Ranbir asks Raju about Rhea. He says she is in the room. Ranbir sees Abhi. Abhi asks what is happening? Ranbir says he wants notes from Rhea as professor asked. Abhi asks why you go to college then. Ranbir says I am bad at studies so have to go to college daily. Abhi says we can give you a job and asks if Vikram didn’t tell him.

Vikram comes. Mira asks him to say. Abhi tells that their company has completed 5 years and they are going to launch the album and there will be an environmental message to save water etc. Vikram says Abhi invited CM for it. Abhi says we are hiring you for this. Ranbir says how I will work in the office. Abhi says Prachi will work with you.

Rhea asks Prachi and gets upset? Ranbir says I am very happy. He says it is an honor. Rhea is upset and runs to her room. Mira sees her upset and comes to her room. She asks how to make you understand and says your issue with Prachi is not important than your dad’s event. She asks her not to do anything for Abhi. Rhea promises her not to do anything with Prachi. Mira hugs her.

Rhea recalls Abhi slapping her. She says she will also join him in the office so that she can spend more time with Abhi and will not trouble her. Mira says she will talk to her. She says you like Prachi’s mum, if you don’t trouble her daughter then she will love you more. Rhea says okay.

Pragya finds the event file which Prachi forgot at home and checks it. She finds Abhi’s picture in the event pamphlet and thinks don’t know he is singing which song. She reminisces the past and a FB is shown, Abhi tells her that he might lose everything, but not love…and says you will come running on stage and will ask me not to stop. Pragya asks him to shut up and smiles. FB ends.

Pragya thinks to go and check and thinks she shall not go. It was their decision to stay separately and she can’t break it. She thinks to hear him from far, but will not go in front of him. Sarita behen comes and asks what is she hiding? Pragya says nothing and tells that it is Prachi’s file which she forgot. She leaves. Sarita behen wonders what is in the file.

Ranbir and Prachi collide in the office. They argue. Prachi asks what he thinks of himself. Ranbir says Savior. They argue for colliding with each other. He asks her to look at his t-shirt and says you have turned it blue. She says she will beat him if don’t stop. She says she is angry as someone splashed muddy water on her. She asks him not to provoke her to beat him. He asks her to clean the stain on his t-shirt and takes her to the cabin. Prachi asks him if he has no manners as he takes off t-shirt in front of him. They argue. He asks her to clean the t-shirt and give it back to him. Prachi goes to wash it.

Pragya in the taxi thinks if Abhi sees her then and asks the driver to take the U-turn. She then thinks to look at him from far and thinks to go to the office and give the file to Prachi. She asks the driver to take U-turn again and says we have to go back again.

Rhea comes to the Office and sees Prachi holding Ranbir’s t-shirt. She asks if you started this work also. She asks if Ranbir offered or you surrendered yourself. Prachi says it is not my duty to tell you. She says you are insulting my mother also and tells that she came to do her duty here. She says you don’t care about your dad image. Rhea goes to meet Ranbir in the cabin.

Ranbir says hi Rhea. Rhea sees him shirtless and turns her face. He holds the painting to hide. She says you are having an affair with Prachi. He asks if Prachi told you. Rhea says no and tells that she is assuming seeing his t-shirt with Prachi. She says she will tell her dad and his dad what they are doing.

Ranbir says there is nothing between them and tells that his t-shirt is ruined because of her and he gave it to her to clean her. He says he loves someone else. Rhea says she is not a small girl to believe him. Ranbir keeps his hand on her mouth and says I love you and don’t like Prachi. He says I wanted to propose you and want to give you time to take your answer. He says if we come together then we will be the coolest couple and unique. He says if something is right then we both… Rhea pushes him and your fake proposal will not work, I will tell our dads. Ranbir says I love you.

Prachi comes to the cabin and sees Abhi and others. Abhi asks her to bring the file. Rhea thinks to make her first day as last. Prachi asks her to stop thinking.

Rhea comes to Abhi and Vikram. Juhi says I have kept your clothes in the cabin. Vikram asks her to go to the venue. Abhi talks to the CM’s secretary and comes to know that CM will reach the car in 10-15 mins. Rhea says I want to talk to you. Abhi asks her to come in his car.

The event starts and the ZEE TV stars dance at the event. Prachi thinks what to do as the event started and she has no file. Ranbir comes and asks if she is smelling his t-shirt. She asks if he is mad and says she was feeling like crying and was hiding her face with it.

Ranbir asks why did you keep your dirty face on it. He tries to wear it. Prachi asks him to go to the cabin and wear and says she doesn’t like him without clothes. Ranbir says you like me in clothes and says these are the symptoms of kuch kuch hota hai…

Prachi asks him to wear his t-shirt in front of her and says nothing will happen to her. He starts wearing his t-shirt. Prachi says I can’t bear anymore and says I hate you and says you are mannerless, not knowing how to behave with girls. Ranbir asks her not to lecture him as he will explain to her what do her words mean.

Prachi reaches the event venue and thinks she doesn’t remember where she kept the file. She gets Pragya’s file and she tells her that she is standing outside her office and asks her to come there and take her file. Prachi says I am not in the office, but at the event and asks her to bring the file there.

Abhi calls someone. Pragya hears his voice and says Prachi is with her father. Prachi asks her to come there and says she will message the address. Pragya says okay. She recalls her moments with Abhi. Hunge juda na hum plays….. She thinks if Prachi or Abhi comes to know about her.

Prachi talks to someone and asks to keep Mr. Mehra’s performance in the last. Abhi comes to her. Prachi says she kept his performance in the last as the audience will not go without his performance and have a great fan following. She says you are smiling and that means you are happy.

Abhi tells her that Juhi told him that she was going to do a teacher’s job when he offered her job. He says his idea was good to hire her and he got so much time. Prachi smiles and asks him to rest. Rhea comes there. Abhi goes and then comes back to Prachi. He asks her to keep working like she is working.

Dadi talks to Ranbir’s dadi. Ranbir’s dadi tells that a guy is after her and she is afraid that he might propose her. Dadi says that guy didn’t see you carefully and tells that you are not that good that some guy proposes her and says he might be scared. She asks her to take him to that guy and says I will ask him.

The guy comes to Ranbir’s Dadi. Ranbir’s Dadi tells her that she has a son and grandson Ranbir. The guy says he wants to befriend Ranbir. Dadi asks if his grandfather came. Ranbir’s Dadi asks him to go. Dadi laughs.

Rhea tells Dimpy and Shaina that Abhi is impressed with Prachi and even Ranbir is impressed with her. Dimpy asks if they have an affair. Rhea says she caught them red-handed and tells that she can see him with anyone, but not with Prachi.

Shaina and Dimpy ask her to fight for Ranbir. Rhea says she will not do anything which will upset her dad. Dimpy says your dad will agree and will hug you, but if you don’t take action then will lose him for Prachi. She says they have a plan. Rhea says this will be risky for the event. Dimpy asks her to think if she wants to lose Ranbir and her dad.

Prachi is hanging the decorative star on the entrance. Abhi asks her to get down. Prachi says it is over and is about to fall. Abhi holds her and thinks of Pragya. Prachi gets down the table and takes another star. Abhi hangs it. Prachi thanks him. Abhi gets sad. Prachi thinks what happened to sir. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other.

The Security in charge asks the people to go back. Pragya reaches there. She hears people talking about CM Vasudha. CM comes there. Pragya drops the file and looks for it. Ranbir’s dadi tells that she came to hear Abhi’s song. Mira and Pallavi tell that they will hear CM’s speech. Mitali hopes their kids will perform too.

Rhea comes to stage and dances. Prachi and Ranbir come to stage and dance. Pallavi says where are the waiters, and says Mira must be hungry too. Mira looks at Abhi and comes to him. She gives him a pastry. He thanks her and takes it.

Mitali bites her nails and comes to her. She asks what happened to her. Mira says she is taking care of Abhi just like that. Pallavi takes meera with her.

Next Amruta, debolina and others dance on the stage. Mitali asks Dadi why is she happy? Dadi says the dance was good, she wants to throw the coins in the air. They laugh. Mitali asks Dadi if she misses her husband. Dadi says yes.

Abhi greets the CM and introduces his family. Ranbir’s Dadi says she is his big fan. Abhi says joking. He asks her to rest until they call her for speech.

Pragya finds the file and hears the security guys talking about killing CM Vasudha when she was reading the file. She gets shocked. The security guards come out of the car, but don’t see anyone there. Pragya is hiding under the car and thinks to alert CM or her team. The security guards are about to check under the car, but the security head calls them. Pragya thinks nobody will stop them as they are wearing commandos uniform. She thinks everyone will be with CM, Prachi and Abhi also. She thinks everyone is in danger.

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