Kabeer shouts at Rukshar and says I want to send that dog to you, but I am not like you. Zara gets angry and slaps Rukshar. Zeenat says how dare you raise hand on her?? She is about to beat her, but Kabeer says I am divorcing Rukshar. All are shocked.

Kabeer asks Zara to record it. Kabeer says Rukshar I married you for those kids and you tried to kill them? So I am divorcing you today, I will send you away from my life after 60 days of the divorce. To hell with you! He turns to leave,  but Zeenat says my Sister is not a toy that you can play with. I will go to Court and will tell them that you are not giving the rights to Rukshar.

Kabeer says you will take me to Court? He plays the video of Rukshar asking the man if that dog can bite the kids? Zeenat is shocked. Kabeer says I can go to Court against her, but tell her to stay away from my kids otherwise, I will not spare her! Zeenat is speechless. Kabeer leaves from there.

Kabeer drinks water and tells Zara that I am trying to control my anger. This girl has destroyed my life, I tried to forgive her all the time, I should have divorced her way back.

Zeenat tells Rukshar that I am worried for you, what was Kabeer saying? Rukshar says don’t worry, Shehbaz got me married to Kabeer, so he will protect me. He wouldn’t want his daughter-in-law to be divorced. Shehbaz says don’t cry Zeenat, I will not let kabeer divorce her. He cuts his plaster and says enough, it’s time to have a war with Kabeer and his people! He leaves. Zeenat cries. Rukshar says don’t cry, I am not that weak, I have 60 days to stop this divorce.

Irfan tells Kabeer that divorcing is not good, but God knows your reason. They see people coming inside and screaming that Zara is a Thief. All are shocked. Shehbaz comes there and smirks at them.

Shehbaz tells Kabeer that the position is most important to anyone and Irfan wanted to hide his daughter’s crime for his Chair, but now he will have to give his Qazi position to someone else otherwise, Zara Siddiqui will be shamed in the whole City. The people start chanting against Zara.

Salma asks them to stop it, you people knew Zara, she always worked for the people and helped them. The people chant that their Zara is a Thief. Kabeer asks them to shout the more, the people hurt Azhra also. Imran starts fighting with them. Kabeer stops him and says Shehbaz wants us to make a mistake. Kabeer tells the people that you people are acting like a herd with Shehbaz.

Shehbaz says don’t listen to him, Zara has taken 50millions of Sharia board. Kabeer says how can you people forget that we have to verify someone else’s blame first before blaming them. This Shehbaz is using his power to make us helpless, he is using you people as well. He tells Shehbaz that I can become a part of this herd and can kill you as well. Shehbaz gets angry and leaves from there with his people.

Irfan tells Kabeer that he was a sensible person today. Azhra says Imran would have handled them. Imran says no, I wouldn’t be able to fight with them. Azhra says once he takes the responsibility, then he will be good. Kabeer says Irfan should keep his position. Irfan says they won’t let me remain in this position.

Rukshar comes there and says he is resigning? Kabeer asks her to leave from there! Rukshar says you come with me. Kabeer jerks her away. Rukshar tells Irfan that Kabeer married me and then he divorced me when he wanted to, I didn’t say anything to him, but he has never given me my rights as a Wife. You are the Qazi, so tell me if I am right or wrong? Irfan says she is right, till your divorce is finalized, you should be with her. Zara asks Kabeer to live with her for 60 days and then you will be free. Kabeer looks on.

Salma prays to God to protect her daughter’s respect. Shehbaz enters her room and sees Irfan sleeping. He tells Salma that I will make things easier for you. He shows her a bottle that has bees, he says these bees have so much poison that they can easily kill Irfan and you. I have set a timer on this jar, so it will open after a time. He leaves from there.

Rukshar comes to Kabeer. Kabeer asks her to stay away, I have divorced you! Rukshar says I still have 60 days and I will try my best to win you with my love. Kabeer makes her stay away. Rukshar falls down and says you are hurting me just because I love you?

Zeenat makes a video and says don’t try this again with my Sister Kabeer! Rukshar says  we will fall in love now.

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