Purab comes to the event. Abhi says I thought you will not come. Purab says I saw your performance, even now same magic. Abhi asks why didn’t you meet me. Purab says you was busy and was attending guests. Abhi asks him to come and says he will make him meet the guests. Sudhir tells the goons in commandos uniform to stand with Pragya and she will shoot CM. The commandos says okay boss.

Pragya is very worried. Abhi makes Purab introduced to CM and says he has a big hand behind him. The commandos come and stand infront of Pragya. The cameraman gives earphone to Pragya. Sudhir asks her to shoot CM when he counts 10. Pragya is tensed.

Mira says I can’t do anything if Aaliya has problem with me. She says I regard Rhea as my daughter and says nobody teaches her bad things infront of me even if she is Aaliya. Mitali asks why you are thinking to fight with Aaliya. Mira says I will fight and win also. Aaliya hears them and tells that Rhea didn’t do any crime. She says but you think otherwise. She says I have changed your dressing sense, but couldn’t change your mentality and says Rhea’s class is high and asks her not to tell or teach her anything. She says Rhea’s dad and I are there to handle her and tells Mitali not to forget that Meera is not a family member but work for us. She asks her to be wise with her words.

Sudhir asks if she saw CM. Rohit asks her not to cut the call else how she will hear the counting. Sudhir starts the countdown. CM tells Abhi that just like he has Purab and Vikram in his life, she has Rohit and he is her big support behind her becoming CM. She says I trust him blindly and he made me CM. She says if he asks me to leave CM’s chair then I will leave it, if he asks me to leave this world then I will leave. She says I am going to announce after the speech that I am retiring and the next CM will be Rohit.

Rohit is shocked. Sudhir is counting the countdown. CM says I want to give this news to you on your birthday, but today I got emotional. She says I talked to party workers to make you CM and they all agreed. She asks him to make her rest now. Rohit excuses himself. Sudhir is counting the countdown.

Aaliya sees Disha and says I’m not going to ask you how are you, as I am seeing and says you was habitual to luxury which you don’t have now. Disha says she was not habitual to it before, she needed confidence which she has now. Aaliya says if you need money from Purab then. Disha says I don’t need it. Aaliya says Purab? Disha says I don’t need him and says I left him. Aaliya says you lost him from me and I won from you. I won Purab.

Disha says you might be happy much or else your smile is fake as you. Rohit takes Pragya to room and says Vasudha is like my mum, taught be work and I thought to kill her. He says she remembered all my small works and told that she will make me CM and talked about her retirement. He says I am feeling bad and ashamed of myself.

Pragya says you didn’t do bad thing till now and asks him to forget and says I will forget too. She says everyone do mistake and asks him to realize his mistake and asks him to do something good for her. She says I will not tell anyone, don’t kill CM. Disha sees Purab and recalls their happy moments. She recalls leaving him. Purab sees her and thinks she can’t be Disha, she will never return.

Rohit says I will not kill CM. A lady comes there and says Rohit is emotional and tells that this lady (Pragya) is playing emotional game with you. Pragya says if you do good with others then good thing will happen with you. Security guard comes there and asks Rohit why did you stop? Pragya says CM will make him CM soon. The lady and the security guard brainwashes Rohit and says we will not get chance again. Rohit holds the gun. Pragya asks him not to do this and says Vasudha understood your value. The lady slaps Pragya.

Rohit says you have to kill CM, else we will search your daughter and kill her. The lady says if you shout then I will kill you before your daughter. Prachi comes to the electricity boxes. Ranbir comes.

Prachi asks if he is electrician and asks him not to style and says nobody will impress with you. Ranbir says his ears are pained hearing her. He checks the wire. Prachi touches him. He gets scared. He says I don’t know what to do. Prachi asks him to remove his foot from her dupatta. Ranbir says sorry and says I came from outside and didn’t know that the shoe is muddy. Prachi says you have taken revenge from me and says she is very busy.

Ranbir says I will clean your scarf. He is about to fall. Prachi holds him. Rhea comes there and gets angry seeing them in romantic pose. Prachi and Ranbir start fighting.

Rhea thinks Ranbir is finding ways to romance with Prachi. She gets upset. The security guard tells Rohit that if Pragya told that we had planned the murder then. Rohit says we will kill Pragya after she kills CM.

The electrician comes to Prachi and tells her about the main wire. Rhea gets an idea. Abhi tells Purab that someone is sending him sad emojis. Purab says I will go there.

Abhi comes to Vikram and asks if the stage is ready. Vikram says yes. Abhi argues with him smilingly. He says Purab understands well and you don’t understand even after I tell you. Abhi tells CM that his friend Vikram made fun of him when he had a rough voice.

The lady brings Pragya out in the hall. Rohit comes and stands with CM. The lady keeps gun on Pragya’s back. Pragya cries. The lady asks her to shoot CM else she will shoot her daughter. She says nobody is watching you and asks her to take out the gun. Pragya’s hand starts shaking. Rohit goes away from CM. Pragya is about to shoot.

Abhi comes infront of her. She says someone came infront of CM. The lady asks Pragya to shoot the guy first and then CM else we will kill your daughter. Pragya is crying. The lady asks her to either save daughter or CM.

Pragya sees Abhi in front of CM and recalls their moments. The lady starts her countdown and asks her to kill CM. Pragya sees Prachi coming there and is saved. She thinks they don’t know Prachi, but if I don’t shoot then they will kill me. She says I can’t kill him. She drops the gun. The lady asks commandos to kill Pragya.

Rhea goes to the switch boxes and takes out the wire which the electrician had told. The lady asks Commandos not to kill her here. Rhea takes out the wire and the electricity goes. Pragya shouts saying CM’s life is in problem and asks someone to save her. Everyone panics and running away.

Rhea thinks your Prachi didn’t do the work properly. Rhea fixes the wire again. Electricity comes back. Abhi sees the security guard aiming gun at the CM.

Rohit tells Sudhir that Mr. Mehra is watching him and asks him not to shoot CM. He sends CM to room and asks Abhi to meet her. Dadi asks Mitali why the light went suddenly. They ask Prachi. Prachi says I will just check, it may be small issue. Mitali asks her not to touch the wire and be careful. Prachi asks Dasi to rest and says they will hear CM speech.

Mira, Pallavi and Beeji like Prachi and praise her. Dadi gets emotional and says Prachi used to talk like her. Mitali asks her to remember about the good moments. Meera thinks Dasi thinks Prachi is like Pragya, but I think she is like her mom Anuradha. She says anyone will fall for her, except Mehra who loves pragya even now.

Abhi meets CM and tells her that he thinks that someone wants to attack her. Rohit says it is opposition party work and says no bullet is shot. He says if bullet is shot then I will bear it. CM says he is right and says opposition wants people not to hear my speech and thoughts. Abhi says ok, as long as you are fine. CM says she will go after giving the speech. Abhi asks her to sit in CCTV room.

The lady takes Pragya to an isolated room and says she would have killed her right there, but Rohit wants to talk to you. Pragya says it is my wish not to kill CM and takes the knife kept there. The lady asks commandos to tie her with chair.

Pragya asks them to leave her and says you are very cheap, Vasudha ji did so much for you and you…The lady says she has done her duty being a CM. Pragya says she has done so much good work and social service. The lady asks her to stop her nonsense.

Rohit asks her to claps and says we are cheap because God gave all the goodness to her. He says we can’t kill CM as she is in CCTV room. If we kill her, then enquiry will be on us. Pragya refuses to kill CM. Rohit says we will kill your daughter. Pragya says my daughter is not with you. Rohit beats his guard and drinks wine. He asks Sudhir to enquire with Ranbir about Pragya’s daughter. Sudhir goes. Rohit eats elaichi as wine smell comes from his mouth.

Pallavi makes Ranbir drink juice and says she will take care of him even if he is 50. He laughs and says you will be old and I will make you drink juice with my hand.

Beeji comes there. Ranbir says beeji will be much old. Sudhir comes to Ranbir and asks about Pragya’s daughter showing her pic. Ranbir calls Prachi, but she rejects the call. He comes to her and tells that her mum is searching her. Sudhir asks her to come with him and takes her with him.

CM asks Rohit about Bharti. Abhi comes there. Rohit says she went home. CM calls her and identifies her ring tone. Rohit says many people’s ring tone is same. They go to room and get her phone. Rohit sees blood stain and throws ketch up bottle on the floor to hide the blood stain. He then tells CM that he is doubtful as he heard Bharti’s conversation with her boyfriend who is in Army. He says she was telling him that she will not die in love. Abhi says I will file police complaint. Rohit stops him and asks CM to rest there. Abhi says she will rest in that room. CM goes to CCTV room. Rohit gets angry on Abhi.

Disha gets teary eyes and sad. Dadi sees her and comes to her. Prachi goes with Sudhir. Dadi asks Disha how is she? Disha asks how are you? Dadi says I am fine. Disha hugs her. Someone calls Disha. Disha says I will come, I have work. Dadi says d the work, but don’t leave me. Disha says how to stay as he left me, there is no reason now. She goes.

Sudhir signals Rohit. Rohit thinks I will see how she refuse now. The lady tells Pragya that it was destiny that she came here to kill CM. She says we will be safe and the opposition will be blamed.

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