Salma calls Zara into the room. Zara greets Shahrukh. Salma says I have called him for your marriage proposal. Irfan says he is a nice guy, so don’t say no. Zara says if you like Shahrukh then I am fine,  but I have a condition. He has to prove that he is as good as Kabeer. Kabeer is stunned.

Zara says I hope Shahrukh doesn’t make any mistake. Kabeer comes there and says Shahrukh is not like me, but I like him. I want you to meet him. Zara says okay. Kabeer leaves.

Salma tells Zara that if Irfan knows the truth, then he will not spare me. Zara says thank you so much for helping me, you are a Mom to me. Salma hugs her.

Irfan comes there and says we should call Shahrukh’s Parents now. Salma says they live in Delhi, so I will send a message.

Kabeer tells Shahrukh that I will tell you about Zara. She loves me, she is my friend, she is a nice girl, but she is just a friend to me. He tells him everything. Shahrukh says anyone can love her then why not you? Kabeer says I loved someone else and she is not with me anymore, I have given my heart to her, so I can’t love this Zara. Zara’s love is just an infatuation. She has some wishes like riding a bike. Shahrukh says I will fulfill all her wishes. Kabeer smiles.

Eisha Singh AKA Old Zara will be returning to the show and replacing the current lead Tunisha Sharma AKA New Zara. 

Few Months later…

A Man is trying to enter the Mosque, but the gaurd stops him and let others enter the Mosque. The Man says this is wrong. Kabeer comes there and says this is right. He tells the Man that our nation is sleeping so we have to wake them up, if you want to come to the Mosque then wake up early and come here in Fajr (One of the five mandatory salah [Islamic prayer]. As an Islamic day starts at sunset, the Fajr prayer is technically the third prayer of the day) only then, will you be allowed later on.

Kabeer offers namaz/prayers with others. A Man’s phone rings. Kabeer gets free and asks for his Phone. He says you played a music in God’s house? This music is a poison that is distracting us, you are destroying our pool. This music is spoiling our kids, what is wrong with you people??

A woman is shown playing a musical instrument. Her face is revealed and it’s our old Zara (who is Nargis now). Nargis prays for a girl. The Girl’s mother says we lost her Sister and she has stopped talking. Nargis says I can’t do anything, God will give her light in this world.

Kabeer tells his people that kids are using headphones and not respecting their elders now. We have to tell our nation that music is the poison for our nation!

Nargis plays some old instruments. The music makes a girl react to her who lost her Sister. Her mother is shocked and says she was listening to you. Nargis says medicines can treat your body, but music can treat an injured soul.

Amaan is playing music and dancing to it. Kabeer comes there and throws his speakers away, he shouts at him to stop play music. It is a sin, this is wrong and against our God! Amaan says I am sorry. Kabeer says say sorry to Allah, don’t play music again and pray to God always. Amaan nods.

Nargis is practicing music with her teacher. Her teacher says it’s beautiful and peaceful but Nargis, why are you using this music? Nargis says I want to make that girl fine. The teacher says you are our only student who have made many relationships with me. Like a daughter, my friend and the greatest student who listens to me always. Always thank your God and control your emotions. Nargis says I am positive in life and don’t think about anything negative. Her teacher says you have to go to Faizabad to tell people about music healing, there is an event in a hospital there and it’s near Lucknow (Kabeer’s City).

Kabeer gets an invitation from the hospital about Qawali night. He says this is filmy, cheap and insulting to me. He tears the invitation. The Sharia board members says we organize this event every year, but no young crowd attends it ever which is why I have invited Zahida Begum (Nargis’ teacher) to do a qawali night. Kabeer says we have to stop our young crowd from listening to it, not encourage it. Irfan looks on.

Kabeer gets a call from the hospital staff. He congratulates them on their new hospital and says your City’s Qazi invited me? Okay, then I will come there.

Kabeer looks at some papers. He asks his Manager to read some papers. The Manager reads new Zara’s note which says ‘Kabeer, people think you are intelligent but I think you are emotional and an idiot, I know you love Alisha, Firdous and Zaid. If you try to find me, then I will not spare your kids and will torture them!– Zara/Bubbli’. 

Kabeer tears the letter and asks him to throw it away. Kabir recalls that because of Zara I have stopped trusting women at all. He tries to calm down and says there are good women too, they love people and they spread light in others’ lives… think about it. He says like my old Zara, if she was here, she would fight with me a lot. I know Zara. I couldn’t control myself.

Kabeer comes to his room and since Zara left this world, it has made me empty from inside. It’s good if you could hug me and I could cry on your shoulder. I am all alone now. He recalls his moments with Zara. He says just let me know once that I am not alone.

Nargis comes to Faizabad hospital. She is giving a speech that no one is alone in this world. Kabeer arrives there and enters the hospital. He hears Zara’s voice which says that life is revolving around us, we just have to feel it. Kabeer is shocked and starts going to the Auditoriam. He is shocked to see Zara on the stage giving a speech. He thinks my Zara?

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