Zara asks Kabeer what should she wear? Kabeer shouts at her to stop this drama, you think this is a joke? I can see what you are doing, why did you confess your love? I don’t love you, did I give you any hint? If you love me, then keep it to yourself, don’t force yourself on me, I just want you to leave from here soon. I don’t want to marry you because I don’t love you, I can’t love anyone except my Zara, I loved her and she owns my heart. You will tell this to the kids!

Zaid hears it and says we will have to make Kabeer fall in love with Zara. Zaid and Firdous count their money. They get 500 rs to fulfill their idea.

Azhra tells Shehbaz that Kabeer saw me in Rukshar’s room, he is doubting me. Shehbaz says he is not saying anything so don’t worry. Jalali says we have some work for you, he tells her an idea. Azhra is stunned and says this is dangerous. Rukshar says we are doing this for Imran to become the Qazi of the City and you will be his queen. Just do as we say. Azhra says okay.

Salma tells Zara that Kabeer doesn’t listen to anyone when he is angry. Kabeer comes there and asks where are the kids? Zara says they must be playing here. Kabeer says they are not here.

Salma calls Azhra and asks if the kids are with her? She says no. The Servant tells Zara that I didn’t see the kids too. Kabeer is shocked.

Firdous and Zaid comes to the Islamic Shrine and tells a man to give them a sheet for prayers. He gives them flowers as a gift. The kids start praying.

Kabeer and Zara comes there looking for them. They see them praying. Firdous prays for Kabeer to fall in love with Zara. They are shocked. Zaid says we want to live with them, get them married please. Firdous says Zara is so nice then why doesn’t he want to marry her? We will get gifts for you. They turn to see Kabeer and Zara there. Kabeer and Zara hug them.

Kabeer is cooking in the Kitchen and recalls him getting angry at Zara. He says I should have been polite to her. Zara comes there and says what are you cooking? Kabeer says I am making tea. He says I shouldn’t have talked like this with you. Zara says I know you lose senses when you are angry, but you say sorry when you are calm. Kabeer says you know me now? Zara says but you don’t know me, I don’t take sugar in my tea, but this is good.

Kabeer says sorry, can I ask what else I don’t know? Why you said yes for the wedding? Zara says because I won’t get married in a month, you won’t find a guy like yourself. Kabeer says I will find a better guy, he will love you. Zara says you are sure? Kabeer says yes, I will get a guy for you in a month. Zara says my life will change, I have so many wishes to fulfill in a month. Kabeer says I can help you with that if they are valid?

Zara says don’t laugh, but I want to ride a bike, I don’t know how to ride it. Kabeer tries not to laugh and says what else? Zara says nobody shopped for me, I want someone to shop for me, I want heels to come to your height. Kabeer says I can’t get a bike for you. Zara says it’s okay, these are just wishes. Kabeer thinks I don’t know what to do. Zara thinks maybe he will fall in love with me.

Zara comes to Kabeer and shows him a toy bike. Kabeer says I promised to make you learn a bike. Zara says but you won’t sit with me on a bike? Kabeer says I will find a way, you don’t worry.

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