Pragya packs Prachi and Shahana’s bags and is worried for them. She keeps the mosquito repellent in the bags. Shahana says whenever we are going somewhere, Maasi panics. Pragya says I panic being a mother. Shahana goes to get water. Pragya asks Prachi to forget the happenings, enjoy the trip and make happy memories. Prachi promises her. Pragya asks her not to fight with Rhea and says she is not bad. Prachi says Rhea only starts the fight. Pragya asks her to promise not to start the fight. Prachi promises her. Shahana brings water bottle and says lets go else we have to sit on the back seat. Prachi says it is fun.

Rhea comes to Abhi and says I am going to the college trip. Abhi is on call. He tells Rhea that he don’t want to talk to her. Rhea thinks this is happening because of Prachi and thinks I am facing Dad’s anger and Prachi will face my anger. She comes to hall.

Mira reminds her of her promise. Rhea tells that she will not fight with Prachi, will be in her good books and will convince her until she agrees. Mira hugs her. Rhea leaves. Meera thinks it is difficult for Rhea to patch up with them, but she has to do for her dad.

Beeji asks Ranbir to call her. Ranbir says I will not go if you don’t want. Pallavi tells Aryan that Beeji and Ranbir are inseparable. Beeji says she don’t want him to go. Ranbir says I will not go. Pallavi promises Beeji that she will take her if she misses Ranbir. Ranbir and Aryan leave.

Shahana and Prachi are in the taxi. Taxi stops. He tells that he forgot to get CNG (compressed natural gas). Shahana asks him to drive using petrol. He says he don’t have petrol in car. They get down from the car. The Driver asks them to give money. Prachi is about to give. Shahana stops her and tells driver that they will not pay him money. Prachi gives him money and says we will take another taxi.

Rhea’s driver stops the car seeing Prachi and Shahana on road. Rhea and Prachi look at each other. Abhi thinks about Prachi’s mum and asks Mira. Mira says she had met the family and asks him to meet.

Vikram comes there. Abhi says I can’t come to the Office today. Vikram asks him to attend the meeting today. Abhi asks what will he do with excess money? Vikram says whatever we do for your kids is less. Abhi says okay and tells Mira that he will meet Prachi’s Mum. He says I will call her. Vikram asks him to come to the meeting first and then go and meet her. They leave.

Shahana thinks Rhea wants to give lift to them. Rhea says I am not giving you lift and asks Driver why did he stop the car and says you got scholarship to study in my college and not to sit in my car. She asks driver to drive the car. Shahana asks Prachi why she was silent? Prachi says she has promised mum that she will not say anything to Rhea.

Rhea and her friends come to the bus. Rhea gets the seat using her charm. Teacher tells that Shahana and Prachi haven’t come. They think to go. Rhea gets happy.

Ranbir and Aryan try to stop the bus, but it goes. Aryan blames Ranbir to talking nonstop with Dadi. Ranbir says even I wanted to go when I came to know that Rhea is coming. I want to propose her. He says he will bring the car and asks him to wait.

Prachi and Shahana comes to the place. Prachi says nobody came, we are not late. Aryan says the bus already left.

Vikram and Abhi have a meeting with the client. The client leave. The Employee comes and gives coffee and hot water to Vikram and Abhi. She says Doctor said that you might have shouted at an employee and that’s why you have a rough voice. Vikram asks Abhi to make him hear his voice once and says I was laughing in the meeting and ran to bathroom. Abhi acts to get angry on him. Vikram says lets go out in a jeep. Abhi says it is cheap.

Shahana tells Prachi that she wants to go to picnic. Aryan says it is nature trip. He says we can go altogether. He asks them to see Ranbir coming in jeep. Shahana thanks Aryan. Ranbir asks Aryan to sit. Shahana tells him that Aryan told that they can go with them. She sits in the jeep. Prachi says we will not go with him as he drives rashly.

Aryan asks did you sit with him before. Prachi says she heard enough. Ranbir says we don’t have much time for you and asks Shahana to decide fast. Shahana asks Prachi to sit. Prachi sits for Shahana.

Prachi is about to sit, but Ranbir is driving the jeep. She asks him why is he doing this? Ranbir asks her to say sorry and thank you. Shahana tells Ranbir that he is sweet and anger doesn’t suit his face. Prachi says sorry and thank you to Ranbir as she can’t leave Shahana alone.

Sarita behen comes home. Pragya opens the door. Sarita behen asks her to first ask who is at the door and then open the door. She tells that there is a theft in the neighborhood and asks her to lock the doors and sleep at night. Pragya says I am smart to deal with the goons. Sarita behen says she is going to a marriage in Noida and will come late.

Rhea and her classmates reach the camp. The Principal asks them to strictly follow the rules. Rhea enjoys the nature and tells her friends that this is the best trip and best part is Shahana and Prachi are not here. She gets happy. Everyone likes the camp area. Rhea selects the tent for her. Other girl says we have come here first. Rhea says she has seen it first. The guy tells that she is so attractive. His friend tells that Prachi can only handle Rhea.

Ranbir is driving the jeep and is coming there with Prachi and others. Rhea asks her friends to come and explore the place.

Abhi talks to Dadi on call and tells about Rhea is enjoying with her friends and asks her not to worry. Vikram comes there and asks him to come. Abhi tells Dadi that his blood thirsty guy came. Vikram asks him to drink beet root juice. Abhi says your joke and taste are bad. Vikram says I am very happy as my children went to picnic and all house is all mine. Abhi says you are a bad father. Vikram says when kids are at home, I have to remind my wife that I am her husband and not a paying guest.

Abhi says I am going to meet Prachi’s mum. Vikram asks him to attend the last meeting and requests him. Abhi says okay. I will go alone. Secretary asks alone and says she will come later. Abhi asks why she said that? Vikram says Secretary must be thinking that something is going on between you and Prachi’s mum. Abhi asks what nonsense? Vikram says Prachi’s mum is so humble and good, and she might be God’s first model in this world. He says she is the bestest creation of the God. Abhi asks should I call Pallavi? Vikram asks him to tell her that he is praising his sister. He says when she scolded him, he felt as if she is his elder sister. He asks him to stay away from his sister.

Abhi says I have my lady and tells that Pragya is graceful, caring and daring. She is one of the kind, she is the Kohinoor of India, which is still in India. Vikram says I have seen Prachi’s mum and she is the best creation of God. He asks him to stay away from Prachi’s mum. Abhi asks are you challenging me? He says she will click her pic with me and will keep it as DP.

The principal tells the students that they will stay here for 3 days as family and will follow the rules. He asks them to wake up early in the morning and go for trekking with the trainer and asks them not to go alone. He says there are animals nearby and asks them to go with group. Just then Ranbir, Aryan, Prachi and Shahana come there in jeep.

The Principal asks why did you come late? Ranbir says he got late. Principal asks did you bring your dad jeep to show off. Ranbir says I am not spoilt etc. He says when I was on the way, I saw Prachi and Shahana helping a lady who met with an accident and that’s why he stopped and helped them. He says I took the lady to the hospital and thought that you will appreciate me and claps, but you are scolding me.

The Principal asks Prachi if this is truth. Aryan says she is still in shock and saying no, the lady can’t die. Shahana stops Prachi when she says no. She tells that Prachi is still in shock. Principal asks everyone to give a round of applause to Ranbir. Everyone claps.

Mira calls Pragya and tells that Mr. Mehra wants to meet you at your house. Pragya says I want to thank him and asks her to send him home. She sees a man roaming outside the house covering himself with blanket and tells Mira about Sarita behen asking her to be careful of the thief as she is alone.

Ranbir flirts with Shahana. Prachi argues with him and asks him to stay away from her sister. She says she don’t need his help to lift her stuff and asks what he thinks of himself. Ranbir says he thinks of himself as superhero, romeo etc.

Prachi says she sees him with low sight. Ranbir asks what is her problem? Prachi says she has objection with lie. Ranbir tells a dialogue. Prachi says I had to lie because of you. Ranbir says we are here because of me. Prachi asks him to let her go, else she will burn the mosquito repellent. Aryan laughs.

Ranbir asks did she call me mosquito and says if you call them again then I will break my relation with you. Aryan smiles and thinks he never saw Ranbir talking to any girl like this.

Rhea comes there and asks her friends to act normal and acts as heard the rules. They come and stand there. The Principal asks them not to go near the slide and says anyone can slide there. Rhea says we can take our enemy there and make them slip. Principal asks when did you come? Rhea says we are standing here since long.

The Principal asks them to explain the rules to Ranbir, Prachi, Shahana and Aryan as they came late. Rhea gets upset hearing Prachi came. She sees Prachi and looks angrily. Prachi thinks of Pragya’s words. Rhea thinks of Mira’s words asking her to patch up.

Ranbir asks Aryan to look at Rhea and says she is the only reason for his arrival here. He says he will propose her playing the guitar and she couldn’t refuse his proposal. Aryan smiles.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s house. She senses something. Abhi walks towards her house and sees the door open. Allah wariyan plays…He asks if someone is at home. Pragya don’t recognize his voice as it is rough. Pragya comes near the door, but don’t see him. Abhi tries to peep inside the house.

Pragya comes near the door and closed the door without seeing Abhi. The electricity goes off. Abhi thinks she has closed the door and knocks on the door. Allah wariyan plays…Pragya goes to kitchen to get lamp. Abhi thinks if this is right to meet when there is no light. Pragya opens the door, but don’t see anyone.

Abhi is in the car and thinks to go and tell her that he will come later. He comes to the door again and tells that he is Mr. Mehra. Pragya recalls Vikram’s voice and thinks this man’s voice is heavy, he is not Mr. Mehra.

Ranbir asks Aryan to tell what he shall wear? Aryan asks him to propose Rhea and not to trouble him. They see Rhea going somewhere. She returns to get the camera. Ranbir asks Rajesh to give him all info and gives money. He tells that Rhea went to see the place. Ranbir asks Aryan to bring guitar. Prachi asks Rajesh about the best site seeing place.

Abhi thinks it is a wonder that nobody is opening the door. He thinks if someone is in trouble and thinks to break the door. Pragya talks to him in male voice that he is Anuradha’s husband Shyam and asks him to go.

Abhi thinks Prachi said that she has no father. Prachi comes to the place and sees the fireflies and smile. She sits under the tree. Ranbir thinks Rhea is a nature lover and is sitting there. He sits there and sings song..oh haare ya main dil… Prachi hears him and thinks he is singing well. She gets mesmerized seeing the song and comes infront of him.

Ranbir bends down on his knees and says I love you. Prachi sees him and asks how dare you to propose me twice. Ranbir is upset and asks why will I propose you, and says last line of song was I love you. Prachi says you might be playing song on mobile and can’t sing so well. She says only a deaf person can praise you.

Ranbir asks why are you enjoying my song. Prachi says she liked the song which he played and says you might have thought that the girl is sitting and he will impress her. He asks if she is a girl? She says she will not like him. Ranbir says nobody will like her and goes.

Abhi calls Mira and tells that a man is inside Prachi’s house and tells that he is sensing her mum is in danger and that’s why he will break the door. He asks her to call the cops.

Ranbir tells Aryan that his plan ruined because of Prachi. He says he was about to propose Rhea, but Prachi came infront of him. He says she said that I am playing the song on mobile and asks what she thinks of herself.

Aryan says may be she thinks of herself as singing show judge. Ranbir asks him to keep her away from him. Aryan says else you will pull out her hairs. Ranbir says she is the hurdle between Rhea and me and don’t let me propose Rhea. Aryan asks him to calm down and says you will get many chances, if you get angry then how you will look romantic. Ranbir says I will look romantic and attractive.

Shahana comes there and asks them to come to play game with everyone near the bonfire. She asks Aryan not to come and teases her. Aryan says she is the worst. Ranbir says Prachi.

Abhi comes inside Pragya’s house. Pragya covers him with blanket and beats him. She thinks to call the neighbors and goes. Abhi takes off the blanket from his face and sees the thief standing. He beats the thief. The thief pretends to be unconscious. Abhi runs behind him.

Rhea is shouting. Ranbir asks what happened? Rhea tells that snake is there in the blanket. Ranbir says it is poisonous, I will throw it far. Rhea asks him to take care and says it might bite you. Prachi hears them and says snake will not bite as it is fake.

Rhea turns towards Ranbir. Ranbir says I thought it is real. Rhea thanks him and says it means a lot. Ranbir says you are welcome. He asks her to come to play the game. Rhea says okay.

Abhi beats the goon. Police comes there and arrests the thief. Abhi asks who called again. Pragya had called Police form neighbors’ house. Abhi asks Inspector to lock the door as there is nobody inside. He asks Inspector to keep the thief in jail and goes to sit in his car. Pragya is coming and is about to see him.

Shaina calls Dimpy and tells that Prachi is coming there. Rhea says Prachi will come here, but will see me and not Saraswati Maam. They hide.

Rhea comes out from hide out and walks towards Prachi. Prachi thinks there is nobody here. Rhea asks what are you doing here? Prachi says Saraswati Maam called me. Rhea says lie and asks her not to make excuses.

Prachi asks her to think what she wants and says I don’t want to hear you. Rhea says you came here to the camp, but your mom is not here. She says where is she today? She then asks about her Dad and says I didn’t see your Dad. She asks if he left your mom. She says your mom is so good, even I like her then who separated them and says you are that reason. She says your Dad left your mum because of you. She says your Dad left you and that’s why you want to snatch my dad. She says if he takes your name then… She asks him to show her dad, how is she? Prachi asks her not to take her mother or father’s name. She pushes Prachi.

Prachi pushes her. Rhea falls and signals Shaina. She gets up and smiles. She tells Prachi that she has no idea what she did. Prachi asks if she has gone mad and tells that she don’t deserve her dad. Rhea says I am my dad’s princess. Prachi asks her to stay away from her mother. Rhea tries to go near the cliff. Prachi stops her holding her hand. Rhea says your mum will also leave you like your father. Prachi slaps her.

Rhea smiles and asks her friend to show the picture to everyone. She asks her to cry and tell that she couldn’t save Rhea when Prachi pushed her off the cliff. She tells that Dad will feel bad when he comes to know and tells she will be found and will do acting. She says Dad will kick her out of the college and from Delhi. She says she will hide somewhere and will be in contact with her.

Pragya gets worried for Sarita behen and says something is wrong with my daughter. Sarita behen says mother’s heart is such and says so many students are going with her. Pragya is still worried. Sarita behen says Prachi is fine and asks Pragya not to worry.

The Principal asks Saraswati maam if all the students are ready. Saraswati maam says some students are coming. Shaina and other friend inform Principal that Prachi pushed Rhea off the cliff.

The Principal asks the students to search a rescue team and asks where is Prachi? Dimpy says may be she went to ruin all the proofs. Rhea calls Shaina. Shaina says she has done the work and convinced Principal.

Ranbir and Aryan are walking in the jungle. He asks Aryan to ask Rhea to come to red cliff and says he will propose her here and will come here every year and romance with her. Aryan asks if she knows. Ranbir says she had uploaded the pic last year, she had come here, I have seen. Aryan goes to call Rhea.

Pragya calls Prachi, but her phone is unreachable. Pragya calls Prachi. Prachi tells that the call was not connecting as she was on the hill side. She comes back while keeping the call on hold. Shaina and other friends blame Prachi for pushing Rhea off the cliff.

ThePrincipal comes and blames Prachi. Prachi says I haven’t done anything. Principal asks her to come to office. He asks Saraswati to call Dimpy and Shaina and tells that they shall call Mr. Mehra.

Abhi is in the meeting. The Principal asks her to come to the camp. Abhi asks what did she do? Principal says she met with an accident and there is a chance that she is dead. Abhi is shocked and drops the phone. Vikram asks him to handle himself.

Abhi says Principal said that may be she is dead. He says she must be joking. When she left in the morning, I didn’t talk to her as I was upset. He feels guilty. Shahana comes and tells that Prachi is innocent and is blamed always. Principal says we have to find the proofs.

Prachi says she had an argument with her, but she didn’t make her fall. Dimpy says Prachi must have come here to take revenge from her. Prachi says for what? She says when she came here, her mum asked her not to fight with Rhea. Dimpy says she has seen her pushing Rhea down from the cliff and shows the pictures. She says I went there to click mountain pics. Principal sees the pics and says if you will still say that you didn’t do anything.

Pragya is on the way and prays for both Rhea and Prachi. She thinks Prachi didn’t do anything and Rhea is saved.

Aryan is searching for Rhea and thinks where did she go alone. He asks Deepika if she saw Rhea. Deepika says don’t you know? She fell down from the cliff. Other friend tells that they heard that Prachi pushed her. Deepika says Shahana said that Prachi is being trapped. Aryan thinks Rhea must be fine and having fun somewhere. Rhea gets his call. She thinks not to pick the call, but the call gets rejected by mistake. Aryan thinks Rhea did this to get attention. He thinks to inform Ranbir that today’s date is canceled. He calls him, but the call is not connected. He thinks to go to red cliff and tell him.

Abhi calls Rhea. Rhea feels happy seeing 250 missed calls. She thinks I can’t pick the call as I am unconscious.

Pragya reaches the camp. Abhi also reaches the camp with Vikram. Abhi asks the teacher about Rhea. They tell that they are searching. Pragya comes to Prachi and hugs her. Prachi asks did they inform you? Pragya says no.

The Principal tells that they didn’t inform Police or you as we don’t want anyone’s future to get ruined. He shows the pictures taken by Dimpy and says if she is proved guilty then will be punished.

Pragya asks Prachi if she fought with her. Prachi says she fought with me and pushed me. Principal asks her not to argue. Someone comes and says Rhea’s father went to the cliff.

Rhea calls Dimpy. Dimpy and Shaina make an excuse and go. Rhea tells that if someone find her then she will act as hurt and will apply the sand or something. Shaina comes and tells Rhea on call that her dad came and went to the cliff. Rhea thinks he must be feeling very guilty.

Abhi comes to the cliff and searches for Rhea. He tells Vikram that she is his world and he won’t let anything happen to her. Vikram says we will get her. Abhi says I am upset and not angry with her, she came to say bye to me, but I didn’t talk to her. He asks him to let him go near the cliff. Vikram stops him and says we will find her, but not like the way you are saying.

Pragya asks Prachi what had happened? Prachi says I didn’t do anything. Shahana says Rhea fought with her. Pragya says you are in big trouble and says if Rhea is not found then Police will be called. Prachi says she don’t know why they are blaming her. Pragya asks her to tell what to do.

Shahana thinks Dimpy and Rhea have done a conspiracy. She goes from there. Shaina says Dimpy did best, everything is thinking that Shaina went there for nature photography.

Rhea tells them that she will act as she is lucky to survive. Shahana hears them laughing. Dimpy acts as talking to her mum and ends the call. Shahana asks why they were laughing. They tell that they acted normal while talking to her mother.

Abhi scolds Principal for not taking care of Rhea and says you would have checked where the students are going. The teacher tells that if they have known about their enmity that they would have allowed only one. Principal says I wouldn’t have allowed them to come. Abhi asks what? Principal says we are talking about Prachi and Rhea. He tells that they had a fight on the cliff and Prachi pushed her from the cliff. Abhi is shocked. He asks where is Prachi and her mum.

Rhea thinks Prachi must be getting scolded by the Principal and now with my dad. She says she shall be with her mom who is sweet, but why she is coming near my father and snatching him from me.

Prachi tells Pragya that Rhea was talking bad about her and told that I tried to snatch her dad from her. She says then she said that I don’t deserve to be called as your daughter. Pragya says you are my best daughter and says why did you react hearing this. She says Rhea is possessive about her father and she felt bad seeing Mr. Mehra’s affection for you. She asks her if she thought about Mr. Mehra.

The rescue team guy comes. Pragya asks did you find Rhea? He says no. Abhi comes back to the tent and says how she can defend her daughter. Vikram says every parent loves their kids. Abhi says that doesn’t mean that she shall hide her mistakes.

Pallavi calls Vikram and says I will not talk to you. Vikram says I wanted to call you and tells that he is not in office and came to camp side. Pallavi asks if Ranbir did a mistake. Vikram says Rhea is missing. Pallavi asks what do you mean?

Mira comes there and hears him. Vikram says Rhea fell down from the cliff. Mira asks where is she? Vikram says she is missing and says I will call you once we get her. The rescue team tells that he shall take permission from the officials and will search the other side.

Pragya asks where is that hill side, I want to go there. Pragya coming to the cliff talking to the rescue team. Ram Ram Plays… Abhi doesn’t see her and go to meet Prachi.

Vikram comes to the hill side and tells Pallavi that he heard that Prachi pushed Rhea from the cliff. Pallavi is shocked. Abhi asks Prachi where is her mother. Prachi says she is on the hill. Abhi says you are lying and asks from where did you get so much anger and asks if he thought her wrong. He asks her how she felt bad about his daughter, knowing Rhea is his daughter. He says how can you hurt her, I have always supported you and says Rhea did wrong with me, but you have crossed all limits and tried to kill her. He says when I saw you, I wished my daughter is like you, but I am happy that Rhea is better than you. He says you have not done a mistake, but a crime. He says this is actually your mother’s mistake. Prachi asks him not to take her mother’s name.

The Principal comes near the cliff and asks about Mr. Mehra. Pragya asks if he came? Rescue team tell that he talked to them. Pragya insists to go down and check. The rescue team guy says that if she is not found that that means that some wild animal might have killed her and taken away. Pragya asks them to keep quiet and hopes Rhea is fine.

Prachi asks Abhi not to say anything to her Mom. Abhi says you have pushed my daughter, your Mum didn’t give you good values then whose mistake is this. He says if anything happens to my daughter then whatever I do will be wrong for you and your mum.

Prachi says my mum didn’t do any mistake. She has sent me here to fulfill my dreams and my future. She had asked me not to go, but she sent me. She says my mother has bear so much in her life. She says she can’t think of giving her any pain. She says my mother gave me good values and told me not to fight with Rhea and forgive her thinking her as her sister. She says Rhea doesn’t like me and fought with me. She had said that I am snatching you from her, and then said that my mother shall have other daughter. She says until when I will bear and tells that she got angry and slapped her. She says it was Rhea who pushed her. She says I regard you as my father and can hide from my mom, but not from you. She says Dimpy is lying and making wrong story. She swears on her Mum and asks him to trust her calling him Papa. She says you had told me that I can call you Papa so I am calling you Papa. Abhi wipes her tears and says he will find out and asks her to relax.

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