Zara puts namaz/prayer schedule on the wall in Kabeer’s room and leaves. Rukshar comes there dressed up and tells Kabeer that I have made food for you. Kabeer glares at her. Rukshar imagines him strangling her, but Kabeer takes the food and smells her hair. He asks what’s your agenda now? She says I love you. Kabeer says but you are with a killer? You loved me but now, you don’t. Rukshar says I can do anything for you. Kabeer says then do something that will prove your love. Rukshar says okay, I will be with you and I will tell you all the secrets. She leaves.

In the morning, Rukshar tells Shehbaz that they are investigating about 50millions. Shehbaz is worried and gets the call. He asks his lawyer to handle this case. Shehbaz leaves. Rukshar smirks. Zara hides.

Rukshar comes to Kabeer and tells him that Shehbaz is going to the factory to meet the lawyer today and he is alone. Kabeer smiles and says you started climbing love stairs. He asks her to keep moving like this and she will win his heart. Zara hides and hears it. Kabeer leaves.

Zara comes there. Rukshar says this is my husband’s bedroom so stop coming here. Zara says Kabeer is using Rukshar to get his revenge.

Shehbaz comes to the factory and enters alone. He comes to the Office, but doesn’t find the lawyer. He sees Kabeer there and gets scared. Kabeer says you know who is coming? Your death. I can strangle you, but that’s easy. I can throw you in the chemical, it will melt your body like you had thrown my Zara in the river! Shehbaz tries to run, but Kabeer throws the net on him and holds him. He lifts him and takes him to the burning hot water tub. Shehbaz is scared and says leave me! Kabeer says I can throw you in this easily… he throws Shehbaz on the ground and says my Zara would have felt that, where is Zara’s body??

Shehbaz says Zara’s body is in that graveyard. His guards entered there so Kabeer leaves and thinks I promise to give pain to Shehbaz!

Kabeer comes to the graveyard and prays for Zara. Irfan comes there and says why are you here? You are miffed with God. Kabeer says Zara is here, I came to meet her. Irfan says you lost your love Zara but you can’t be miffed with God if you want to pray for her soul. Kabeer gets emotional and leaves from there.

Shehbaz comes home, his hand is bandaged. Zeenat asks how he got hurt? Kabeer comes there and glares at him. Shehbaz says I slipped. Kabeer says he should be careful. Shehbaz asks the guards to never leave him alone.

Zara and Azhra talk to the kids. Zara tells Firdous that I will be miffed with your Kabeer Uncle.

Shehbaz asks the guards to stay outside his door. He goes to sleep. Kabeer enters his room from a secret passage and writes a message on his bandage. Shehbaz wakes up and gets scared. He shouts at the guards for being careless in their duty! Kabeer has written ‘I killed Zara’ on his plaster.

Zeenat comes there and tries to clean the words. Kabeer says you can’t wipe out the truth like that. Zeenat calls the Doctor, but he says we can’t change the plaster. Kabeer laughs.

Kabeer comes to Irfan’s house and bring the toys for the kids. The kids ask to let them go for Rama. Kabeer say the path is dangerous so I am not allowing you guys. The kids get angry and say we will not keep a relationship with you if you don’t allow us. Kabeer says I am doing this because I care for you guys. The kids say we will be miffed with you.

Shehbaz sits in Irfan’s Car. He tells Irfan that you will tell the Court that your Zara took 50millions from me, he threatens him. Irfan says you are the biggest jerk, but I won’t leave God’s path, I am not scared of your threat, so get down. Shahbaz says okay and leaves.

Irfan comes to Kabeer and says Shehbaz threatened to take away my Qazi’s position and defame me if I don’t write a letter to Court saying that Zara took the money from him. Kabeer says I will set him right! Irfan says no, don’t be angry. I can make Imran the Qazi but he can’t fight with Shehbaz alone, I can make him the Vice president/Deputy Qazi and you can become the Qazi. Azhra is angry to hear that. Kabeer says I can’t become the Qazi as I have stopped praying to God. Zara asks him to not do this. Kabeer leaves from there.

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