Sudhir comes there with commandos and tells Rohit that Vikram’s son comes to know about their plan. Rohit asks him to kill all the captive family. Waiter brings food for Pragya.

Pragya says don’t know when CM will give speech and says you must be tired of working all day. The Waiter says CM is good and got my sister married, I can give my life for her. Pragya thinks this waiter seems to be good and keeps the message paper.

Moha takes Pragya with her. The party worker asks Moha to make them meet CM. Moha says after sometime. Pragya thinks she has to keep the letter herself in the file and takes back the paper.

Rohit gives the file to CM and says this is her heart sound which she wants to convey. He requests her to let him say a few words before she gives her speech. He praises her and gives the credit to her for her work in delhi. He requests them to welcome Vasudha with claps.

Pragya thinks he is acting and is a liar so that nobody doubts when anything happens to CM. CM says I want to ask you something before reading the speech. She says what is CM and says it is people love and party’s thinking. She says everyone shall be appreciated who helped me in making the party. She asks them to come.

Moha asks Pragya to come with her. File falls down from CM’s hand. Pragya picks the papers and keeps the letter in the file. Rohit asks her to do the work.

Prachi asks Ranbir to open his eyes. He is also tied on to the other chair. He gains consciousness and asks her to open his hands. He asks why am I tied? Prachi says the goons have tied us both and asks how to free your hands.

Ranbir says I am trapped because of you. Prachi says you came here with flower vase to save me. He says I came to hit you and blames her for compromising with the lights to get him insulted infront of Abhi. She says she didn’t do. He shouts.

Prachi asks him to calm down and says you don’t have any idea and tells that CM is about to get killed. Ranbir is shocked. Prachi says CM’s own people, secretary and commandos want to kill her. She says they have blackmailed my mum to kill her else they will kill me. They have targeted my Mum. She says they have kept Mr. Mehra captive in some room so that he don’t spoil their plan. She says you have no idea that we are badly trapped. She says if CM gets kidnapped, then we will be caught.

Ranbir says we will be killed and not caught. He says they will kill us, just as your mum killed CM. Prachi says they will not do this. Ranbir says they will not leave us as we know them and will complain in police. They have chosen your Mum for assassination so that they want to be saved. Prachi says what to do now. Ranbir says they must be in the hall where CM is about to give speech and tells that they shall free each other and open the ropes somehow.

Abhi tries to break the Chair on which he is tied, but couldn’t free himself. He sees the glass piece kept nearby. Pragya is standing infront of CM. Abhi manages to take the glass piece. Moha is standing behind Pragya. CM’s papers fall down again. Rohit picks it up. Pragya gets tensed.

Abhi is cutting the rope with the glass piece. CM is about to read her script and opens the file. Some papers fall down from the file. Rohit says I will pick it.

Ranbir and Prachi move their chairs close to each other’s chair and try to open the rope and free each other’s hand. Ranbir opens the rope and asks her to free his rope. Prachi is opening the rope. Ranbir asks her to open it carefully. Prachi tells him that she will go without opening his rope and asks him to stop talking. Ranbir tells that they will not fight anymore and will work as team, will save CM, your Mum and chief (Abhi). Prachi says yes. He says if they go through door then may get caught, so they shall go by window. He breaks the glass window and opens the window. He asks her to open his hand and comes out carefully. They come out of window.

Disha comes to a room to put the phone on charging. She guess speech is going to start and thinks to charge battery later. She takes out her phone and is leaving. Purab comes there and they look at each other. Song plays…kitni baatein…They reminiscence their moments.

Moha gives gun to Pragya. Rohit looks at her. CM asks him to give papers. Rohit gives the papers and tells Moha that Pragya is holding gun in her left hand. Moha asks to hold the gun in her right hand.

CM searches for the first paper and picks some papers kept near her foot. She picks the letter and finds Pragya’s letter, in which that she knows her, who coughed in the corridor and wanted to tell her something, but Rohit came there. She continues that Rohit, Moha and Senior security want to kill you, have kidnapped by daughter and blackmailed me to shoot you. They want to blame opposition party. She writes if I don’t shoot you then they will kill my daughter. She writes that if you read the speech then I have to kill you, don’t read the speech. CM reads the letter shockingly and signs Pragya. Pragya signals at her.

Disha tries to go. Purab calls her name. Song plays again…kitni baatein yaad aati hai….He asks are you happy? Disha turns to him and says very happy. She says if you are happy then I am happy. She says I will not ask you as If I am happy then you will be happy too. She goes.

Purab says I am happy after seeing you. CM looks at Pragya and signals her. Moha looks at Pragya and CM.

Ranbir and Prachi come there. Pragya thinks Prachi is safe, I have to save CM now. Rohit asks CM to give speech. CM says I was giving you CM seat, if you wanted a bit earlier then would have asked me. Rohit says you are my sister, what are you saying?

CM slaps Rohit. Senior Security officer asks the guards to shoot at CM. CM and others sit down. Everyone panics and run.

Pragya comes to CM and asks her to come with her. CM holds Pragya’s hand and is walking to go out. Rohit comes and aims gun at them. He says you both have to die. He says I am sorry, now you both will not be saved. Rohit shouts saying nobody will move else I will shoot everyone including CM. Everyone stands shockingly.

Abhi frees his hand and comes out. Rohit asks Pragya why she is doing this even after knowing that her daughter is in his captivity and asks what is her relation with CM that she wants to sacrifice her and her daughter’s lives. She asks if you don’t love your daughter.

Ranbir asks someone to go out and call Police. Pragya sees Rhea coming there. Rhea thinks why everyone is on gun point. She thinks to call Police. Moha snatches phone from her hand.

Rohit goes to Rhea and slaps her. Pragya runs to Rhea, picks a glass piece and asks Rohit to move back. Rohit asks who is she? Pragya says she is like my daughter, if you touches her then I will not leave you. Rohit says all girls in the world are your daughters.

Pragya says I was saving CM as I am a good citizen, now you are facing a Mum and says I will kill you if anything happens to Rhea. Rohit says she is Mata chandika and we will have Prasad. He says we will not kill CM, but will kill them.

Ranbir and Prachi come there. Rohit says CM is the ticket for us to go outside country and asks his partners to kill everyone and keep CM safe.

Pallavi and Beeji are shocked. Rohit starts the countdown. Prachi signs Rhea to sit down. Rhea sits with Prachi. Rohit shoots, but the bullet don’t touch anyone. Prachi throws stick on his head. Rohit turns and looks at Prachi. He thinks how did they come here?

Prachi and Rhea come to Pragya. Ranbir beats Rohit and says you don’t deserve to become CM. Moha comes and keeps gun at his head. Pragya, Rhea and Prachi are shocked. Pallavi and Beeji are shocked too.

Pragya asks Rhea and Prachi to stand there itself as she goes to save Ranbir. Disha calls Police and informs about the attack.

The Inspector calls for extra force. Pragya comes to Moha and aims gun at her. She tells Rohit that she will kill her to save many lives. Disha sees her and smiles. Rohit smiles.

Pragya says I will kill her. Rohit says kill her, I just need CM alive. Pragya tells Moha that Rohit doesn’t care about her. Rohit says everyone is good here and will not kill anyone. He says I bought everyone here and tells that he is immortal. CM says Ravan also thought the same, but met his end. She slaps Rohit, he holds her hand and asks her not to become Mum.

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