Kabeer tells Shehbaz that I always gave you benefit of doubt, but you have crossed all the limits now, soon you will be behind bars as well!

The Inspector takes Shehbaz and Jalali from there. Kabeer buries Jalali’s ghost jar in the mud. Asim sees it. They leave from there.

Irfan tells Imran that you betrayed Kabeer by going away. Imran says I tried to give my position to Kabeer, but he didn’t listen to me. Irfan says I am sure that Kabeer will find a solution but how will he fight with Jalali? Azhra comes there and asks Imran if he was not in Delhi? Salma says he went to Delhi?

Asim is in the Car and tells Zara that he’s their enemy. He turns up the music and dances. Zara says Kabeer doesn’t like music. Asim says you are taking your husband’s side? Zara says he is not my husband. Asim says then why are you with him? He asks Kabeer why you are with my Sister? Zara says talk with respect! Asim says I will spit on you, I like to talk just like this. My head is spinning. He screams. Zara thinks that he is a drug addict because of Jalali.

Imran tells Azhra that I had to come back because my mother is ill. Azhra says then you could have asked me to take care of her, you want to sacrifice for your friend and finish your career? Imran says he is my friend, I will not leave him alone. Azhra says I am your fiancee, so you have to show me my worth! She leaves.

Zara and Kabeer brings Asim to the hospital, but he is making a scene. Zara says cockroach… Asim gets scared and a Doctor gives him an injection. The Doctor says he will stay here for a week.

Zara and Kabeer are in the Car. Zara says sorry to Kabir for Asim misbehaving with him. Kabeer says it doesn’t matter what he says, we know that we are friends. Zara says really? You take me as a friend? Kabeer says why are you surprised? Zara says thank you. Kabeer says you fought with Jalali for me so it’s a friendship. I trusted you and ate the opium. Zara says we have moved from acquaintances.

Kabeer stops the Car. Zara buys some flowers, but her wallet is missing. Kabeer says you can borrow from me. Zara says yes you are a friend. He buys for himself as well. Kabeer asks for whom you have bought it? Zara says I have bought it for our friendship. She gives it to him and expects that Kabeer will give his bouquet to her.

Zara gives flowers to Kabeer and thinks he will give it to her, but he doesn’t. Kabeer says the kids will be happy to see the flowers. Zara says can we visit an Islamic Shrine? He says okay.

Zara comes to the Islamic Shrine and prays for her brother. The Imam blesses her and says I will pray for you. Today is special for you, your truth will come out, your heart matter will be shared with your own. Zara says I don’t have the guts to share it with my love. She thinks that I won’t ever get Kabeer. The Imam asks her to try, it’s a good day for her.

Zara comes to Kabeer and says I talked about you with the Imam? Kabeer says why? She says nothing. A man asks for charity but Kabeer has forgotten his wallet so Zara gives on his behalf. Kabeer sees ‘Z loves K’ written on the note and says you gave it deliberately to me? It means you love me? Zara gets tensed. Kabeer laughs and says K can mean anything. You know you don’t have to talk about your love, love can be expressed by expression, smell and even deeds.

Rukshar gets Zeenat ready and says you look so nice. Zeenat says I have a loving husband. Rukshar says Kabeer has left me. Zeenat asks her to not worry. She hears Kashan coming and runs to him.

Zeenat comes to Kashan but sees a modern woman with him. She is shocked and asks who  is she? Kashan smiles.

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