Zara comes there and says it will never happen, love is a beautiful feeling and it can’t be earned by force. Kabeer loves his kids, his God and his Zara. You can never love like him. Rukshar says I can never be shameless like you, you want to trap my husband. Kabeer shouts at her to stop it! Rukshar says I am your wife, you should be standing with me and not with his girl. Zeenat says he will soon realize about her reality. Rukshar says I will win my love.

Kabeer is angry. Zara comes there and says why are you like this? Don’t think about Rukshar’s words. Kabeer says she said some bad words about you and I didn’t like it. Zara says what if Rukshar was right? What if I want you? What if I want to give my heart to you? Kabeer is shocked… Zara laughs and says I was joking. Kabeer says are you mad?? You scared me, you didn’t love anyone, that’s why you can joke like this. Zara sighs looking at him with love.

Kabeer sees the news of Irfan resigning from the Sharia board. Shehbaz tells Kabeer that I have the power of the Sharia board too now.

Kabeer comes to Irfan and says you could have asked me before resigning. Salma comes there and says Shehbaz came to our room last night and threatened us.

The flashback shows Shehbaz telling Salma that her husband will die. Irfan wakes up and shouts at Shehbaz. Shehbaz shows him poisonous bees and says I can leave them on you both and it will make you die easily. Irfan says I am not scared of you, I will not resign from the Sharia board. Shehbaz says then these bees will kill you before I reach home. He starts leaving, but Salma cries and says I will make him agree to resign. Shehbaz says what if he doesn’t agree? Salma says I promise on my dead daughter Zara that he will resign. 

Later Irfan checks Salma’s BP. Salma asks Irfan to resign as she promised on Zara’s name, I can’t live without you, these people didn’t get justice for our daughter so why be the Qazi of this City? Can’t you see my pain? I lost my daughter and I can’t lose my husband. Irfan hugs her. Azhra asks Irfan to agree and resign. Irfan hugs Salma and says I can’t lose you. The flashback ends.

Salma tells Kabeer that we want to live to pray for our daughter Zara. We will deal with her killer later.

Irfan tells Kabeer that I have to find a new Qazi. Azhra says you can choose Imran. Imran says I want to take this duty. Salma says I don’t think you can take this duty and deal with Shehbaz. I don’t think you will be able to do justice with it. Azhra says we don’t have another option.

Zara says Kabeer can become the Qazi, I think he can take that position. Imran tells Kabeer that if you can become the Qazi, then I will be most happy. Kabeer looks on.

The Imam from the Sharia board comes there and show a notice to Irfan. Irfan says this is wrong, you can’t take the right of choosing another Qazi from me. Shehbaz comes there and says wrong, your daughter was involved in stealing Sharia board money and you helped her, so you don’t have a right to choose another Qazi. We will choose a new Qazi with Votes from Sharia board and nomin board.

Imran says I am part of the board too so I was not told of this. Shehbaz says we must have emailed you. Kabeer says we are suggesting Imran’s name and he will win. Shehbaz says I am going to suggest another name against Imran and he will deal with him! He leaves.

Kabeer tells Imran that there is something amiss. To become a Qazi, a person has to be a member of the board and a big Imam. What is Shehbaz up to? He hears some drum and come out to see someone entering the house.

Shehbaz kisses his hand and all bow down to that new Imam. The new Imam throws a date and all run to catch it. Zara is shocked to see it’s her Parents’ killer Jalali.

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