she is in temple. Dadi turns and looks at Prachi while she is going.

Pragya asks God not to make her believe that she is inauspicious for him and asks God to save him. She cries. Prachi comes there and sees Pragya praying to God and crying. She asks why you are praying for the patient and asks who is he? She asks why is he important for you. Pragya asks her to come home.

Prachi says okay, don’t tell, I will find out. Prachi asks why you are stopping me and why are you crying for a stranger. Pragya says he is a stranger. Prachi says I will question you, and says I feel that I am his blood whom I have given blood, and says he is my Papa.. I am feeling this. Pragya says he is not your Papa. Prachi asks then who is he?

The Nurse comes and says he is out of danger now. Pragya gives her number and asks Nurse to message her when he gains consciousness. Prachi calls her and says you got life knowing he is fine, and asks why you don’t want me to question you. Pragya says if you question me then I will do the same thing which you tried to do in closed room. She says we have no work now and asks her to come.

Dadi asks Mira to take her to temple and says she wants to thank the God for saving Abhi and for sending that lady to save him. Aaliya says she was not Prachi’s mum. Mira says when he gained consciousness for sometime then he said that the lady was Pragya. Aaliya says if she was Pragya then she would have come home to show her rights.

Dadi asks Mira to take her to temple. Pragya and Prachi are going from there. Aaliya tells dadi that she will get Abhi discharged as the hospital is low level etc. Dadi argues with her. Aaliya says she will get the papers ready.

Sarita behen tells Shahana that she is tensed. Shahana says she is feeling drowsy seeing her walking here and there. Sarita behen asks her to give Dadi’s number so that she asks her what her made ate to give birth to headache. Shahana argues.

Pragya and Prachi come home. Shahana and Sarita behen ask where did you go? Pragya says I called Prachi to hospital as her blood grouped matched. Sarita behen asks who was he? Shahana also asks. Pragya says she is tired and will make food.

Abhi is brought home from the hospital. Purab says we brought you home as we are habitual to see your face day and night.

Aaliya comes and asks to let him rest. Purab asks don’t you have my number. Aaliya says we were with him. Purab asks her to wait and says why I was not there. Aaliya asks if you are upset with me or if there is something else. Purab asks what do you mean? Aaliya says if you are upset as I didn’t call you or just because today is Disha’s birthday.

Purab says you want me to forget Disha, but makes me remember her. Aaliya says it is you, who makes her remember always. She says she is not that kind of woman who bears husband to remember someone else, and will not bear husband frustration. She says whatever happened with you is right, neither you deserve me nor Disha.

Purab gets angry and then says sorry. He asks her not to bring Disha between them. Aaliya says I promise that I will make you pay for it. She goes to Abhi’s room and says get well fast and spend much time with your friend, as not many days left for him in this house.

Sarita behen asks what happened to your mother and asks who was that guy? Prachi says she doesn’t know and says Maa didn’t let her meet him. She says she felt strange when she saw Maa praying to God asking him to make him fine and when she asks her about the man, Maa told that she will do what I did, attempt suicide. She says she feels that the man is her Papa. She says what to do, if she shall go and meet him or listen to Maa. She says I want to meet him and see him. She says I want to know if I am his blood or not. Sarita behen asks Prachi not to cry and says I will ask Pragya.

Pragya is thinking about Prachi questioning her. Sarita behen comes and asks why she is upset with Prachi, just because she questioned her. She says we can make the children quiet only in childhood and not after growing up. She says Prachi is seeing that you are concerned for the man, like she is concerned for her husband. She asks her to tell Prachi else she will only find out. Pragya tells that she don’t want to tell and asks her not to interfere in her family matters. Sarita behen asks her to share her pain and says I will share mine. Pragya leaves her hand and goes.

Sarita behen says Prachi is right, the man whom she gave blood is her father. She thinks why Pragya separated from him when she loves him so much. Pragya goes out of the house and cries standing on the road, it is raining. Judaai song plays….She thinks of his words and cries. Sarita behen comes out and sees her weeping badly, and thinks he is your husband. She says Prachi will understands seeing your tears and says let the daughter and father meet, and says if you don’t tell her then she will know one day and it is better if you tell her. Pragya hugs her and cries. Sarita behen asks her to cry and let all her pain flow out. She says I will not stop you, else your pain will become wounds. They come home.

Sarita behen brings milk for Pragya. Pragya asks her not to tell Prachi that whom she gave blood is her father. Sarita behen says I will not tell and asks her to drink turmeric milk. Pragya hugs her and cries. Sarita behen says tomorrow will be the new beginning. Pragya takes the glass to drink milk.

Abhi sees Pragya saving him while he is sleeping and asks Mira where is she? Mira asks him to rest. Abhi says I am fine. Mira tells him that Aaliya had a fight with the doctor and got him discharged. She says Dr. Ken is looking after you. She is about to go. Abhi asks where is that lady who saved me. Meera says we thought she is Prachi’s mum, but she is not her. She says nobody knew who is she? Abhi thinks she is Pragya and thinks why is she hiding from him. He thinks to call Prachi’s college Principal.

Pragya tells Sarita behen that she will go to Prachi’s college to talk to Principal. Principal calls at landline number. Sarita picks the call and calls Pragya to talk to Principal. Principal apologizes to Pragya and asks her to send Prachi to college, as she is a brilliant student. Sarita behen asks what did you tell to Mr. Mehra yesterday.

Abhi comes to the hall and sees Dadi and Tai ji praying to God. Abhi also comes near the inhouse temple and pray to God. Aaliya is shocked. Bahadur tells that he is seeing Abhi praying to God for the first time after Pragya left. Aaliya gets angry on him and makes him go. Abhi prays to God to make him meet Pragya.

Tai ji and Dadi are happy to see him praying. Abhi says I am going to office. Dadi blesses him. Abhi asks her to bless him that his work shall be done. Dadi says your Pragya will be found. Abhi goes. Aaliya gets upset. Dadi tells Tai ji that Abhi went to meet Pragya.

Dadi and Tai ji come to Aaliya. Aaliya asks them to sit. She asks how are you. Dadi says fine. Aaliya asks her to tell whenever she is unwell or want to say anything. She gives the Doctor’s number to Tai ji and says he is specialized to treat old people.

Dadi and Tai ji are shocked. Aaliya says Pragya has no place in this house. Dadi and Tai ji tell that Abhi loves Pragya. Aaliya threatens to move their temple from the house if she sees them praying to God again for Pragya. She tells Tai ji that if she remembers why her bahu is here and not son. She threatens her and says you are here because of me. Dadi says you can’t talk to us like that. Aaliya says I really hope you understand my words.

Pragya calls Prachi and Shahana and tells that the Principal called and told that he has taken her suspension back. Shahana says Mr. Mehra would have done that. She asks what did you tell him? Pragya says I told so much and even threatened him. She asks Prachi if she is not happy? Prachi says same thing will happen again. Pragya asks if she will go or not. Prachi says I will go. Shahana says we will both go.

Pragya brings tiffin for Prachi and Shahana. Prachi was upset. Pragya takes her aside and apologizes to Prachi. Prachi says there is obviously another person important to Pragya, he must be the one she gave her blood for. Pragya was badly crying in the hospital. Pragya was angry and says no one would discuss about that person. She locks herself in the room. Prachi thinks she is also stubborn.

In the auto, Shahana tries to cheer Prachi. She asks Prachi if they are going to hospital to inquire about the same man. Prachi says yes.

Abhi drives the Car, and thinks how Pragya could leave the hospital without meeting him?

Mira brings juice for Abhi as he had to take medicines. A servant informs them that Abhi is in the Office. Pahlavi tells Mira that she just spoke to Vikram, Abhi left office for some work.

Abhi reaches the hospital. He thinks he might find Pragya’s address through the file. The nurse asks Abhi’s autograph. The files had been shifted to another room. Abhi goes to meet the doctor who looked after him.

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