Zara comes to Kabeer and says you can’t be miffed with God like this if he didn’t hear you for once. Kabeer says because you don’t understand my pain. Zara says I lost my Parents, but I was never miffed with God, I got Azhra, Salma, Irfan and you… Irfan had to bear so much pain, but he is still following God’s path, you can take this position for Irfan… Leave it, you don’t even remember that tomorrow is Zara’s death anniversary as per the Islamic calendar. I will know tomorrow if your love for Zara is more important or your ego. I will see if you will pray for Zara tomorrow or not! Kabeer looks on.

Kabeer looks at his Zara’s photo and says I was dying after you, but I got the three kids and this new Zara. His alter image says that you think God didn’t send these people to you? He gave you the light to live again, he sent those kids and Zara for you to become strong again.

Salma says I want to give away the clothes for Zara, but who will take it? Zara says I will distribute it.

Rukshar tells Kabeer that tomorrow is Zara’s death anniversary, don’t be fooled by anyone. Don’t follow God’s path. You have to take Zara’s revenge. If you want, then we can go out tomorrow. Kabeer says I agree. Rukshar says so it means you will spend the romantic day with me tomorrow? Kabeer says yes. We will sit together and we will talk about my Zara. You will talk to me about her. Rukshar thinks that he wants me to say something wrong, she says I am going to sleep.

Zeenat asks Shehbaz to sleep, but he’s scared. Rukshar comes there. Zeenat asks him to eat the medicine if he can.

Rukshar tells Zeenat that she told Kabeer that she will take his side against Shehbaz. Zeenat says are you mad?? You shouldn’t have done it.

Kabeer comes to Salma’s house. He meets the kids and has brought a big cycle for them. Firdous says we are miffed with you and we will not tell you that we are making food for your Zara. Kabeer says really? Zara says yes, they are making food for her. You love the kids, and that’s why you didn’t bring a cycle that they can use right now. Same way God is helping you in a way that’s best for you, so you shouldn’t be angry with him. The kids tell Kabeer that we will stop being miffed with you if you stop being angry at God and your Zara will have your prayers. Please agree. Kabeer asks them to focus on the food, he leaves.

Zara comes to Kabeer. She says you shouldn’t be miffed with God. Kabeer says no one can understand my pain. Zara says we lose our own people in this world. Our Prophet lost a lot of his people, but he never left God’s path, then how can you do it? Kabeer looks on.

Zara brings the Quran and asks him to stop being angry with God. She offers him the Quran. Kabeer recalls the kids’ words and takes the holy book. All smile seeing it. Kabeer prays for Zara and asks God to give her peace.

Salma brings the turban. Irfan says I want Kabeer to wear this and become the Qazi. He makes Kabeer wear it. Imran says he looks very nice. Kabeer is surprised. Irfan hugs him and prays for him.

Zara gets a call and it’s Shehbaz. Shehbaz says the Court has filed an FIR that his daughter took Sharia board’s money so now, you will have to leave your position, I will prove that your daughter was a cheat! Kabeer ends the call.

Irfan tells Kabeer that no one can fight Shehbaz as a Qazi. Azhra says Imran can fight him. Irfan says he can’t fight him alone, Kabeer can do it. Kabeer says I have to teach a lesson to him, he leaves.

Kabeer comes to Shehbaz’s house with his turban. Shehbaz says I expected this from you. Kabeer says you want to threaten people???  He holds his plastered hand and says don’t you dare threaten Irfan again! He leaves.

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