Azhra recalls Irfan telling that he can make Imran a Qazi. She says I want him to become that and I will be his queen.

Kabeer prays to God and says you have to get justice for me.

Shehbaz gets the government post. Shehbaz says I found some papers that Irfan had signed for Kabeer earlier on and I used them.

Kabeer prays and checks his Phone. Zara hides and looks on. Kabeer says Shehbaz got the position in the board, you have proven that evil wins in this world. I bowed to you and cried to you, I gave respect to my father and followed your father, he is alive because of your will. But not anymore, Shehbaz won’t live now! Zara is shocked.

Kabeer says Shehbaz won’t be saved now. He comes out of the Mosque and looks at Zara. He tells Zara that I am sorry. Zara says you can’t ignore God’s presence. Kabeer says I am miffed with him, he didn’t listen to my request, he leaves. Zara asks God to give strength to Kabeer and end his anger.

Shehbaz is keeping prayers at his house when Kabeer comes there, all look on. The Imam asks Kabeer that the kids are here so give them some blessings. Kabeer says I don’t have any prayers for them, I am not talking to God anymore. The Imam says how can you say that as an Imam? Kabeer glares at Shehbaz. Shehbaz thinks I have to control him. He says this is my Son, come with me. The guards start following Shehbaz but Kabeer says I want to talk to my father alone. Shehbaz goes with him.

Shehbaz tells Kabeer that I wanted to give you the power and make you a Qazi, but you fell in love with that Zara? Kabeer says enough, now a killer is telling me how to love?? God’s love is forbidding me to kill you. Shehbaz gives him a gun and says kill me. Kabeer says I could have done it easily, but I will not. Shehbaz says I am your father, so you can’t win against me. Kabeer says I know, I am going to do something that God doesn’t allow. I will kill you like you killed my Zara. I will torture you and then throw your dead body in a river! I will put allegations on you as you did with Zara. I will kill you like you killed my Zara. I will do it when you are alone. I am not following God’s path anymore, so I am free! He leaves from there.

Azhra and Imran enter the house. Azhra congratulates Shehbaz. Imran and Azhra goes from there. Azhra thinks that I want Imran to become a Qazi, which was why I greeted Shehbaz.

Zara puts honey in the milk and says I am allergic to it. She drinks it and says it will bring Kabeer back to God’s path.

Kabeer hears Azan and tries to avoid praying. He says no… Irfan and Salma comes to his room. Irfan asks him to keep lying that you don’t respect God. Salma says we can’t leave God’s path like that.

Zara is getting ill. Imran says why are you doing this? She says for Kabeer. Imran comes to Kabeer. Zara comes there too and falls down. Kabeer gets worried and goes to bring water for her. Zara says nothing will work. Irfan says I will pray for her, Kabeer brings the book. Kabeer goes but stops.

Irfan says I can’t read it without my glasses. Salma says Kabeer could have read it. Zara goes to vomit. Kabeer looks on. Irfan asks Kabeer to read it for her. Zara falls down on the floor. Kabeer is tensed, but takes the holy book. He prays for her.

Kabeer prays for Zara. She becomes fine. Kabeer says why God does it? Zara says I did it deliberately, I wanted to know if you still have God in your heart, which you do. Kabeer leaves from there. Salma says will Kabeer come back around? Zara says I am sure that Shehbaz will be punished soon.

Zeenat tells Rukshar that you are going away from Kabeer. Rukshar says he doesn’t love me. Zeenat says you can trap him, he is a man. Rukshar says I am scared. Zeenat says look at yourself, trap Kabeer in your love in a way that he can’t come out.

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