Zara sees Jalali and recalls the past. Zara is a child and Jalali has locked her in a cage. He tells her that your bad luck is that you are a woman, they are filthy, useless and create troubles in the world. He beats her and says repeat that women are filthy. Zara cries and repeats after him. Later child Zara asks for her parents but Jalali has killed them already. The flashback ends.

Jalali meets Kabeer. Kabeer greets him. Jalali says I am Kabeer’s senior, so he will listen to me, right Kabeer? Rukshar thinks that he might bring love into Kabeer’s heart for me. Zara runs from there and hides in the kids’ room.

Jalali tells Kabeer that I can see fire in your eyes. Kabeer says you can’t doze it off, that fire will die with only revenge.

Zara is shivering in her room. The kids ask her why she is scared?

Kabeer tries to leave, but Jalali asks him to sit with him. Rukshar tries to ask him a question, but Jalali says you want to ask me if Kabeer will divorce you fully or not? Kabeer says only God knows what will happen next. Jalali says but I know what will happen in the future, he laughs at Rukshar. Jalali says Zeenat will be thrown out of the house and you will be in a bad condition. Kabeer says God can forgive if you pray to him, he leaves from there.

Kabeer comes to Zara’s room, but doesn’t find the kids there. He finds Zara’s letter that she is taking the kids away where they are safe, he is shocked.

Zara is in the Car with the kids and asks the Driver to take them away.

Kabeer is in the Car searching for Zara. A man tells him that he saw her going to Kanpur. Kabeer goes on that road and says I have to stop her.

The Driver stops the Car and tells Zara that there is some issue in the Car. Kabeer comes there and sees them. Zara asks the Driver to drive away, but Kabeer runs to their Car, he tries to stop the Car. The kids ask Zara to stop the Car, but she doesn’t listen. The Driver stops the car.

Kabeer comes to their Car and asks what she is doing? Zara says I can’t live in Lucknow, I can’t tell you, let me go please, she cries and says the man that destroyed my Childhood is Jalali, let me go please. Kabeer is shocked.

Kabeer tells Zara that he is an Imam, how can he do it? Zara says he likes to defy God, he is a beast, he is dangerous, so I am going away from here. She turns to leave, but Kabeer holds her hand and says you are a strong girl, you have fought with my father and now you want to run away because you are scared?

Zara says no, I have seen my Parents dying in front of my eyes, I was a brave girl, but then I made a relationship with you and the people here, I can’t let Jalali hurt them, I can’t lose you people. Kabeer says I am with you. Zara says you have supported me a lot, you have made me realize to not run away, I am not alone now, you will be there with me.

Zara comes back home and sees Jalali talking to Shehbaz. Kabeer asks her to not be scared. Kabeer stands in front of Jalali and Zara hides behind him. Jalali asks how is she? Kabeer says she is a woman so you can respect her and make your paradise after death. Jalali says this woman will give me heaven?

Shehbaz says he is a big Imam, so don’t insult him! Jalali says no, let me meet this woman. Kabeer says you have said that woman makes the heaven for us right? Jalali greets Zara. Shehbaz asks Kabeer to stop it! The kids greet Jalali. Zara doesn’t show her face to him. Jalali gifts chocolates to the kids after bringing them out magically. Jalali leaves from there.

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