Kabeer comes to his room and sees it decorated. He turns to see Rukshar and says I have proved loyal to you so you prove what you feel for me. She tries to romantically dance with him, but Kabeer is irritated and grabs her. He brings her to the lounge and shouts at her that you are a fool! You are not my wife, you are just a compromise!

Zeenat says she has a right as your Wife. You can’t accept her? Zara comes there. Rukshar says my husband doesn’t love me. Kabeer says you will be punished Rukshar, there is no reason for love. He leaves.

Rukshar says this is not my Kabeer, this Zara is provoking him. Shehbaz says this Zara is failing our plans. Zeenat says finish her! Shehbaz says how? Zeenat smirks and hugs Rukshar. She says I will force her to leave this house! I promise you.

Kabeer comes to Shehbaz’s Office and says God your faith is stopping me from punishing this killer. Zara comes there and says but not me, he is your father, but I can destroy his life. Kabeer says this is my work, my God will show me the way. Zara says you have done a lot for me, so give me a chance. We have to weaken his businesses, he will lose his powe, after which he will come to his knees. Kabeer says we have to destroy him!

Kabeer is making the kids ready for School. Zara comes there and says I have the files that will tell us how he got the funds for the elections. Kabeer says it’s time to destroy his business. Zara says yes. Zara sits on the bus with the kids to go to School, but there is a big dog in the car. The kids get scared and cries.

Rukshar says to Zeenat that this dog will eat them alive. Kabeer comes there and tries to open the door, but it’s jammed.

The dog is about the attack the kids. Kabeer tries to scare him from the outside and asks Zara to open the window somehow. Zara tries to, but the dog scares her. Kabeer distracts the dog and Zara opens the window. Kabeer offers the food to him. He opens the back door and brings the kids and Zara out. Zara says they were scared.

Rukshar and Zeenat are angry that Kabeer saved them. Kabeer sends the kids to the school and takes the dog away.

Shehbaz says our plan was destroyed. Rukshar says I will shift into Kabeer’s room tonight, he is my husband and he has to give me the rights.

Kabeer brings the dog to the vet. The vet says that he is a dangerous dog, but they take him to humans.

Zara tells the kids to be brave like Kabeer. Firdous says Kabeer saved your life too. Zara smiles and hugs her. Zara thinks that my heart was of Kabeer and now, my life is indebted to him as well.

Kabeer finds the man that sent the dog to the house and asks him who sent it??

Rukshar is shifting to Kabeer’s room, but Kabeer comes there and shouts at her, he says shame on you for sending a dangerous dog to these kids! Rukshar says I didn’t do it.

The man comes there and says she gave me the money to send the dog. Kabeer says why did you bring that dog here?? Rukshar looks away. Kabeer asks the man to leave, he leaves.

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